Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164

"Although I've been watching this show for a long time and I knew the result a long time ago (after all, the Han Family were simply lying to themselves), only after seeing this piece of trash admit to his wrongdoings can I imagine what Su Yu went through 20 years ago. It's something that I would never be able to handle if I was in her position!"

"She was betrayed by her husband and he even broke her leg. At the same time, her son acknowledged a thief as his mother. I think Su Yu was already being merciful for waiting 20 years to expose them."

"The Han Family reminds me of a phrase: 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'. Look at Han Jie, he looks like a man of good morals on the surface, but he is merely a wolf in sheep's clothing. Even as a child, he already knew how to betray his own mother."

"Most despicable of all was the mistress. She stole another woman's man and showed up at their family home to apply pressure. Worst of all, she brought men along with her to humiliate the other party. A woman like this is even worse than a mistress!"

Opinions online were self-evident. They were all siding with Su Yu because the contents of Han Xiuche's video were clear.

Although Father Han contacted his lawyer and the lawyer confirmed that the video was invalid, everyone already had their own answer.

Even if the matter was moved into the court and Su Yu lost the case due to lack of evidence, everyone still viewed her as a victim. This was already a certainty.

The Han Family were nervous. After all, Han Jie's artists could no longer secure any jobs because of the incident that happened and even Han Xiuche's manhua contract was canceled. Moreover, their stocks plummeted by a few billion in one day. Meanwhile, Father Han thought that distance would leave his overseas business unscathed. Unfortunately, Tangning shared the news with an overseas website, causing Father Han's business to also be affected.

As a result, Father Han locked himself at home and smoked all day.

At the same time, Han Jie and Li Qingai looked deeply depressed.

"You've been so good to Han Xiuche over the years. Who would have thought that he'd betray you in the end?!"

Han Jie let out a laugh and shook his head, "All I can do is pretend that I never had this brother!"

"If I was to say that I want to find someone to teach him a lesson, what would you do?" Li Qingai tested. "After all, our peaceful family suddenly turned into this because of that man. So, shouldn't he pay for what he's done?"

Li Qingai swirled the wine gla.s.s in her hand and continued, "Otherwise, my anger will never subside!"

"Your choice." At that time, Han Jie never expected that this casual answer would end up risking his brother's​ life. After all, he never thought Li Qingai would actually send someone to do something!

Soon after, Li Qingai used Father Han's phone to send a message to Han Xiuche, inviting him to meet on the rooftop of Han Jie's apartment.

But, when Han Xiuche arrived at the rooftop, he was quickly surrounded by a group of men and beaten.

Han Xiuche never expected that his father would call him out and beat him...


It soon hit midnight.

Tangning was awoken by a phone call from Long Jie. As soon as she picked up, she was met with some shocking news, "Han Xiuche fell off a building and he sent you a video."


As the news was so shocking, Tangning could not process it all at once. So, after a few minutes, she got out of bed and went to the study room to check the news online.

She then looked at the video that Long Jie sent her. It was a video of Han Xiuche kneeling on the floor, covered in blood. It seemed, he had recorded the video himself. But, his speech was a little slurred.

Tangning had to turn the volume up to its maximum before she could hear him clearly.

"Tangning, here's the kneel and apology that I owe you."

"Mom...I actually want to apologize to you...but...I don't think I'll get the chance."

Afterwards, Han Xiuche fell unconscious.

Tangning immediately returned Long Jie's​ call, "What happened?"

"Apparently, the Han Family sent some people to teach Han Xiuche a lesson. While they were fighting on the roof, Han Xiuche fell off the edge. But, after he fell, he quickly recorded this video and sent it out instead of calling the ambulance!"

"How could the Han Family be this ruthless?" Tangning couldn't believe that they would risk someone's life, especially when they were family. But, then again, they had already done it once in the past, so it was no surprise. Everything simply happened to quickly.

"Has Auntie Su found out yet?"

"I heard she's already at the hospital. Han Xiuche still has a thread of hope. Although he's really annoying, using this method to apologize is..."

Seeing the apology made one uncomfortable.

"Auntie Su has Uncle Long to accompany her. You don't need to worry."

"That's all, I simply called you to give you a heads up."

After the two women got off the phone, Tangning gently returned to the bedroom. However, Mo Ting was already awake and looking at the news.

"You already know everything?" Tangning asked as she approached the bed, sat down on the edge and leaned against Mo Ting. "Now that I think about it, I wonder if everything that happened wasn't worth it. Although I hate Han Xiuche, seeing him kneel and apologize in this way makes me very uncomfortable."

"I will help you release a statement tomorrow."

"OK," Tangning nodded. Afterwards, she remained awake until daybreak.

Early the next morning, news quickly spread that Han Xiuche suffered serious injuries and was declared brain dead...

Meanwhile, at the hospital, no one from the Han Family showed up. Only Su Yu and her husband were present. However, when they heard that Han Xiuche was brain dead, the news was very difficult for them to accept.

"Doctor...I reckon he can still be saved. His video appeared on the news just last night."

"Ma'am, I'm sorry. I know it's hard to accept, but you need to understand that a normal person would have already died after falling from such heights. When he recorded the video, I also thought he still had a chance, but in reality, his injuries are much too severe. My condolences..."


At this time, Father Han and Han Jie rushed into the hospital.

"How's my son?"

The doctor glanced at Father Han. Just as he was about to answer, Su Yu suddenly threw a slap across his face, "20 years ago, I was the victim. This time, it was your son. You honestly have no humanity left in you! Xiuche's gone now, are you happy?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Father Han obviously couldn't accept what he heard.

Even Han Jie thought Su Yu was just scaring them, "How could anything happen to Xiuche?"

"If you don't believe me, go have a look for yourself."

The father and son had no idea what was happening. All they knew was, when they woke up in the morning, their phones were switched off.

In fact, they had no idea that Li Qingai had already run away as well...