The Bloodline System - Chapter 381 - Angy Goals

Chapter 381 - Angy Goals

Chapter 381 - Angy Goals

"Time's up sir Yung. You have to leave now," The officer voiced out as he walked towards them.

"Hmm alright," Yung Jo replied as he turned around.

"We'll talk some other time Endric… think about it and give me an answer when next we meet," Yung Jo voiced out as he left through the opening.

Endric stood in place for several moments with a look of contemplation.

"What did you two discuss about," The officer asked with a look of curiosity.

"None of your business old man," Endric voiced out disrespectfully before moving towards the side to sit.

He was already worn out from today's training, so he wanted to rest for a while and also think about Yung Jo's proposal.

He had been here for about two weeks now, so if he decided to agree with Yung Jo's proposal, he could get out of here in the next two weeks and join the others at camp.

'Two years… And I have to complete any mission he gives me,' Endric wondered inwardly.

'After my four years training… when that time comes I will be powerful enough to cancel out our deal if I want to. After all power can change any fate… Getting out of isolation as soon as possible is the most important thing right now,' Endric thought.


As Yung Jo travelled within the transport vehicle that brought him over to the MBO tower, he smiled.

"The kid didn't jump at my offer like I expected…but that doesn't matter, he won't say no now," Yung jo muttered as he grabbed onto the cup placed in front of him to take a sip of the contents within.

"Get the nanites ready…." He said before tapping onto the button sticking to the back of his right ear.


Back in camp, Angy was busy training personally with one of the officers in charge of combat training.

She was currently sparring with an officer called Kora.

Officer Kora was a buff two meters tall man with green and black hair along with a thirteen inches ponytail.

"Stop pulling your punches," He voiced out as he flicked her forehead, causing her to slide backwards by seven feet.

"Ow," Angy held her head with a look of pain.

"But I'm not... I'm attacking with full force," Angy replied.

"Hmm... Just how much of a nice person are you? You're pulling your punches subconsciously because deep down the feeling of not wanting to hurt others is etched in your mind," He stated.

Angy was taken aback by his analysis and raised her right hand slightly to stare at it.

"You don't belong here," He voiced out next.

"For what purpose did you decide to join the MBO?" He asked.

"I want to attain the strength to protect others from danger and suffering," Angy said with a look of determination while clenching her fist and staring down.

"Hmm... Do you know there are certain things you have to let go of if you ever want to achieve that?" He said while walking towards her.

"I do... But there are also some things that I cannot let go of... I can't let myself become a mindless and emotionless murderer or there would be no point in doing this," Angy voiced out.

"I only want to kill when there is no other option... I want to be strong and enough to make the decision when it's necessary so other innocent lives will not be endangered... Please teach me," Angy eyes watered as she spoke.

Officer Kora stared at her for a few seconds before responding.

"You remind me of someone... Let's see if you will surpass him or end up just like him. Now I know just how to train you," He said while turning around.

"How often do you use your legs to attack?" He suddenly asked.

"Hmm? I don't really make use of them," Angy responded with a confused look.

"You do know that the legs pack a punch more than the arms do, and that's even more for a speedstar such as yourself," He stated.

"Yeah I do but..." Angy had a conflicted look on her face as she paused her speech.

"You're afraid of causing too much damage, so you refrain from using kicks," He said with a look of realization.

"We need to get rid of that mentality first… I will teach you how to inflict maximum damage using those legs of yours," He said while pointing at her thigh area.


Another day went by, just like and it was a Wednesday. Cadets had been looking forward to this day because they would be starting a new training course that everyone seemed interested in.

Due to the one week of the canceled morning routine, they were unable to take this course last week.

This training session was called intergalactic warfare. This was training with actual spaceships.

The training camp had a space shuttle. However, it was unauthorized for liftoff, so the spaceships parked there were only there for show.

According to what they heard, although their training would be held there, they would be making use of simulations to practice.

After the morning routine, when everyone got their bloodlines unsealed, they quickly moved towards the location of the training camp space shuttle.

Gustav moved amidst the many others towards the Space shuttle.

They arrived in front of a massive octagon structure fenced by thick walls on the south, west, and east.

There was also a runway and a massive circular hole in the front.

The cadets were let in, and they arrived at a part of the internal structure that led underground.


They were all slowly brought down by the floor of the structure, which suddenly started descending.

They arrived in a broad underground hangar where two massive spacecraft could be seen in front.

This underground hangar was immensely large, and the walls were dark with whitish lines. However, it was brightly lit due to the lighting installed.

As the cadets walked forward with awe-stricken looks as they stared at the two massive spacecraft with sizes similar to three-story buildings.

Many of them had seen a spacecraft before, but not this close-up. For those who lived in Plankton city or the neighbouring cities around