The Bloodline System - Chapter 589: Departure

Chapter 589: Departure

Chapter 589: Departure

"Well this mission isn't all that dangerous. It's a four-star mission after all," Gustav added while proceeding to explain the details of the mission to miss Aimee.

"Still dangerous for a first year cadet. Originally, you shouldn't be given anything beyond a two-star mission, but you're even the leader of a squad embarking on a four star mission," Miss Aimee voiced out after listening to Gustav's narration.

Of course, Miss Aimee was right, but she forgot that Gustav had just completed a five-star mission.

This mission looked quite difficult and overly tasking due to the multiple objectives. However, it was still termed below the difficulty of the one with Sahil due to the fact that Sahil had been chased for years and still was never caught even by officers more powerful than Gustav.

The mission difficulty was raised due to the near impossibility of catching Sahil, unlike this mission that was more straightforward and combat-based.

"If you find yourself in any dangerous situation beyond your control don't forget to use the emergency device I gave you to contact me," Miss Aimee stated.

"I'm sure I'll be fine. Besides If I'm in such a situation and I contact you, everything will be ruined. Besides the city doesn't allow entry for mixedbloods of your level," Gustav voiced out.

"I'll level that city down. Who cares about their stupid war?" Miss Aimee voiced out with a powerful tone.

Gustav:"..." 'This is exactly why I won't call you,'

Gustav knew miss Aimee wasn't bluffing. For reasons unknown, she was choosing to keep herself in check with the MBO. He knew it had to be something important, so he didn't want to ruin things.

He decided running would be the best option if he found himself in situations he couldn't handle. He still had the dimensional bracelet. He would rather not leave his subordinates to die, but he would ditch them with no second thought if it concerned his survival.

Gustav proceeded to follow Miss Aimee back to the yard later for a little bit of training before they headed back in around midnight.

Instead of sleeping, Gustav decided to channel his bloodline.

In battle, he was able to use his bloodlines faster and more efficiently but channeling his bloodline to improve his rank had become relatively slow.

He could tell that it would take him a lot of time before he would reach the second step. Unless he decided to use the permanent bloodline increment pill, he got as a reward recently.

But he still decided to keep that for now and focus on natural channeling.

He now understood why a lot of mixedbloods are still in this rank for years. Those who had low bloodline grades would have difficulty breaking past this rank since it would be extremely slow for them.

All officers under him during this mission were in their early, mid, and late twenties, and they were still in this rank. Gustav's speed was mostly due to his bloodline grade being high and the other bloodlines within him, as well as the boosts gotten within the MBO.

No one else had arrived at this rank at this speed within the MBO, but now just like everyone else, he would also be slowed down a bit.

After channeling his bloodline for about two hours, Gustav decided to check his stats on the system's interface before going to bed.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 46

-Class: Sub-Parallel Being

-Exp: 4,210,800/10,800,000

-Hp: 29,900/ 29,900

-Energy: 16,000/16,000


┬╗Strength: 177

┬╗Perception: 176

┬╗Mental Fortitude: 176

┬╗Agility: 174

┬╗Speed: 172

┬╗Bravery: 174

┬╗Intelligence: 175

┬╗Charm: 80

┬╗Defence: 174

┬╗Vitality: 176

┬╗Endurance: 175

{Attributes points: 49}


'Four levels away from level fifty. Will there be a change when I get to level fifty?' Gustav thought. He remembered he achieved "Cosmic Superiority" at level twenty, so he couldn't help but think there would be a phenomenon when he achieved level fifty.

'Maybe the system will reveal more to me about the secret behind the five-year quests,' Gustav thought.

The system could hear these thoughts he was having since it was in his inner thoughts, but it didn't respond. Of course, Gustav knew it could hear, and this was precisely what he wanted.

He was quite disappointed when there was no response, but he decided not to overthink it and go to bed.


He was only able to sleep for about three hours before he woke up to prepare for the journey.

Since it was a secret mission, they couldn't go dressed in their uniforms, so just like the last time, Gustav was clad in a casual outfit.

His storage device was stacked with all he would need and even the Jiko Hakai katana.

He had decided he wasn't going to return this.

Miss Aimee accompanied him to the transport bay, which was an open area where

different kinds of aircraft were parked.

Colonel Oxlar was also there to bid them farewell along with some other officers and Mill's father, General Brody.

Their aircraft was a massive one with the MBO emblem on the sides. Blueish in color with the blood-red emblem, making it look quite majestic.

Gustav's squad was there waiting, so the moment he arrived, they started filing into aircraft one after the other.

"With the progress of the mission I'm handling, I might be moving to another location soon," Miss Aimee said to Gustav.

"When you're done with this, I'll reach out to you so you know where to come meet me," Miss Aimee added.

"Alright Miss," A smile appeared on both their faces as Gustav responded before turning around.

The other officers in the vicinity were once again surprised to see miss Aimee smiling.

Mill, who had found a place to sit within the aircraft, stared at Miss Aimee from his sitting position, 'So that's the famed demon queen. She doesn't look as menancing as mentioned,' He thought.

Even though Mill felt this way, he couldn't quite fathom what she was capable of, especially after hearing his father talk about her so many times.