The Bloodline System - Chapter 382 - Meeting Officer Mag

Chapter 382 - Meeting Officer Mag

Chapter 382 - Meeting Officer Mag

Many of them had never seen a spacecraft before, but not this close up. Those who lived in Plankton city or the neighbouring cities around had the privilege of even entering into one.

However, that was an old spacecraft, and it was way different from the current looks of spacecraft.

These spacecraft were black and azure in color. They were shaped like a pentagon cut in half. The emblem of the MBO could be seen plastered on the top exquisitely and boldly. This was the first thing that would be noticed the instant a person laid eyes on it.

"Hmm?" Everyone stopped walking forward as they noticed someone standing up ahead in the middle of both spacecraft.

It was a four feet tall looking female who looked like a thirteen-year-old.

However, she was clad in an MBO uniform, which made it obvious that she wasn't.

The cadets had surprised looks on their faces after recognizing the color of the uniform, which meant she was of higher rank than other officers within the MBO camp.

"Huh? What are you brats doing standing around? Get over here right now!" She voiced out with a mature feminine voice.

The cadets were a little taken aback by the sudden exclamation.

"The last to get here will be kicked out of my class today," She added with a strong tone.

Everyone quickly moved forward after hearing that and arrived in front of her.

She stared at them with a repressed expression, sizing up cadets one after the other.

Everyone kept wondering who this young-looking female officer was and why she was acting so strange.

She walked forward and observed a few of them and then moved in a circular motion around them.

"Many of you don't belong in this training session... Intergalactic warfare isn't for every officer, so I'm sure the numbers will eventually reduce. Some of you will never be deployed outside the planet to fight battles," She voiced out and turned around to move forward.

"You will refer to me as officer Mag," She voiced out as she kept walking forward.

"Follow me," she added.

The cadets did as they were told and followed her forward.

They passed in between the two spacecraft parked on both sides of the underground hangar.

There was another passageway in front that was looking like a tunnel.

The passageway lit up with circular lights planted on the walls of the tunnel-like path.

Everyone went through it one after the other and arrived in a large dark space.

This place was so large that even with the number of the cadets being over a thousand, it was able to contain them with ease, and even more spaces were left.

The cadets had looks of confusion on their faces as they walked in, but lights started appearing all over the place in the next second as the space started to transform.

Trrroooiinn! Zzhhiinnn!

Seats with straps, a control aircraft-like steering in front, and a massive holographic imagery of space could be seen.

The internal structure of the space was transforming into that of a spacecraft.

There was more than one control steering wheel with so many buttons that one would have a headache from just staring at them.

Just like a military aircraft, there was a space behind that was similar to a walkway where seats were placed against the walls of the spacecraft. These seats each had a helmet and straps, numbering in the hundreds.

"Look around you... This is the Internal structure of an MBO battle spaceship," She voiced out.

"Now some of you who might have a knack for this and will end up as future spacecraft pilots while some will end up as vice pilots. However, asides this there are also other roles involed within piloting a spacecraft. Regardless of whether you're bright enough to become a pilot of not, every officer sent on an intergalactic mission would have a role," She explained.

"There are those we call the spotters... They locate any anomaly within the routes leading to their destination in space. There's the Stinklers. They look for possible escape routes out of anomalies like space radiation showers, high and low-level black holes, space rupturing, collapsing of stars... There are times that spacecraft are caught up in things like this.

And finally, the majority of officers in an intergalactic warfare squad are the combatants. Their only job is to get ready to battle at any time while traveling through space. Since they'll be well equipped and trained, they are expected to be ready to battle within any and every occurrence.

There are also the backup pilots who sit among the normal officers just in case something happens to the main pilots. They're always there to take control of the spacecraft command," Officer Mag explained lengthily.

She explained that although advanced AIs were installed within every spacecraft and were supposed to do the work of some of these roles on a spacecraft, it was impossible for an AI, no matter advanced, to be better than the combination of an AI and a mixedblood.

The spotters and Stinklers are granted mechanical helmets that help them perform their tasks effectively. These mechanical helmets apparently sync the brainwaves of the mixedbloods with that of the AIs.

This, in turn, increases the efficiency of performing their roles by a lot.

"A lot of you must think being a space combatant is probably going to be the easiest among every other role in a spacecraft, but you're wrong. A lot of you will still fail trying to be one because none of them are easy and this is why officers that travel through space are the ones being paid the most," Officer Mag hit the nail on the head with this.

A lot of them felt being a combatant would be the best option after looking around and seeing the buttons and control functions that were unknown to them.

"Anyways, enough with the pep talk... Your current assignment is to memorize the function of every single button within this spacecraft within the span of two weeks," She voiced out next.