The Bloodline System - Chapter 54 - Unexpected Meeting

Chapter 54 - Unexpected Meeting

Chapter 54 - Unexpected Meeting

Huh? What's this?" Gustav touched his cheek and felt wetness.

"Am I crying?"

He had a look of disbelief when he touched his cheek and realized that a line of tears was running down his left eye.

"What is this about?" Gustav laughed lightly and cleaned his cheeks before walking towards his reading chair.

He didn't want to think about the reason even though he practically knew why.

But he had made a new decision regarding Angy.


The next morning Gustav was up very early. He hadn't forgotten about how he decided his daily task would be his first activity so he decided to do that when he woke up.

It was still five am at this time.

Gustav was already used to being up this early so it was a normal thing for him.

He went out of his apartment to begin his daily task.

Gustav used the same method as yesterday to finish the lifting and traveling task but for the climbing task, he visited the Dojo.

Miss Aimee had asked him to come there to assist her with something earlier on.

It was a Sunday but Gustav didn't attend a church because right from time, his parents were never churchgoers.

A lot of people of this age weren't.

In this age, people believed more in technology and alien lifeforms than a higher existence like gods.

People have even claimed to be a higher existence themselves since the era of Mixedbloods started.

Some earthlings are seen as God themselves in this age.

Angy's family was one of the people who still believed in the Christian God so they went to church while Gustav went to the Dojo after finishing his daily tasks.

Around past ten in the morning Gustav was done in the dojo and was climbing down the stairs to the lower floors where he could get an elevator.

On the third to the last floor, he ran into someone, or to be precise, some people.

This third floor to the last floor was the first floor of the dojo and also the cheapest. It was the cheapest but a lot of people couldn't afford it except for high-class families.

Gustav happened to bump into his mother and brother when he got to the first floor of the dojo.

They were coming from the elevator stand with a man in a black suit following them.

They seemed to be immersed in a conversation as his Mom could be seen laughing and smiling while the man kept tapping his junior brother's shoulder with a look of admiration.

They paused when they noticed Gustav coming from the other end.

"Gustav?" The mother's eyes widened upon seeing him here. Her mind went back to the last time they met causing her to freeze.

The man wondered why they stopped moving at first, but once he heard the name his face shone with understanding.

Endric stared at Gustav with contempt. He was practically snarling like an angry animal upon seeing his face.

Gustav didn't even bother sparing them another glance after taking a look at them once.

He continued on his way after that and kept moving towards the elevator.

As he got to their position and was about to pass by their side a large palm grabbed onto his shoulder.

Gustav paused his footsteps and stared at his left shoulder to see the man in a black suit gripping his shoulder tightly.

"Young man, you lack courtesy!" The man spoke with a deep voice.

Gustav's sight traveled from the hand of the man up to his face.

The man had slightly tanned skin with thick beards and a mustache. His build was gigantic, making him look similar to a gorilla.

Every part of him was bulky including his large palms grabbing onto Gustav's shoulder.

Gustav could feel more than a thousand pounds of weight resting on his shoulder.

"What do you mean by that?" Gustav said while trying to free his shoulder from this man's grasp.

"You didn't even pay respects to your mother neither did you apologize to your brother for beating him up. What kind of kid are you?" The man brought his face down closer to Gustav's face as he spoke.

"The kind that doesn't have a mother or brother! I will not apologize to dead people!" Gustav said while brazenly pushing the man's hand off his shoulder.

"You..." Endric pointed at Gustav with an angered expression. Their mother stared at Gustav like she was seeing another person.

"Oh, you have the guts to talk back to an echo-ranked MBO colonel? What a brave young lad!" The man spoke with a threatening tone as he placed his palm back on Gustav's shoulder.

This time he clenched Gustav's shoulder even harder than before to the extent that Gustav's shoulder blade was starting to make bone creaking sounds.

"What does that have to do with anything? I told you I don't apologize to the dead!" Gustav stood his ground even though he was starting to feel pain in his shoulder.

"You will apologize and you will do so while kneeling!" The man voiced out again while increasing the force on Gustav's shoulder. He intended to make him kneel.

Gustav gritted his teeth as his knees begun to give way.

The people in the environment that wanted to interfere earlier scattered like rats upon hearing that the man was an echo-ranked mixed-blood from the MBO.

Gustav could tell that the man was only using a low portion of his strength yet he could barely fight against it.

The man smiled as he clamped on Gustav's shoulder tighter pressing him down even more.

Gustav grabbed onto the man's hand with both his palms and pushed up with as much strength as he could muster but it was still of no use.

His legs were trembling due to the intense weight and slowly bending towards the ground.

Endric watched from the side with a crazed smile, "Yes, master Jk, make him pay for touching me!"

This man happened to be Endric's tutor from the MBO and he was referred to as Jk.

"I wi-ll n-ot..." Gustav's face was extremely fierce at this moment. His muscles had bulged intensely and his legs had caused slight cracks on the ground due to his pushing up.

Still, everything was futile as his knees kept bending and bending. His knees were only a few centimeters from the ground at this point but he still wasn't ready to give in.

'Oh, wasn't this lad supposed to be weak? Even Endric cannot handle this... How is he able to resist with an F-grade bloodline,' Master Jk wondered.

Although he was only using a small portion of his strength just like Gustav thought earlier, this amount of strength was powerful enough to bring any Zulu-ranked mixed-blood to their knees.

Gustav was unwilling to be humiliated once again. He had faced enough of that in the past especially for things that made no sense like what was going on right now.

No one in their normal senses would meddle with a family feud but this man seemed to be hell-bent on humiliating Gustav here today.

'That look of unwillingness on your face makes me want to humiliate you even more! how dare you touch my student?' Master Jk increased the force and pushed down on Gustav's shoulder even more.

Just when Gustav's knees were about to make contact with the floor a loud feminine voice was heard.

"What do you think you're doing to my student, Jk?"