The Bloodline System - Chapter 930: Scientist Merkil's Death

Chapter 930: Scientist Merkil's Death

Chapter 930: Scientist Merkil's Death

"Oh my apologies, I shouldn't cuss but I can't help it when a depraved piece of s.h.i.+t like Yung Jo is involved," Gustav stated as he grabbed Scientist Merkil by the head and raised him.

"Help! Somebody help!" Scientist Merkil began yelling out again but upon remembering this place was soundproof he lost hope as he stared at the face of his abductor.

"I saw what you did to my teacher... Good job," Gustav voiced out once more as a crazy smirk appeared on his face.

"Your teacher? Who is that?" Scientist Merkil asked with a look of confusion.

"I'm here because of her, good job in driving her off the earth..." Gustav added as he downed another bloodline-boosting pill.

Scientist Merkil's eyes widened in realization as he stared at this white-haired kid in front of him, "You are... her student?" He voiced out.

[Mental Manipulation Bloodline Has Been Activated]

"For that, I'll be sending you to the afterlife but first..."

"You're that kid... Gus..."

Before he could complete his sentence Gustav activated Memories Siphoning.

[Memories Siphoning Has Been Activated]

Scientist Merkil felt his mind go blank at first before he felt a forceful pull within.

Gustav had begun seeing his memories again but he resumed from where he stopped the last time. He started seeing the memories of the last five months.

Memories flowed in like crazy, mostly useless ones and the ones Gustav did not wish to witness but now wasn't the time to be irritated.

He just kept letting the memories flow in knowing he couldn't keep this up for long because of Scientist Merkil.

In a couple of minutes Scientist Merkil's body began jerking forcefully once more.

At this point, Gustav had siphoned only two months' worth of memories but he hadn't still found anything significant.

He ignored Scientist Merkil's state and didn't stop the Siphoning. He could feel he was closing in on something as the memories continued to flow in.

He was in a part where he could see Scientist Merkil gathering the materials for the bloodline disruptor.

There was a call somewhere in the memory where a person asked where he got a particular tool and this worried Gustav.

He kept Siphoning the memories back to the previous months as quickly as he could.

Scientist Merkil's body was jerking intensely and blood began oozing out from his nose and ears.

("Hey, he can't take anymore,") The system voiced in Gustav's mind.

'I have to go further, There's something fishy...' Gustav responded internally.

("He really can't take anymore, you're going to kill him,") The system warned.

'Then he dies! This is important!' Gustav kept Siphoning Scientist Merkil's memories nonstop as he kept aiming to go further back.

At this point, Scientist Merkil's eyes were bleeding as well and the memories started to turn dark, hinting that he was on the brink of death.

"Almost there..." Gustav groaned as he began to see a part where a meeting was being held.

("He's flatlining...") The system announced but Gustav ignored it as he siphoned a few seconds of this particular memory.

Three others were in an unknown s.p.a.ce together with Yung Jo and Scientist Merkil. At this point, the memories were shutting off and within Gustav's mind, he could barely make out the environment anymore.

But just before it shut off, the words of one of the three drifted into his ears...

-"Four towers, four bloodline disruptors... the entire world will be..."-

This was the last he heard before Memories Siphoning automatically deactivated.

Gustav's vision returned to the living room and he stared at the limp body in his grasp. His right hand was still holding onto Scientist Merkil's head which was caused his entire body to be suspended in mid-air.

There were long lines of blood trailing down Scientist Merkil's eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

His eyes were wide open and the expression displayed on his face was one of immense pain but Gustav didn't even look bothered about that.

He let go of Scientist Merkil's corpse which dropped to the floor in the living room limply onto the small pool of blood that had been formed.

Gustav's face showed a look of frustration and defeat as he moved back and sat on the sofa.

"There are three more... I'm so stupid, I thought this was it but Yung Jo is way more cunning than I expected," Gustav voiced out as he recalled the memories.

("So the one you got rid of is just one out of four?") The system asked.

"Yeah... I could barely see the faces of the other three since he was dying and the MBO only has three towers in the world so why did one of them say four?" Gustav was confused about the current state of things.

("You could have kept him alive and used him again so you could figure out everything,") The system stated.

"First off there's no time, secondly there's no guarantee he will be in any state for Memories Siphoning next time since this time it took way shorter before he started getting seizures again... He is better off dead since he would just be useless even if I decided to stop," Gustav explained as he stood to his feet and moved towards Scientist Merkil's body.

He squatted in front of it and questioned, "Can we use Brain waves Reanimation like the time with Boss Danzo?"

("The reanimation can only help in replaying the few minutes of his memories before death... it can't go as far as months ago,") The system clarified.

Gustav sighed and picked up the body before heading to the bathroom.

He placed it in the bathtub and stretched out his right hand.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

Gustav constructed a small milky-coloured ball and dropped it on the corpse.

In a few moments, it had disintegrated completely along with the clothes and even the bathtub.

Wriggling sounds rang out in the bathroom as Gustav began transforming into Scientist Merkil.

He proceeded to change his clothes as well and turned to the side to stare at the mirror.

"I guess there's only one other option... kill Yung Jo before any of them gets activated,"