Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1163 No Way In Hell

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1163 No Way In Hell

"Since that's the case, what's the point of pretending to be at odds with each other?"

"It makes me look down on you even more!"

"Han Xiuche, I don't know why you called me over here. Did you call me here to see how united your family is?"

"Or, are you simply provoking me?"

"If that's the case, then I'm here and your motive has been achieved. Shouldn't this show come to an end?"

Han Xiuche looked at the woman below the stage and suddenly fell silent, because Su Yu couldn't, to be exact, she couldn't believe that he would help her.

After being hurt for 20 years - the latest occurrence being only 2 days ago - what reason did she have to believe him?

With this thought, Han Xiuche glanced at Han Jie, his pale-faced father and the secretary and nodded his head. He then stepped off the stage and signaled for the hotel staff to turn on their audio and visual equipment. Soon, the video he recorded of the conversation between him and the secretary's cousin began to play on the big screen.

"This matter started from my cousin. Back then, she told me she was pregnant, but Mr. Han wouldn't get a divorce. So, she asked me to help her scare Su Yu. I didn't expect the drama that followed to unfold. At that time, I must have been possessed by l.u.s.t. I swear I never took advantage of your mother; it was my cousin's cla.s.smate."

As soon as the first sentence left the man's mouth and the video started playing on the big screen, everyone was shocked by what they heard.

In reality, Han Xiuche had actually threatened the man into repeating himself on the night that they met.

That was when he recorded the video!

After the video got to this point, Father Han looked at Han Jie questioningly. How did Han Xiuche get a video like this?

Han Jie shook his head in a clueless manner.

At this time, Father Han stood up, grabbed his chair and whacked it against the screen. With a loud bang, everyone jumped in shock at Father Han's actions!

"Today's press conference ends here. All you reporters can leave, I will leave the rest for my lawyers to handle."

Father Han glared at Han Xiuche as he emphasized every word with all his strength!

But, Han Xiuche did not back down.

"If you don't put an end to this matter today, I will place this video online so everyone has a copy!"

As soon as Father Han heard this, his hands clenched into fists. He originally wanted to respond, but the secretary quickly jumped ahead of him, " Xiuche, can you not be angry at your father? After all these years, haven't you learned to grow up a little?"

"You're the last person to be talking!" Han Xiuche scolded as he pointed at Li Qingai. "Who gave a mistress the right to share her opinion on my matter?" "

"Are you trying to anger your father to death?"

"He deserves to be angered to death!" Han Xiuche replied coldly.

"What benefits did Tangning give you? What benefits did 'that woman' give you? Why are you turning on the people that gave birth to you and brought you up?" Han Jie took the opportunity to yell at his brother. "Answer me!"

"She never gave me any benefits. You were the one's that truly hurt me! It was all of you!"

"Why won't you let me continue playing the video? Are you feeling guilty about something?"

"Are you afraid that people will know that you teamed up to frame your own wife and mother?"

"Why are you afraid? If you had the audacity to do it, then you shouldn't be afraid of admitting to it!"

"As for Li Qingai, you are the most disgusting person of all! You guys may be willing to end the press conference without a proper conclusion. However, you have no choice but to lower your heads in guilt because of this video! It's best you think things over clearly!" After speaking, Han Xiuche approached Su Yu and said to her, "I know you won't forgive me, no matter what I do or say, but I will still get a conclusion today."

Su Yu looked at Han Xiuche and took a deep breath. Even though she didn't completely trust him, she did not stop him either.

Now that they were on the same side, it was the rest of the Han Family's turn to make a decision.


"Father!" Han Jie turned and looked at Father Han.

Father Han did not respond straight away. After a while in silence, he finally rushed off the stage and threw a punch at Han Xiuche's face, "From today onwards, I'm going to pretend you were never my son!"

The reporters gasped in shock and a.s.sumed that the father and son were about to break out into a fight. But, Han Xiuche rubbed his chin, stood up and faced his father confidently.

Of course, even his actions that day couldn't excuse the horrible things he had done in the past, but he at least displayed some humanity.

With the video that Han Xiuche captured, Father Han was left in a helpless state. What could he do? Could he claim that this video was also fake?

If he really did that, then he was truly lying to himself and asking to be shamed.

"Since things have gotten to this point, there's nothing I can say..." Father Han said before he turned and left the hotel. Which meant, Han Xiuche could expose whatever he wanted. He wasn't going to sit around and get humiliated.

Han Jie watched as Father Han left. After his gaze met with Li Qingai, he also turned and left.

Afterwards, the reporters gathered around Han Xiuche and asked for a copy of the video in his hands.

To prevent further troubles, Han Xiuche sent his video to the reporters. Since Father Han wouldn't admit to his wrongs today, he had plenty of time to admit to it later.

Su Yu looked at Han Xiuche. This was perhaps the most meaningful thing he had done up until this point. So, she did not say a word as she turned and left. However, after she returned home, she received a phone call from Tangning.

"Auntie Su, I saw the news, but you can't let your guard down just yet. I have a feeling that this video won't be enough and Han Xiuche will be suspected of creating a fake!"

"If you look at the man in the video, it's obvious that he was forced to say what he did."

Tangning received first-hand news that the Han Family had a huge argument at the press conference. It was a typical example of a socialite family drama.

"Either way, he was only trying to do something good, wasn't he?" Su Yu asked. "Let's wait and​ see how the public respond."

The complete video was posted online half an hour after the press conference and spread like crazy!

Although the video was at risk of being called a fake, it clearly detailed the disgusting incident that happened in the Han Family home 20 years ago.