The Bloodline System - Chapter 55 - Sudden Appearance

Chapter 55 - Sudden Appearance

Chapter 55 - Sudden Appearance

"What are you doing to my student, Jk?" The feminine voice was laced with such sharpness that it caused the man to tremble slightly upon hearing it.

'This voice... no way, it can't be her?' Master Jk's shoulders turned stiff as he slowly turned around to stare at the person that had just spoken.

Immediately he saw her, his heart nearly jumped out of his chest.

It was a young lady with grey long hair. She had a slim and beautiful figure with a height that was almost 5'7. She was clad in a green short tight fitted gown with a brown coat draped around her shoulders.

"Young mi-ss Aim-ee," The man looked very surprised to see her.

Miss Aimee strode towards them with light and graceful steps. In two second she was already standing before them

"I said what are you doing to my student?" Miss Aimee asked with a threatening tone.

"Yo-ur stu-dent?" Master Jk turned back to look at Gustav who was staring at him with a fierce look.

Miss Aimee also followed his look and noticed Gustav's shoulder was out of place. It seemed quite curved at an angle that suggested that it was broken.

Her eyes suddenly turned fierce.

"How dare you!"


Miss Aimee suddenly swung out her left hand towards the face of master Jk.


The sound of collision was like a miniature thunderclap causing small vibrations in the air.

Twenty pieces of teeth flew out of Master Jk's mouth along with a trail of blood as he was sent flying several feet toward the side.

He kept sliding for several more feet till his head slammed into the wall.


Everyone within the vicinity had their mouths wide open except for those who already knew miss Aimee beforehand.

'Did she just blow an Echo ranked mixed-blood from the MBO, away with one slap?' Everyone had thoughts similar to this in their minds.

Endric and his mother were particularly surprised the most as the looks on their faces suggested that.

'Who is this woman?'

'Why did she say she's Gustav's teacher?'

Endric was not familiar with miss Aimee since he was still in middle school while their mother never attended the parent-teachers meeting whenever there was one in high school so she never knew any one of Gustav's teachers. Both of them couldn't recognize her.

"Are you alright?" Miss Aimee turned to stare at Gustav while asking.

Gustav nodded in affirmation. Although his shoulder was slightly injured from the Intense grip, it had healed back due to his regeneration ability.

"Jk!" Miss Aimee called out again.

Jk was still lying on the floor while spitting out more pieces of his broken teeth and blood.

When he heard miss Aimee call out to him again, he crawled towards her with a terror-stricken face.

"Y-ou-ng m-is-s I'-m so-rry," Master Jk held miss Aimee's feet while begging.

Everyone here couldn't understand the reason for such extreme behavior after the pride he had shown earlier.

They had different theories popping into their heads upon seeing an officer from the MBO kneel to a citizen.

It was an unbelievable sight but they also knew that miss Aimee couldn't be an ordinary person for this kind of thing to be happening.

Miss Aimee glared at master Jk below with a dark look.

Master Jk shivered in his position as he saw her slightly crouch and stare into his eyes with more intensity.

Tap! Tap!

She slapped the back of his head lightly twice and spoke.

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to,"

master Jk heard that and turned to stare at Gustav before turning his head back to stare at miss Aimee again.

He knew that if he complied with her demand it would result in humiliation for him but if he didn't... Only he knew the horrors that awaited.

'Is he going to do it?' Everyone had a feeling that they were going to witness something they had never seen before in their lives.

Master Jk swallowed spit and leg go of miss Aimee's feet before crawling towards Gustav.

"I-'m So-rry," He said with a pleading look.

Gustav could see the fear written all over master Jk's face which had him wondering, 'Why would he fear miss Aimee so much,' It was surprising to see this much fear on a person's face but even with Gustav felt like laughing when he saw master Jk's mouth missing nearly all of its teeth.

'Well since we've already gotten to this point...' Gustav raised his foot and brought it down on Master Jk's face.



Everyone stared at the scene with a look of shock. They couldn't believe that Gustav would have the guts to do that.

Gustav rubbed the sole of his shoes on master Jk's face repeatedly before bringing it down.

'Now we're even,' Gustav said inwardly and proceeded to move forward.

"I'm going miss Aimee," Gustav waved his hand towards miss Aimee and walked towards the elevator.

Everyone stared at Gustav with a look of amazement.

At this moment he shined like a million stars in the galaxy which attracted their eyes.

Miss Aimee nodded at him with a smirk on her face. 'Good kid, you didn't wimp out on me,' Miss Aimee said and proceeded to turn around.

She only moved two steps forward before pausing and turning around to stare at Endric and his mother.

"Thank you for letting go of such a wonderful son. I will make sure I take care of him... unlike you," She stated this and turned around to leave.

Gustav's mother had a lifeless look on her face, mixed with confusion. She was unable to reply to that statement since everything still looked like a dream to her.

Endric eyes were still widened as he couldn't believe what had happened, neither did he understand what came over Gustav and where he got the boldness to go through with something as crazy as that

Master Jk had a look of humiliation on his face as he remained in that position for many seconds.

When Gustav stomped his face earlier he didn't feel any pain since Gustav was too weak but the humiliation he already felt was multiplied by two.

He had to watch someone weaker and lower than him in status stomp on his face without being able to fight back.

He had never felt so humiliated before in his entire existence.

'Who knew that she would take in a disciple? I need to stay away from here as from now on,' Master Jk said internally as he gnashed his gums together causing him pains.

He had forgotten that at the moment he almost didn't have teeth.


Gustav arrived in front of his apartment building in a few minutes. He walked into the building feeling refreshed and vibrant with his face glowing up.

He thanked his stars that miss Aimee was there if not it would have to face another round of humiliation.

He would probably be able to take it normally, but when it was in front of the family he discarded, he wasn't willing to accept it.

He walked through the corridor and arrived in front of his apartment.

Instead of heading towards his apartment, Gustav turned and headed for Angy's apartment.

Kom! Kom!

He knocked twice.


The door opened up and Angy's face appeared in his line of sight.

"Hey Angy," Gustav greeted with a smile on his face.

"Hey, Gus-" Angy was about to reply when she noticed something.

'He's smiling?' Her eyes slightly widened in bewilderment.

'So charming,' Seeing Gustav's lips curved at both edges looked so angelic to her that she didn't notice, they were still standing at the door.

"Um, is there something on my face?" Gustav asked after noticing Angy's stare.

"Eh? Ah So-rry, your face is good," Angy replied with a wry smile, 'Too good,' her cheeks slightly reddened.

"I'm here to see your father, is he in?" Gustav said.

"Um, my father? Yes, he's in," Angy said and walked into the apartment.

"Come in Gustav," A masculine voice sounded from within the apartment.