Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1240 It's All My Faul

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1240 It's All My Faul

"If you don't agree? You may have to stay in this hospital for the rest of your life..." Bai Qingyi threatened with a smirk. "I'm not going to force you. The choice is yours."

The man fell silent, no longer saying a word. After all, he had already gotten used to this.

Bai Qingyi never treated the people around her like they were human. She treated them whatever way she wanted.

"I was blind to have married you. Bai Qingyi, go to h.e.l.l."

Bai Qingyi laughed and did not reply; she knew he had already given in.

"The reporters will come in to interview you in a minute. Remember what I told you..."

At that moment, even though he didn't want to, the man could not defy Bai Qingyi's orders. After all, he couldn't even protect himself, how was he supposed to speak up for Song Linlin? So, when he was faced with the cameras, he said stiffly, "I can't comment on other things since I indeed cheated. But, I want to say that I didn't lie to Song Linlin. If you don't believe me, you can investigate her chat records - she made them up."

"She actually knew that I was still married from the start!"

"A little bit of research and she would have known the truth. How could she possibly think that I was divorced?"

During the entire time that the man responded​ to the media, Bai Qingyi sat by his bedside with a smirk. Because, after this, she would officially be known as the victim. At least, in everyone's eyes, this was the case.

It didn't take long before the man's response became a hot topic.

But, it also made the entire situation oddly interesting. Song Linlin claimed that she didn't know anything and had been deceived, yet, according to Bai Qingyi's husband, she knew everything and was putting on an act. The two attacked each other, turning the scandal into a mystery full of speculation.

Trouble began brewing again for Song Linlin because, whether she knew or not, Bai Qingyi had already been hurt too badly.

Now that her words clashed with the jerk, it seemed like they were both trying to avoid taking responsibilty.

"Let's see how Hai Rui clears her name this time!" Bai Qingyi humphed. "She's just a mere artist. Everything would have been over if they just handed her over to me. Yet, Hai Rui didn't know what was good for them! Why try to act nice? Tangning, I know how ruthless you are. I learned from you..."

"Since they chose this path, they should sit back and accept the negative consequences!"


Inside Mo Ting's office, Tangning had already seen the jerk's interview. As she put away her phone, she turned to her husband, "Ting..."

"This is a voice recording that Lu Che got from the hospital," Mo Ting place a voice recording pen on the table. "It's exactly what Lu Che concluded from his previous investigation: this man has been living under Bai Qingyi's shadow for many years. He actually considered calling the police after he was beat up this time."

"According to this recording, if we can guarantee the man's​ safety, I'm sure he would be more than happy to free himself from her control."

"Have you already made arrangements?"

"I already prepared everything yesterday." From the moment they set out their PR plan for Song Linlin, Mo Ting had already sent Lu Che to follow up on Bai Qingyi and her husband.

In the end, the person arranged by Lu Che to spy on the couple, waited at the hospital for a long time before he finally retrieved a useful recording.

Soon after, Hai Rui released a few medical reports, doc.u.menting the injuries that Song Linlin received. They revealed that Bai Qingyi attacked Song Linlin, causing her to receive multiple injuries, including a broken rib.

But, when the public saw this, they didn't think there was anything wrong with a wife teaching a mistress a lesson and they didn't think Hai Rui should have even brought it up.

But, there were a few people that felt that Bai Qingyi went overboard.

Of course, Bai Qingyi reacted the way she always did and pretended as though nothing happened, "What lesson? Did I need to find someone to teach her a lesson? What's my status compared to hers? Even though I was angry, I never considered going after her. Didn't you guys see how I treated my husband? Even after the way he treated me, I never once lost my temper..."

"Besides, are you guys sure that she didn't just make this all up?"

"When my husband cheated on me, I already tolerated a lot. I can't believe I have to put up with this kind of humiliation now."

Bai Qingyi was good at acting, but it wasn't because she was forced to act, she just loved acting.

Of course, the media felt sympathy for her cries. After all, she was the daughter of an athletics superstar and she had a strong family background. There was no reason for her to lower herself and cause trouble for Song Linlin​.

"Every single cell in her body is going into her act," Tangning laughed after watching Bai Qingyi's interview. "If she joined the entertainment industry, I don't think anyone can compete with her for Best Actress."

Bai Qingyi was very different to others; she loved being fake.

"Lu Che's already made arrangements with the hospital. We will be able to transport him out of the hospital at night," Mo Ting said as he signed off some doc.u.ments. "I've already contacted the media to interview Bai Qingyi's husband at the entrance of the hospital."

"Does that mean there'll be a surprising show tonight?"

Since Bai Qingyi wasn't afraid of creating a scandal, they were going to completely expose her. So, apart from her father, one person understood her the most in this world: her husband!

But, apart from Bai Qingyi, even her wrestling champion father and her husband were going to be criticized this time!

Song Linlin saw how Tangning and Mo Ting tried so hard to help her back on her feet, so she felt a little moved. Over the years, apart from the jerk showing her a bit of warmth, no one else had ever been so sincere to her.

She wished she could be of some use, but unfortunately, she couldn't do anything.

Actually, she wanted to repay Mo Ting and Tangning. But, as a fallen singer...

...what could she do for the king and queen?

With this thought, Song Linlin picked up a pen and paper from her bedside table. Perhaps...she could write a song for them. But, even if she was to write the theme song for 'The Ant Queen 2', it wasn't enough. She wanted to be their exclusive singer; she was going to work her a** off for them and pay them back for the life altering favor they were doing for her.

At least, this way she could still be of use.


Meanwhile, over at the hospital, Bai Qingyi's husband was anxiously waiting for someone to pick him up.

Even in his dreams, he wanted to leave the crazy fake b*tch. He couldn't understand why he had married a woman like that.

Bai Qingyi never cheated nor flirted, but she didn't live her life honestly either. Above all, the things she did often hurt him. It was frightening...