The Bloodline System - Chapter 629: That Was Close

Chapter 629: That Was Close

Chapter 629: That Was Close

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"I need you to help me set up a meeting with them. It's very important and has to do with the wellbeing of the Zalibans," He added.

Lydia's face displayed a contemplative expression after hearing Gustav say that.

"I haven't spoken to father in some time, I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that you're okay," She voiced out while standing to her feet.

"From there I can tell him about your plan to have a meeting with them," She added with a smile.

Gustav nodded at her with a smile as well.

"In the meantime..." Lydia eyes shot out a seductive glare as she unfastened the towel covering her body.

"I want you to make love to me," She said while catwalking towards Gustav again and turning around to show him the full splendor of her naked body.

'Uh oh,' Gustav thought with a sense of urgency.

'How do I get out of this,'


While Gustav was struggling with his current predicament, the rest of his squad members were busy trying to get recruited into the groups he asked each of them to head to.

Truly just as Gustav had said, these groups were looking for recruits so it was quite easy for them to apply to be one of their troops.

Presently within one of the Vulcans base, Fiona and Ildan were undergoing tests conducted by the higher ups there.

Boom! Boom!

Within the small test area, Fiona made use of her wings to destroy an entire fleet of mechanical bots in one swing.

While Ildan transfomed into a body of water drowning and destroying the mechanical bots from within.

They weren't the only ones trying to get recruited here since there were other mixedbloods in the city who were dying of hunger due to the situation of the city and saw this as an opportunity to make money.

However, they had left the others within the same test area stupefied.

The others were unable to showcase their prowess since these two had destroyed everything in sight and even if they could, they wouldn't be able to perform the same feat since they were significantly weaker.

Within a control room where some Vulcans were watching, they discussed about the both of them.

"Where did these two come from?" One of them asked with a suspicious look.

"Sir Luke, According to our database they're from region seven and after questioning them, they revealed they were in hiding since the war began but now they want to help in putting an end to it," The other one explained.

"They're quite powerful, how are we sure we can trust them?" Sir Luke voiced out.

"Because we wouldn't be here if we didn't want to help." A feminine voice was heard from the entrance causing all four Vulcan officials within the room to turn to the entrance.

They spotted the same two people they were discussing about, Fiona and Ildan.

"What are you...?" Sir Luke was about speaking but he got interrupted.

"We are powerful enough to join any other group, why would we choose you. If we wanted to try something we would have already done it," Ildan spoke this time with a strong gaze.

Everyone in the room stared at the both of them silently for a brief period of time processing what they had just said.

They realized it made sense and the one who seemed to be in charge finally broke the silence, "If you're truly here to help, prepare to be deployed to the battle field,"


In another location where one of the bases of the Darilia group was situated a similar scene was playing out. This was a recruitment site where mixedbloods of any strength level were being tested before they were accepted to be part of the troops.

Just like in the Vulcan base where Fiona and Ildan underwent test, there were many mixedbloods here as well looking to get recruited so they would be able to get fed.

It was truly a pitiful looking situation here since only Darkyl, Mill and Felgro looked well fed here.

The three showcased their prowess causing those in charge of the test to question them before recruiting them into their ranks.

With all this being said and done the first stage of the objective was complete and now they would all have to play their part to lessen the troops on the other side.


Just like that the day went by and the next day arrived.

Gustav turned to the side to look at then naked feminine body beside him on the bed.

It was that of Lydia's and she was currently asleep. Gustav had been awake through out the entire night and couldn't wait for day to arrive.

'Phew,' He sighed in relief internally as he slowly took the duvet off his body.

Lydia's body would occasionally move her body signifying that she was about to wake.

'That was close,' Gustav said Internally as yesterday events replayed in his head.

("You almost lost your virginity again,") The system voiced out in his head.

'Hmm now isn't that a sight you'd kill to witness,' Gustav scoffed internally with a repressed tone.

("Please, we both know you'll die a virgin cos you're too chicken to go through with it,") The system responded with a tone full of attitude.

Gustav; "..." 'You...'

Lydia finally opened her eyes at this point and turned to the side to stare at Gustav.

A wide smile hung on her face as she greeted him, "Good morning my love," she voiced out and reached over to kiss him.

Gustav returned the kiss and smiled back before taking the duvet off him and standing to his feet. He was currently shirtless and only clad in shorts.

"I can't remember what happened last night... Did we..?" Lydia held her head with a slightly confused look as she spoke.

"Oh yeah, it was too much for you after we took a couple of drinks and came down here. Don't worry it's probably a hangover, you'll recall everything soon," Gustav assured her as he moved towards the entrance of the bedroom.