Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1239 Mo Zixi And I Are Already Married

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1239 Mo Zixi And I Are Already Married

No matter who won and who lost in this battle, it was a good chance for him to grow his business.

Wasn't it better to just sit back and let them fight amongst themselves?

After all, he still had two presents prepared for the Mo Family, waiting for Mo Ting and Tangning to receive them. He wasn't completely heartless; he didn't kick people while they were down. So, he was going to wait until Song Linlin's matter was over before he delivered the presents to them.


Nangong Quan knew it was hard to come to an agreement with Elder Nangong, so he deliberately avoided the old man. To date, this was the best way to maintain peace with him.

As long as it wasn't against his morals, he was happy to step back and remain neutral. Of course, matters relating to Little Eggsh.e.l.l and Su Youran were exceptions.

That night, Nangong Quan returned to his bedroom after he finished work. When he saw his wife folding some clothes, he couldn't help but hug her from behind.

"I heard your conversation with grandfather. Grandfather would love to see the Mo Family brought to ruins, yet you said such provoking words to him," Su Youran was afraid of seeing the two men at odds.

"I simply told him the truth. The worst thing to do when running a business is to ridicule others. Even if someone is suffering momentarily, you still need to see how they resolve the matter before making a judgment," Nangong Quan replied calmly.

"This is the biggest difference between you and your grandfather; you don't hate the Mo Family."

Su Youran watched as Nangong Quan removed his suit jacket and placed it to the side, "I don't hate them either, but we still need to take grandfather's feelings into consideration."

"Do you know what I'm thinking? I'm hoping that grandfather doesn't attack the Mo Family at this time."

Elder Nangong was enjoying the show so much, it was possible he'd be tempted to seek revenge.

No one could be certain.

Either way, Hai Rui decided to withdraw their gentle approach and apply some strong PR.

Firstly, just like Tangning instructed, Hai Rui teamed up with the media to release statements all over the internet highlighting that Song Linlin wasn't a mistress. Although they were suspected of forcefully trying to clear her name, this method of feeding information allowed the majority of people to understand the main points.

Number one, Song Linlin had evidence to prove that she was tricked.

And, number two, the as*hole had not stepped out to say anything from the start and was hiding behind his wife like a coward.

As a result, discussions regarding Song Linlin's incident began to head in a different direction.

But, why was this incident such a talking point? It was entirely because the wrestling champion was involved and the athletics world was implicated.

Now that Hai Rui turned everyone's attention towards the as*hole, the public naturally cooperated by criticizing him.

"In this relations.h.i.+p, an innocent woman donated all her money and shouldered all the responsibilty, while the man cowardly stayed at home, not making a sound!"

"Although Song Linlin did something wrong, she is also a victim. The man even created fake divorce papers to deliberately lie to her. How could she not fall for it?"

"Come out and say something, you sc.u.m! You've ruined someone else's life, yet you're just hiding. You're worse than an animal!"

Of course, this reaction was a result of manipulation from Hai Rui, but, they were now on the right train of thought.

Why was the world so forgiving towards men? He obviously hurt two innocent women, yet he expected them to pay for what he did wrong.

Everyone was talking about a female singer that broke up a happy marriage, why weren't the headlines saying that a jerk deceived someone of their love instead?

With Hai Rui taking the lead, everyone's discussions naturally changed...

At least, it was now confirmed that Song Linlin was a victim. Tangning wanted everyone to know that the woman they called a 'b*tch' and the woman they criticized for being a 'sl*t', was actually a victim. Only when they realized this, would they begin to feel a sense of guilt.

It didn't take long before Bai Qingyi felt the warm regards that came from Hai Rui.

But, it naturally triggered her compet.i.tive side.

"Interesting. Hai Rui's actually holding on to a mere artist..."

However, when she thought about the situation, Hai Rui was right, she hadn't gone after the jerk yet. If Hai Rui didn't mention it, she would have simply focused on Song Linlin.

During this entire time, Bai Qingyi's husband was in the hospital due to a broken rib he received from her wrestling champion father. So, he had no choice but to stay in bed and recuperate.

"From the looks of it, you've recuperated well."

Bai Qingyi handed her husband a bowl of chicken soup that she bought from an outside restaurant, "When you're ready, let's leave the hospital. There are a lot of reporters outside waiting for you."

"Bai Qingyi, if there's something you want to say, then just say it. Stop going around in circles. Aren't you tired?" the slightly chubby man asked as he glared at his wife. This man was a little aged, but his charms were still there; it wasn't hard to tell that he was quite handsome when he was young.

"You're quite direct this time..."

"Do you know why I went out to look for another woman? It's because of your att.i.tude. Do you think you're G.o.d or something?"

Bai Qingyi was chewing on some gum. As soon as she heard her husband say this, she spat the gum in his face, "Let's leave the hospital. The whole world is waiting for your to provide an explanation. Song Linlin said she's​ innocent and that you lied to her. What do you say to that?"

The man lowered his head and did not say a word; he had indeed lied to Song Linlin...

From the moment he started pursuing her, he already told her that he was a divorced man...

"Everyone's currently calling you an as*hole that hurt two women. Let's see what you're going to do about that."

The man laughed in ridicule and replied, "If I had to make a choice, I would definitely choose Song Linlin. At least, she treated me wholeheartedly and I truly loved her too. Even if I lose everything, I'll protect her..."

"Are you sure?" Bai Qingyi laughed. "Aren't you afraid of your company's​ secrets getting revealed?"

"What are you planning to do?"

"Since you're my husband, you naturally have to help me," Bai Qingyi smirked. "After all, we're married..."

The man did not look pleased. Obviously, he wanted to to be free from this woman's control.

He had already lived so many years under Bai Qingyi's shadow. He was truly exhausted...

"Song Linlin's going around telling everyone that you lied to her and that she's also a victim. I want you to go out there and tell the media that Song Linlin knew from the start that you weren't divorced and that she created the chat records so she could escape blame!"

"How could a mere singer compete with your wife, right?" Bai Qingyi glared at her husband in an overbearing manner. "I know you can handle this matter well."