The Bloodline System - Chapter 590: Interesting Surbodinates

Chapter 590: Interesting Surbodinates

Chapter 590: Interesting Surbodinates

The others in the aircraft, too, had spotted miss Aimee. Two of them didn't recognize her, but the other two who did were shocked senseless seeing that Gustav had a relationship with her as well.

Gustav proceeded to get into the spacecraft and sat at the far end of the cabin.

Since they were only six, the space within the cabin area was big enough for everyone to sit on their own if they wanted to.

As expected, Gustav wasn't interested in sitting with anyone, but remembering he was the squad leader, he knew he'd have to communicate with everyone sooner or later, even if he didn't want to.


The aircraft lifted up into the air after the doors closed up and soared across the sky, disappearing into the distance in a few.

Miss Aimee stared in that direction for a while before turning around to leave.

"Young Miss," General Brody called out from the side.

Miss Aimee paused her steps and turned to the side to stare at him, "What is it?"

"Since both, our proteges are embarking on the same mission, how about I invite you for a..." Before he could even complete his sentence, Miss Aimee cut him short.

"No," She responded aloofly before turning around to leave.

"But you didn't even let me finish. It's for the purpose of mutual benefits," He voiced out from behind, but miss Aimee kept walking away, completely ignoring him.

General Brody gritted his teeth in annoyance, 'How the hell did that kid manage to infiltrate her cold heart? I have been trying and failing for years!' He screamed internally with a look of pain.

Colonel Oxlar shook his head from the side as he also turned away to leave.


An hour into their journey towards Ruhuguy City, the aircraft became a bit noisy.

"Hey, Squad leader; how do you know the demon queen?"

"Squad leader are the rumors true? Was that truly your first mission?"

"I don't believe you're just eighteen years old,"

"You're still a first year? Or is it all just cap?"

Three of the officers surrounded him and kept questioning.

Gustav didn't expect this. He thought the entire journey would be quiet, but these three suddenly came up to him and started initiating conversations with him.

Officer Fiona, Darkyl, and Ildan. These three were quite the lively ones, especially Officer Fiona.

Officer Fiona had two pigtails with brown colored hair. She was a cute-looking lady with fairly chubby cheeks, small lips, and wide, curious eyes.

Officer Darkyl had an Irish white complexion with a seven-inch tall blue mohawk haircut. His eyeballs were completely dark, and his muscles bulged through his casual wear.

Officer Ildan had a slim composure with a teenage-looking masculine face. His chin area had some hair sprouting from it, which suggested he was quite older than his appearance.

Officer Fiona was around twenty-two years of age and got out of the MBO camp about two years ago. She had completed several missions, all ranging from two to three stars, and had successfully completed a four-star mission as well. She had a C-grade bloodline, which was why her bloodline channeling speed wasn't all that fast. Due to her current level, she wouldn't be barely be given four-star missions to complete, which was why she was still a junior-ranked Argent rank even after two years.

Officer Darkyl, on the other hand, had a D-grade bloodline. Truly one of the few Officers within the MBO who managed to become a part of the MBO with a D grade bloodline. He was about twenty-five years and was also a last step Falcon-ranked mixedblood.

As expected, his bloodline grade made his channeling speed slower, but even with that, he had mastered his current strength well and successfully completed every single mission he had been sent on regardless of their star.

This wasn't the first time he and Fiona were being placed in the same squad to embark on a mission together. 

On the other hand, Ildan seemed to be the only one close to Gustav's age level besides Mill. This was the fourth mission he was embarking on, and he had got out of camp several months back, becoming a full-fledged officer.

He was a senior to Mill, but they were agemates. Both of them had B-grade bloodlines, so their rank level was understandable and even considered fast for their ages.

Gustav was just on another level with his speed which made them assume he definitely had an A grade bloodline. But even with an A grade bloodline, this still felt extremely fast to them.

"She's my teacher," Gustav responded to Fiona after she asked how he came to know Miss Aimee for the umpteenth time.

"Huh? How did she become your teacher?" Fiona questioned again with her chubby cheeks jiggling with curiosity.

"It's a long story..." Gustav responded with a look of contemplation.

"Oh come on..." Before Fiona could say something again, Darkyl interrupted.

"She looks so hot though... Is she single?" He asked with a smile.

They were all standing on the isle area talking to Gustav all this time, disregarding the fact that they were in a moving aircraft. None of them were even affected by the speed at which it was moving. It was as if their legs were glued to the floor of the aircraft.

"Erm... Yeah I guess," Gustav replied to Darkyl.

The instant Darkyl heard that he quickly wrapped his hand around Gustav's shoulder with an excited look on his face.

"Oh please help a brother out by passing me her contact details," He voiced out.

"I would tell you not to waste your time... She really isn't interested in those sort of things," Gustav advised.

"Please please please, I know she's around the same age with me. Help a brother out, I'll forever be in your debt," Darkyl knelt on the floor in front of Gustav, begging.

Fiona stared at him with a repressed look, "So shameless," She voiced out.