Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1222 I Feel Like I've Stolen Someone Else's Man

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1222 I Feel Like I've Stolen Someone Else's Man

Elder Nangong was well-experienced, so he naturally couldn't be caught. Otherwise, how could he live up to his years in the underworld?

"That brat's blinded by love. How dare he send someone to investigate me? What an ungrateful rascal!"

Because of this, Nangong Quan was even more displeased with his grandson. But, regardless of how displeased he was, they were still related by blood, he couldn't make a move on his only descendant. By this time, his investigation on Su Youran had been completed. Although her family background didn't match Nangong Quan's, she was a highly skilled ex-military personnel.

When he thought about the genetics of his future great-grandson, he only just managed to accept the relations.h.i.+p between Nangong Quan and Su Youran.

But, Elder Nangong was extremely displeased that Su Youran was working for the Mo Family!

However, he was in no rush. After he successfully caused an explosion, he would be able to return to the Nangong Family and teach his useless grandson a lesson!


During this time, 'The Ant Queen 2' officially started filming. But, the initial scenes were mainly talking scenes, so Elder Nangong hung around the set, either sneaking glances at the script or watching Old Long acting.

"I never thought a young woman would be able to produce something that's of a better standard than my family's rascal, hmmph."

Elder Nangong also thought the script was well written, but he had only read a portion of it because chances to read it didn't come by often.

If he didn't get the chance to cause an explosion and had to come to a compromise, revealing the script would, at least, stress Hai Rui out for a while.

At the beginning, Tangning visited the set quite often. After all, she had to confirm that the acting ability of her young actors were up to standard. Luo Sheng stood out in particular. Especially since she had originally handpicked him from a completely different industry and he now acted smoothly alongside Old Long after the challenges he had gone through.

After Tangning saw this, she felt proud of him.

But, she also had another reason for appearing so frequently on set: she was there to give her protagonists some encouragement.

Perhaps, there wasn't a single person in Beijing that didn't know how important 'The Ant Queen 2' meant to her...

"All you care about is basketball, you have no idea what I want." This was a scene between Luo Sheng and Old Long. Their characters were both father and son as well as teacher and student. The role played by Luo Sheng was called Xiao Qiu and he was a naturally rebellious character. In fact, he even went down the wrong path and started working for the villain.

Meanwhile, Old Long was an honest physical education teacher who was also a retired undercover. 

"Either way, just don't let me see you flirting with girls in school. A student should act like a student!"

"We're supposed to relax when we're on excursions. Isn't it normal for me to get along with my fellow cla.s.smates?" Luo Sheng looked at his 'father' as he placed a cigarette in his mouth. "What? You're even annoyed by the way that I stand. If you're that great then report me to the school!" 

Old Long was annoyed, so he began to beat Luo Sheng.

Blinded by anger, Luo Sheng immediately turned and left. However, he ended up wandering into a cave...

And that was where the story of 'The Ant Queen 2' started...

The father and son displayed a lot of tension. At the same time, as Luo Sheng entered the cave, his expression was adequately surprised and frightened...

This was where the scene ended.

"Cut...that was great! Prepare for the next scene," Miss Qiao said as she stood up from her seat. At that moment, she spotted Tangning on set, so she quickly ran over to chat to her, "Out of all the newcomers, Luo Sheng is the hardest working one. I'm guessing he doesn't want to embarra.s.s you."

"He's always been good at grasping onto opportunities, so I'm not surprised by the result."

"But, I must say that the other newcomers still have a lot to improve on. I think it's best if you have a chat with them!"

Tangning nodded and replied, "OK."

It wasn't that the others weren't serious, but they each lacked a little something. It was either talent or the fact that they didn't experience as much pressure as Luo Sheng.

Of course, Mo Ting had not arrived on set yet. His parts were to be filmed in bulk later.

Because of this, Elder Nangong had to stay on set for a good few months...

Soon after, Elder Nangong stopped sending people to place photos on Nangong Quan's car. He no longer had time to focus on his grandson because he needed to keep his eye out for an opportunity on set. 

However, Nangong Quan did not give up looking for the culprit.

Meanwhile, the Su Family was. .h.i.tting a dead end. Father Su couldn't find any money, so it was impossible for him to change the Su Family's situation and Su Youran's auntie wasn't any better. After all, Nangong Quan had said that he was going to send his legal team after her and he did as he said. So, Su Youran's reputation was completely destroyed after news got out that she seduced her brother-in-law and kicked her own sister out of the family home.

The ironic thing was, she specialized in divorce cases, yet she was complete sc.u.m.

To avoid his debts, Father Su tried to contact Su Youran and Mother Su multiple times. However, both mother and daughter decided to ignore the jerk.

As he was left with no choice, Father Su ended up putting the Su Family Home on the market. If he didn't do that, his life would be over. 

As soon as Nangong Quan heard that the Su Family Home was going to be auctioned off, he naturally wanted to seize owners.h.i.+p of the property because he knew Su Youran and Mother Su would be pleased with it.

It was good timing, he had been stressing over what gift to get Su Youran, so this was exactly what he was looking for!

But, when Father Su found out that Nangong Quan was the buyer, he immediately visited Springfall Film and Television to beg Nangong Quan. He wanted to see Su Youran and Mother Su.

Although Nangong Quan didn't think the jerk was worth seeing, he didn't make the decision on his own. Instead, he gave Su Youran a phone call, "Mr. Su is currently in my office. Would you like to see him?" 

"I'll meet him somewhere outside of your office. I don't want to dirty your turf," Su Youran replied.

"Get dressed up properly before you meet with him..." Nangong Quan reminded thoughtfully. He wanted her to, at least, appear like someone who was about to marry into a rich family. That way, Father Su would truly suffer.

Su Youran nodded before she dressed herself up nicely and also dressed up her mother.

In the end, they agreed to meet in a location near Springfall; that way their safety would be guaranteed.

Father Su never expected that the mother and daughter would live such a luxurious life after leaving him. Covered in expensive jewelry, the two women appeared in front of him like rich socialite women.

"Why did you want to meet? Speak!" Su Youran said coldly as she arrived at the agreed cafe. "Why isn't my auntie here?"

"Youran...I've reached a dead end, can you save me?" Father Su begged as he kneeled in front of Mother Su. "I know you have money now, you have the ability to save me!"

"Save you? Why should I?"