The Bloodline System - Chapter 974: Venturing Deeper Into The Ranks Of The Infected

Chapter 974: Venturing Deeper Into The Ranks Of The Infected

Chapter 974: Venturing Deeper Into The Ranks Of The Infected

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"A different variant?" Red Shadow voiced with a suspicious look.

"Yes, it's a variant of the infection that had been modified to rapidly increase the process of mutation quickly, rewriting the DNA of an infected and bringing them to this bloodshot stage," Gradier Xanatus explained.

Red Shadow evaded another multiple swing of palms in his direction as he leaped upwards while listening.

"One more thing," Gradier Xanatus voiced out before Red Shadow could give a response about what he had just heard.

"There was another unknown variant added to this strain of infection... the research team suspects the infected are being controlled by unknown forces due to this strain added. We have to find the people responsible," Gradier Xanatus explained.

"So we're going to find the rest of the people involved just like the other one we caught?" Red Shadow now understood what their aim was.

"Precisely... Since the infected had been coming in waves, we can only a.s.sume they're still hidden somewhere within Gildian City. How else will they be able to use the new infection to infect new people?" Gradier Xanatus voiced from a logical point of view.

"The problem is... where are they getting this many people to infect?" Red Shadow voiced the same question that had been bugging Gradier Xanatus as well.

This was a question no one currently knew the answer to but Gradier Xanatus hoped that with their infiltration into Gildian City they would be able to uncover all of these mysteries.

Gradier Xanatus was good at explaining the situation while they transversed the ranks of these infected but he wasn't able to notice a cl.u.s.ter of bodies rolling towards him instantly.

These infected bodies were all mashed together and cl.u.s.tered to the point they had formed a big ball the size of a two storey building.

They exuded yellowish fumes as they rolled speedily in Gradier Xanatus's position.

His reaction speed was fast enough for him to leap over the ma.s.sive ball, but then the yellowish fumes these cl.u.s.tered infected bodies exuded had spread across the entire vicinity so leaping over wouldn't help one necessarily avoid the gas.

Gradier Xanatus could already tell how toxic it was and was about to try an ability while his body bolted across the air when a cross shaped Red portal opened up in front of him.


He disappeared and appeared thousands of feet behind the large infected body ma.s.s. Red Shadow appeared beside him in the next instant.

"We have to get rid of some of these infected that might give them lots of troubles at the wall," Gradier Xanatus voiced as he turned around.

All of the trees across a radius of seven thousand feet had withered completely from the Toxin the cl.u.s.tered of infected bodied exuded while it travelled forward.

"I agree," Red Shadow voiced as he stared in the direction of another ma.s.sive headed Infected that had turned its limbs into spider like legs.

It was at least three storeys tall and from what Red Shadow was seeing it would definitely be able to climb up the walls quickly.

It looked nimble enough to dodge the attacks coming from up the walls too.

"I'll go this way,"

"And I'll go this way,"

Gradier Xanatus and Red Shadow pointed in different directions simultaneously.

They didn't need to say anymore words to know that they would meet back here after dealing with some of these abominable looking infected.


-The Bureau Of Cities Research Centre

"So where is it located?"

-"Why are you so interested in this?'

"I am not, mother. I stumbled across this while checking for a different research to cross-reference my current research..."


"I also b.u.mped into Scientist Arjun who told me all about your obsession with this... wanna tell me what this is all about?"

A conversation ensued between Amira(Gustav) and her mother as they sat in a private cafeteria area with only two other people present.

-"You see this is all..."

Amira's mother began explaining some theories that might have pulled her in and made her interested in investigating this research more.

From there Gustav asked more questions and since she had no idea it wasn't her daughter she spilled a lot of confidential information including the site where they were conducting private continuation of Scientist Zil's research.


Time pa.s.sed by very quickly and before they knew it, the twenty three hours were up.

Gustav and Amira met once more in Gustav's bedroom minutes before Midnight.

Amira was recounting how today events went so Gustav would not have issues resuming from where she stopped and Gustav also did the same after she was done.

"You spoke to mother?" Amira voiced out with bothered and surprised tone.

"Yes, I b.u.mped into her one a particular floor while I was strolling about," Gustav responded.

"I hope you avoided her?" Amira questioned.

"I couldn't... I had to make small talk and we didn't discuss much anyways," Gustav replied.

Amira looked quite concerned upon hearing this but Gustav kept a.s.suring her that her mother didn't have any suspicions.

After a brief dialogue between them, it was time for them to switch ident.i.ties back.

[Flesh Warping Has Been Activated]

Flesh wriggling sounds rang out as Gustav returned Amira to her previous look after some minutes.

He transformed back to officer Tantrum immediately after and told Amira he had to get back to his duty post.

"When next are we doing this?" Amira inquired with a seemingly interested expression.

"Soon... I'll keep in touch," Gustav said with a smile as both of them left the room.

The instant they went in separate directions, Gustav's smile faded, returning to his usual expressionless face.

'Time to go,' He said Internally.

Gustav headed towards one of the elevator areas and stood within.

("Ready to cause a bit of chaos?") The system asked internally.

"Definitely," A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as the teleportation elevator took him to a particular floor.

In that split second where Gustav was being teleported and could not be seen by any CCTV or anyone, he placed another invisibility token on his forehead.


He had faded into thin air the moment he arrived on the floor he headed for.