Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1221 She Admitted To I

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1221 She Admitted To I

As the villain, Mo Ting naturally had to make arrangements. Thanks to Fang Yu and Lu Che's sufficient help, Mo Ting managed to free up some time for the film.

No one felt embarra.s.sed by their Big Boss' partic.i.p.ation in the film, because they all knew that he was doing it for Tangning.

This wife-doting monster was willing to do anything as long as his wife wanted it...

So, what was wrong with acting in a film?

As soon as Hai Rui made their announcement, the media immediately started following the story and held interviews for all the related actors and actresses. Even Old Long was prepared to give his all for Tangning's film, so who dared to not treat it seriously?

As she sat in Nangong Quan's bed and watched the news, Su Youran glanced at Nangong Quan, "Tangning's honestly very good at producing films."

"A film is the result of hard work from an entire team, you can't give all the credit to Tangning alone. But, I can't deny that Tangning is very capable," Nangong Quan said casually as though he was just seeing a normal piece of gossip. "Under the harsh conditions of the first film, it was indeed rare to see someone produce it so seriously." 

"Nangong Quan, I would like to know if you feel a little uncomfortable seeing President Mo's achievements?"

"Mo Ting relied on himself to achieve what he has today," Nangong Quan knew this better than anyone else. "You can't just compare anyone to him."

After hearing this, Su Youran suddenly felt that Nangong Quan and Mo Ting were like two heroes that understood each other.

Nangong Quan admired Mo Ting, and Mo Ting did not dislike Nangong Quan.

"Actually, whether you are friends or compet.i.tors, the two of you have really good chemistry."

"Let's not talk about that for now, have some medicine first," Nangong Quan turned off the noisy television and brought some medicine over to Su Youran. "If you want to return to your room before Little Eggsh.e.l.l gets back, then listen to what I say."

Su Youran's cheeks flushed red, unable to say a word.

This man obviously looked like a gentleman, but he suddenly acted so dominating in a situation like this...

She could barely handle it.


"OK," Su Youran nodded as she lay down to sleep. 

Of course, Nangong Quan did not make things difficult for her. As soon as she fell asleep, he gently carried her back to her room. As for the responsibility of picking up the kids, he naturally took over the role.

However, he truly angered Elder Nangong by doing this.

It was bad enough that Nangong Quan had forgotten about their family's grudge - Elder Nangong wasn't about to punish his grandson for something like that - but Nangong Quan was even picking up the Mo Twins from school?

Had he forgotten everything that happened to the Nangong Family?

"Let's go!" Elder Nangong said directly to his driver.

"Young Master Nangong is too disappointing," the driver said. "Sir, don't let yourself be too angered by him." 

"If I don't give him a warning, I'm afraid he'll forget his ident.i.ty!" After saying these words, Elder Nangong pulled out his phone and called a familiar number. He then gave a few instructions.

Nangong Quan, would have never imagined that picking up the twins on behalf of Su Youran would trigger such a huge response from Elder Nangong.


3 days later, 'The Ant Queen 2' held a ceremony for the commencement of filming.

Filming the sequel definitely wasn't as difficult as filming the first film. This time, Tangning could get whatever resource she wanted. But, she still treasured her actors.

During the ceremony, Old Long was dressed in a white suit. However, it did not conceal his perfect body. In the middle of the stage stood the fresh-faced actors and to the left stood Tangning. Mo Ting did not attend because he was too busy.

A large number of fans sent in their well wishes. They had been waiting painfully for 'The Ant Queen 2' and desperately wished that Tangning could complete filming in one day.

On that day, Elder Nangong also attended the ceremony.

His surname was now Tseng, and after applying some makeup, he looked ten years younger than he really was. He also pretended that he had many years of experience dealing with explosives in the US.

No one suspected his ident.i.ty. In fact, they treated him like a part of the family as he looked at the line of people on the stage with a warm smile.

He was waiting patiently for an opportunity, even though he could barely resist from blowing up the entire set right there and then...

For 'The Ant Queen 2', Hai Rui had invested more effort and money than the first film. They even constructed an ants' nest in the studio as well as other structures.

Most of 'The Ant Queen 2's' filming would take place there.

Mo Ting was scheduled to join the cast last because his scenes were towards the end of the film. As for the first half of the film, the audience would only see his back.

So, it seemed, if Elder Nangong wanted to wait for an opportunity, he would have to wait for quite some time...


Even so, Elder Nangong did not forget to remind his grandson of his ident.i.ty.

So, during this time, he instructed people to frequently place photos of Nangong Quan's parents on Nangong Quan's car so he'd be reminded of their death. He didn't care what they did, even if they had to spray words on his car, he wanted to make sure his grandson remembered everything.

"Have you found the culprit?" Su Youran noticed that Nangong Quan was troubled by the photos that had been consistently placed on his car. "Why are you suddenly receiving these photos?"

Nangong Quan put away the photos and replied, "Perhaps, someone is bored." 

"Who would play a trick like this? I'm sure there must be a motive to it."

"This is a reminder!" Nangong Quan finally replied as he looked down at the photo in his hand. "Someone is reminding me not to forget my family's grudge."

"But Qiu Jin's already dead..."

"I will find out who it is. Don't worry," Nangong Quan comforted. "As long as you and Little Eggsh.e.l.l are safe, leave everything with me."

"I'm simply worried about you," Su Youran said as she held onto Nangong Quan's hand. "It wasn't easy for you to forget all of this." 

Nangong Quan did not say a word...

Just as Su Youran said, it wasn't easy for him to forget everything...

He didn't want to remember it all over again!