The Bloodline System - Chapter 931: Discovering What Is Beyond The Door

Chapter 931: Discovering What Is Beyond The Door

Chapter 931: Discovering What Is Beyond The Door

"I guess there's only one other option... kill Yung Jo before any of them gets activated," Gustav voiced with a decisive tone.

He stared in the mirror for a few seconds, making sure his transformation to Scientist Merkil was without flaw.

After he was done he turned around and headed out of the bathroom.

It was currently noon when Gustav headed out of the apartment. He had taken all of Scientist Merkil's belongings and also seen enough of his previous months' memories to act precisely like him.

Gustav got into Scientist Merkil's exotic-looking red hover car and drove off into the distance.

In barely a few minutes, Gustav was driving down a sloppy area in Plankton City that led to the southwest border of the city.

This area was a spa.r.s.e forest region. A few buildings could be sighted in different spots.

Gustav drove for a few seconds before he arrived at a spot behind a ma.s.sive boulder placed between two trees.

He parked right in front of the boulder and got off the hover car. It was a spa.r.s.e forest area with only a few tall trees in the vicinity but it still looked like they were in the middle of nowhere.

Gustav arrived in front of the boulder and moved to its back before stepping on a small patch of gra.s.s right behind.


A weird pole extended from the ground in the next instant and scanned Gustav's entire features.

After it was done the surface of the ground around him opened up and a platform began to descend into a hole that led deep underground.

This was one of the secret bases where Yung Jo had been conducting experiments regarding his plots. This one in particular that had to do with the aliens, whom the Sacred Jewel had been surveying.

Gustav scanned across the place with G.o.d Eyes as he descended from the platform.

The underground base was pretty large with multiple hallways and large laboratories where different experiments were being conducted.

It was almost as large as the underwater research facility that belonged to the MBO and there were more than a hundred people in medical coats moving about the place as well as being stationed in some areas.

Yung Jo had really outdone himself creating a place that rivalled that of the MBO. The craziest part was that Yung Jo had several more places like this scattered across the world.

However, because of his ties to Plankton City, he made this place his base of operations most times.

Gustav scanned across the place and his eyes caught wind of a place in the far west area of the underground secret base.

Unlike all other experimental rooms and laboratories with see-through gla.s.s walls, this one was constructed rather differently.

It had dark coloured walls and for some reason, Gustav couldn't see through the walls barricading this particular room.

Gustav looked a bit further to the left and saw a sign on the entrance door...


This was the same door the Sacred Jewel had been checking on day and night and he had seen the faces of all the scientists involved in whatever project they were busy with within.

He also knew of their ident.i.ties since he had some of Scientist Merkil's memories.

After descending completely, Gustav began heading in the direction of the room immediately.

As he arrived at the corridor that led to the room, some guards approached and tried to stop him.

"Sir Yung knows of my appointment," Gustav voiced out while bringing out a weird-looking badge he got from Scientist Merkil.

Both guards who were clad in dark bodysuits looked at each other for an instant before letting him through.

Gustav walked through the corridor and arrived at the door that led to the private laboratory room.

He finally stared at the alien logo straight up and could see how ma.s.sive it was.

The door was more than thirty feet tall and up to fifteen feet wide. The logo was way more ma.s.sive than three humans put side by side and the carvings just happened to glow with an ominous yellow colour.

Gustav stood in front for a few before the door opened up of its own accord.


It slid to the side and a cloud of gas rushed out, covering the entire vicinity in an instant. Gustav knew it was harmless and walked straight into the cloud of gas.

The door closed up after him and the gas surrounding the vicinity disappeared after a few.

The instant Gustav pa.s.sed the entrance, he realised he had arrived in a dark but large s.p.a.ce.

In the middle of this dark s.p.a.ce, strings of circular light could be seen floating in mid-air.

It looked absolutely beautiful as these strings of light were cl.u.s.tered together in a circular kind of way. They looked like a multi-coloured glowing knot but Gustav could sense chaotic energy flowing from them.

The strings were pulsating in a weird kind of way and from what Gustav noticed in his few seconds of arriving here, it looked like they were getting bigger.

It was barely noticeable but he figured it out.

'What is that supposed to be?' Gustav wondered internally as he stared forward with an awestruck expression.

("They're creating a singularity...") The system said in Gustav's head.

'A singularity?' Gustav's eyes slightly widened as he heard that.

He knew theories about singularities so he knew it wasn't something to be trifled with.

'How do...' Before Gustav could complete his question internally a loud voice was heard from ahead.

"Scientist Merkil?"

Gustav looked to the side and could see all the other scientists staring in his direction. They all looked surprised to see him and Gustav proceeded to walk forward with a prideful expression while staring at them one after the other.

There were up to thirty scientists in this dark s.p.a.ce and each of them had one role or another here. Before Scientist Merkil was spotted, some of them were moving around the strings of light and installing some weird bars onto the floor beneath it.

Some were tapping on holographic screens and some were mixing one or two chemicals.