The Bloodline System - Chapter 344 - The First Challenge

Chapter 344 - The First Challenge

Chapter 344 - The First Challenge

"I will only agree to take a partner that can defeat Gustav," Matilda voiced out.

"This is my only requirement... Defeat Gustav, and you can have my hand,"

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The entire place became noisy as they heard and processed Matilda's statement.

-"She wants what?"

-"This might become an impossible task,"

-"I'm still gonna try... I just have to defeat Gustav,"

-"If I defeat him, I can have the Kwoiune family princess... I will have to train hard and try my luck,"

Everyone interested in Matilda turned to stare at Gustav.

Gustav felt a bit uncomfortable seeing everyone turn to give him different kinds of stares.

Some were stares of anticipation, some were stares of hopelessness, while some gave him crafty glances.

A lot of them started formulating different plans in their minds.

'So this was her plan all along... Hmm, I guess I just have to make sure none of these guys ever defeat me,' Gustav said internally as he noted the looks of every suitor present today.

"So, Young Miss, if I heard you correctly... As long as anyone can defeat that boy Gustav, they can have your hand?" Deitrick's uncle asked again.

"Yes..." Matilda said with a look of conviction.

"Hmm, I see... So you want to be assured of strength. Don't go back on your word later when my nephew defeats that boy in a battle," Deitrick's uncle stated while pointing at Gustav.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

"If that does happen, I will not shy away from accepting Deitrick's hand," Matilda said before moving back towards her sitting position.

"What are you doing?" The elder on her right whispered in her ear as she sat down.

"Elder, isn't the main purpose of doing this for us to bear the powerful offsprings that will represent both families in the next generation? I will not accept a partner that is weaker or less promising than Gustav... This is the best course of action, and I did it for the betterment of our family," Matilda answered without hesitation.

The elder had a contemplative expression as he thought of her words.

"So when does this challenge start?" Deitrick asked.

"It has started... You lots are free to challenge Gustav at any time, and if you ever do win, there has to be proof if I'm not present at that time," Matilda stated.

"But we still have to ask for his consent... Don't you think?" Deitrick's uncle stated.

'If Gustav refuses, all this will crumble,' Deitrick's uncle said internally as he turned to stare at Gustav.

"What do you say, young man? Will you be able to handle the challenges of every young man that is interested in Young Miss Matilda? Think about it carefully; you have to handle numerous challenges every day," Deitrick's uncle said with a threatening tone.

Gustav stared at him and Deitrick's for a few moments before turning to stare at Matilda, who had a longing look in her eyes.

"Of course I accept... I will be able to handle all of your challenges. Come at me when you lots are ready," Gustav stated with an unconcerned expression.

Matilda sighed in relief internally as she heard that, 'Thank you, Gustav,'

"Uncle, what do we do now?" Deitrick moved over to his uncle's side and asked.

"Revealing your true strength right now is out of the question, but... Challenge him right now to probe his strength level, so we will come up with the best way for you to defeat him later on," Deitrick's uncle whispered back to Deitrick.

"Is there a limit to how many times we can challenge Gustav?" Deitrick asked.

"Yes, you cannot challenge him anymore after being defeated five times..." Matilda replied.

"Alright," Deitrick said before turning around.

"Gustav, I challenge you to a duel now... This would mean I have only four more tries after this," Deitrick added.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"He didn't even wait for the party to come to an end first,"

-"Looks like Deitrick is keen on embarrassing himself in front of everyone,"

-"I would at least go train and come back to try fighting Gustav first,"

Some of the youngsters in front felt Deitrick was stupid challenging Gustav right now, but they had no idea that this was just a ploy.

"Hmm? Where would the battle hold?" Gustav asked after hearing that.

He was quite surprised himself that someone would challenge him right on the spot.

'This Deitrick doesn't seem like an overconfident idiot like most guys, so why would he decide to challenge me right now if he knows he can't win?' Gustav wondered.

"We could move over to the Kwoiune family training ground... The duel can be held there," Matilda responded.

The elders quickly acted and voiced out for the guests who were interested in watching to follow them as they led the way.

Of course, no one left because everyone was interested in seeing how the battle between two top-five would be. Especially when Gustav was involved.

The others who were also interested in Matilda decided that they would use this as a means to observe and analyse Gustav.

Everyone moved towards the southeastern area of the estate-like area where a small thirty-three-meter mountain could be seen.

Everyone moved up the mountain area and arrived at the top, where about twelve different stage-like fighting rings could be seen positioned around.

Also, several robotic-like machines could be seen positioned in different places. A massive target practice was placed in front along with other pieces of equipment arranged all across the place.

Gustav and Deitrick picked a stage that was somewhere on the left side of the mountain area.

An electromagnetic barrier was immediately erected around the stage the instant they went in. The stage covered a radius of over four thousand feet, so it was large enough, but the barrier was mostly to prevent stray attacks from making contact with the guests.

The two hundred plus guests gathered around the place and focused their eyes on Gustav and Deitrick.

Gustav and Deitrick stood in front of each other, scrutinizing themselves.

"Shall we?"