The Bloodline System - Chapter 975: Leaving The Bureau

Chapter 975: Leaving The Bureau

Chapter 975: Leaving The Bureau

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]

Gustav's presense faded as well as he headed towards the end of the corridor on this floor and exited the floor to a balcony area.


Gustav leapt off while activating Hover. He flew off the building and headed towards the area of the dimensional and anti Dimensional barrier.

He paused in mid air just right before he could make contact with the barrier.

'It's time,' Gustav said internally as he triggered something in his mind while also activating another ability.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Multiple explosions rang out within the bureau from within causing it to quake from the force as alarms began to blare crazily.

Everyone in the building ranging from the scientists to the MBO Officers were instantly on the alert as shocked looks appeared on their faces.

The MBO officers began to move speedily towards the areas where the explosions were set off meanwhile...

Gustav had arched his arm back with intensity with his palm straightened as a milky glow coated his entire palm.


He pushed it forward with intensity, ripping right through the barrier instantly and proceeded to make a long enough cut for his body to fit through.

At the same time his left hand that had already enlongated and streched to the other side of the building which was at least one thousand five hundred feet away, cut through the barrier there as well.

After it performed the same action, it began to decrease in length, receding speedily as Gustav also bolted through the hole in the barrier.


His body dived into the ocean that surprisingly didn't pour through the hole in the barrier he had created.

The alarms blaring off within the control room as well were so many and it included the areas that had been breached in the barrier.

"South and Northern areas of the barriers have been breached around floors 257..." One of them reported while some other MBO officers within were also giving reports of the places where the explosions had gone off within the bureau.

"Send officers to check the breach in those areas right away," The commanding officer who happened to be the lady who brought them here the other day kept giving out instructions repeatedly.

"Do we have eyes on any culprit? Give me a status?" She voiced out as she urgently moved about the place.


At the same time this was happening, officers were already swimming through the holes Gustav had created within the barrier and gave chase.

They didn't know what they were chasing but, they kept it up with the believe they would spot the person responsible for this if they moved further.

Some stayed back and flew around the building trying to find out if the person responsible was still within the premises.

Meanwhile, Gustav was already long gone and had activated the dimensional bracelet as he swam towards the surface of the ocean speedily.


He blasted out from the surface of the ocean at the same time the dimensional bracelet countdown of three reached zero.


He disappeared in the next instant and reappeared within his room in the MBO.

"Mission successful," Gustav voiced out with a smile as he doused the entire floor with water from the ocean.

Even though the system had told him the mission was successful, he only considered it successful now since he managed to get back safely without anyone figuring anything out.

[Spatial Construct Bloodline Has Been Activated]

Gustav's fingertips gleamed with violet colored glows as he drew a circle in the air.


The circle expanded and becoming a portal to another dimension.

Gustav walked into it in the next instant and a young man in underwear could be seen laying on the floor in this other dimension that was constructed to look like a small room.

Gustav moved towards him and squatted in front of him. The eyelashes of this person on the floor kept fluttering which proved he was about to wake up.

This person was no other than the real Officer Tantrum.

Gustav took off the officer wears he was putting on and placed it by the side before bringing out a black pill from his storage device.

He downed the pill instantly and gave the system set instructions.

[Mental Manipulation Bloodline Has Been Activated]

Gustav proceeded to place his hand on the real Officer Tantrum's head.

'Now I shall impart you these memories from the last five days,' Gustav said internally as he began to copy scenes from his mind into that of Officer Tantrum.

Officer Tantrum's eyelashes kept flickering and he would have awoken by now but with the Mental Manipulation Bloodline boosted, Gustav was able to keep him unconscious while imparting these memories.

In about thirty seconds he was done and then he proceeded to wear the MBO outfit on Officer Tantrum before picking him up.

Gustav brought Officer Tantrum unconscious body out of the spatial confinement and proceeded to activate his dimensional bracelet.


In a few seconds he got teleported back into the Bureau, appearing right inside Officer Tantrum's room.

He wasted no time in dropping him on the bed before activating the dimensional bracelet once more.

'It's been about three minutes... It should still be open,' Gustav said internally as the dimensional bracelet counted down.

Gustav made use of G.o.d Eyes and looked across the vicinity. He could see that the entire bureau was still in a state of chaos as they pursued the unknown culprit or culprits urgently.

They had no idea Gustav had returned and was about to leave again.


A bright blue flash of light surrounded him and disappeared in the next instant like he was never there.

A few seconds after Gustav had disappeared, Officer Tantrum opened his eyes with a sleepy expression.

"Why am I asleep instead of being in my duty post?" He questioned with a low tone as he jumped to his feet.


Gustav had reappeared within his room in the MBO tower and heaved a sigh of relief that his call of judgement was correct.