The Bloodline System - Chapter 628: Back To Region Thirty Two

Chapter 628: Back To Region Thirty Two

Chapter 628: Back To Region Thirty Two

A few hours later, Gustav had arrived within Region Thirty-two. He infiltrated the same way as before and didn't arouse any suspicions.

He found a place to change his wears and got into the Zalibans outfit before heading towards the eastern part of the region.

He headed towards a luxurious two-storey apartment after arriving at his desired street.

Presently, he was clad in the black skin-tight outfit and vest along with the helmet the Zaliban troops with were always dressed in.

Arriving in front of the house, Gustav knocked on the door gently.

There was no answer for about a minute, but just as Gustav was about to knock again, he heard footsteps from within and sensed someone coming towards the entrance.


The door opened up, revealing a moppy-looking female with scattered and unkempt short green colored hair along with bags underneath her eyes.

She looked like a lifeless doll, and it was obvious that she would be a great beauty if she wasn't looking so rough and unkempt.

Gustav instantly recognized her but couldn't understand why she looked this way.

Her eyes brightened up a bit as she stared at Gustav with a disbelieving look.

"Akeem? Is that you? No, I must be hallucinating," She held her head and rubbed her eyes as she spoke.

Gustav slowly took off his helmet, revealing a dark and handsome face with a buzz cut.

"Aaakeemm..." She slowly stepped forward with a disbelieving gaze and placed her palm on Gustav's face.

"Is it really you?" She questioned with an emotional gaze while rubbing his face for confirmation.

("She doesn't seem to be in the right frame of mind. I'm sensing emotional imbalance, are you sure you wanna go ahead with mimicking her lover?") The system asked from within.

'Since I'm already here... I'll have to see it through,' Gustav responded internally before nodding at the lady.

"Yes, it's me,"

His response caused her eyes to well up with tears as she quickly reached out to embrace him.

She hugged him tightly, and Gustav could feel warm tears dropping onto his outfit.

"They said you were dead," She voiced out with her face buried in Gustav's chest.

Gustav reached out to slowly caress her head, "I'm here now," He felt a bit cringed out by this, but he had to play the role well to avoid arousing suspicions.

This was Lydia, the fiance of the Akeem who Gustav killed about two months back with Lucius and the rest.

She was also the daughter of the leader of the Zalibans, according to the information the system gave him the last time.

After hugging him for some time, Lydia suddenly pulled her face away.

"I haven't taken a bath or kept myself clean in so long. I feel ashamed," She said with an embarrassed expression while moving back.

"It doesn't matter," Gustav responded, causing her eyes to shimmer with affection.


Minutes later, Gustav was sitting in her massive and luxurious living room again. He spotted the portrait projection of her father again at the side while scanning through the environment.

Currently, Lydia was taking a bath while Gustav waited.

She told him not to disappear like the last time, and Gustav promised not to. The last time Gustav used this opportunity to get away from her, but this time he had decided to use her to get what he wanted.

Truly Lydia had been a wreck since Gustav disappeared that time. She tried looking for Akeem, but the reports of his disappearance made everyone believe he was dead. Her father and other relatives told her to forget about him and move on, but this was a seemingly impossible feat for her.

She stopped seeing anyone and stayed indoors, overthinking all day and night without properly taking care of herself. Her father only saw this as childish behavior and felt she would eventually get over it.

He also didn't have time to come and comfort her or anything due to the current predicament of the city.

A few minutes later, Lydia arrived in the living room with a towel tied to her body. She looked a lot brighter than how she was minutes earlier.

She shyly moved towards Gustav and sat on his lap before placing a kiss on his lips.

"I can't believe this is real," Tears began rolling down her face as she voiced out.

'It is not...' Gustav said internally but smiled openly in pretense.

Of course, he wouldn't tell her she was just living a fantasy right now since he killed Akeem himself.

"Where were you all this time?" She asked with a look of curiosity.

"I was on a mission with Sir Lucuis. We got taken away, and all my other comrades lost their lives along with Sir Lucuis. I would have lost mine too, but I eventually managed to escape and find my way back to you," Gustav narrated.

The face of Akeem he adopted still had multiple signs of injury on the sides of his face making the story quite believable.

"I'm glad you're back now," Lydia didn't even question if the story was real or not and hugged Gustav again.

Gustav allowed the embrace for a few seconds before pulling her away from him with a worried expression on his face.

"I may have escaped, but there's a big problem," Gustav voiced out with a tone of urgency.

Lydia heard that and became worried as she inquired, "What's wrong?"

"I have a piece of information that I overheard while being in their custody. This information is quite sensitive, and it's important I pass it on to the heads," Gustav explained.

"What information? Can you tell me?" She asked.

Gustav shook his head, "I will only say it in the presence of the heads of the group. It's important they hear this," He voiced out with the urgency in his voice, turning deeper.

"You mean my father and the others?" She asked.

"Yes, your father and Chief Brisk Ali in particular," Gustav responded.

"I need you to help me set up a meeting with them. It's very important and has to do with the welfare of the Zalibans," He added.