Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1224 Do You Think You're A Robot?

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1224 Do You Think You're A Robot?


"If you don't mind, can I have some of your time!" Tangning asked.

"I don't mind. My home is just a little messy."

Tangning didn't mind, nor did she act prissy as she stepped into the apartment and sat down on a seat. She then said to Yao Anqi, "I came here today without Zixi knowing."

"Auntie, are you trying to ask me to keep my distance from the Mo Family? I can leave..."

"Am I that bad in your mind?" Tangning asked with a laugh. I'm not here to send you away nor bribe you with money. I also have no intention to separate you from Xingzhe. On the contrary, I'm actually here to ask if you'd be willing to move into Hyatt Regency?"

Yao Anqi was quite surprised by what she heard...

"You, Xingzhe and my son have a very interesting fate, you must admit to that. Since fate has led you here, then you should let fate run its course. Besides, our family may be able to take care of Xingzhe, but a mother can never be replaced in a child's heart," Tangning said gently to Yao Anqi.

"Our family doesn't care about social standing. As long as you're kind-hearted and caring towards your family, we don't care about your background."

"Auntie, you don't need to worry about me..."

"I admit, I'm concerned about you, but most importantly, I'm concerned about Xingzhe," Tangning cut in. "I know you have a lot of pride and I know you're worried that there may be other problems even if we don't care about social standing, but the Mo Family is indeed like this."

"I won't force anything upon you and my son. If you want to, you can give things a try, if you don't think he is the one you want, you can tell me and we won't intrude in your love life."

"But, for the sake of Xingzhe, I'm sure you won't look for another man, right?"

Yao Anqi admitted in silence. She had never really desired love, but she did desire a family.

"Then, take my words into consideration. You are Xingzhe's mother, so we need to protect you as well."

After saying this, Tangning stood up from her seat, "I know you haven't rested for a long time, you continue with what you were doing, I'm going to leave first."

But, after what Tangning said, could Yao Anqi still sleep?

Should she give Mo Zixi a try?

Wasn't he still recovering from a bad experience?

Although he had broken off his 4-year relations.h.i.+p, it couldn't just end like that.

But, this wasn't something that she could change. So, she temporarily put aside her worries and returned to the hospital after recovering some energy.

However, after arriving at the hospital, she heard news that Chen Jingrong tried to commit suicide.

Of course, she also heard that Tangning visited. Apparently, before Tangning went to look for her, she had dropped by to see Chen Jingrong on behalf of the Mo Family.

And Mo Zixi never appeared once.

Although everyone in the hospital were trying to guess the reason behind their breakup, they could tell that it wasn't a small matter. Otherwise, why would Mo Zixi be so ruthless?

Yao Anqi acted like she didn't hear anything and returned to her post. But, while she was checking the rooms, she pa.s.sed by Chen Jingrong.

Mo Zixi had told her not to feel so guilty, so she decided not to get tied down by guilt. After all, she knew that Chen Jingrong had pretended to be her in order to gain Mo Zixi's affection.

But, at this time, Yao Anqi's a.s.sisting nurse remembered that Mo Zixi had asked about Yao Anqi. So, she secretly asked Yao Anqi, "Dr. Yao, what's the relations.h.i.+p between you and Major Mo? He previously carried Xingzhe over and asked about you."

"There's nothing between us," Yao Anqi replied.

"Oh, I thought..."

"Don't say anything ridiculous in case you create any rumors."

"OK," the nurse immediately replied. "I'll​ watch what I say."


Mo Zixi didn't know that Tangning had gone looking for Yao Anqi, nor did he know that Yao Anqi had returned to work on her day off. He simply wanted to give Yao Anqi a phone call while Xingzhe was asleep, "Am I bothering you?"

"No," Yao Anqi replied. "It's not too busy at the hospital today."

"Do you think you're a robot? How come you're back..."

"I've had a rest," Yao Anqi replied calmly. "By the way, Chen Jingrong is staying at my hospital."

"I know."

"You're not planning to visit her?"

"You won't find me heartless would you?" Mo Zixi surprisingly asked back. "It was, after all, a four-year relations.h.i.+p. I ended it just like that and refused to see her even though she tried to commit suicide."

"Since you've already decided to end it, there's no point keeping any ties," Yao Anqi surprisingly understood him. "Since you said that your breakup wasn't because of me, then I believe that you have your own plans when you decided not to come to the hospital."

"Anqi, come to my place for dinner tonight so we can discuss a few things about Xingzhe. He needs to see you and hug you too."

"OK," Yao Anqi nodded.

It's not that she never considered the things that Tangning suggested, but she had her own things to worry about. Last time, although she saw the Mo Family, she didn't get the chance to truly understand how they were. So, she had to at least confirm that they treated Xingzhe properly.

At this time, there was suddenly a commotion in the hospital. A man stormed angrily towards Yao Anqi with a wooden pole and aimed it straight for her head.

"You mediocre doctor!"

"Oh no, Dr. Yao!" one of the nurse's immediately cried.

Her voice was so loud that even Mo Zixi could hear it from the other side of the phone.

"Anqi? Anqi? What happened?"

However, Yao Anqi had already hung up due to the medical disturbance. Luckily, the pole wasn't too heavy and the man didn't use his full force, so Yao Anqi was in pain, but it wasn't unbearable.

"Dr. Yao, are you OK?" a security guard immediately restrained the troublemaker and the nurses quickly ran over to help Yao Anqi up.

That's when they saw that Yao Anqi's head was bleeding. Next thing, Yao Anqi fell into the nurses arms and fainted.

"Dr. Yao, Dr. Yao..."

Mo Zixi figured that someone was causing trouble, but he couldn't possibly rush over at a time like that. So, he tried to call Yao Anqi's number again. But, this time, the nurse picked up and she thought he was her relative.


"h.e.l.lo, this is the military hospital, Dr. Yao was. .h.i.t in the head and has fainted," the nurse immediately explained.

This time, Mo Zixi couldn't worry too much; Yao Anqi had no relatives and she was hurt. He didn't know what to do, but he couldn't just sit at home and wait for updates on her condition.