The Bloodline System - Chapter 343 - My Only Requirement

Chapter 343 - My Only Requirement

Chapter 343 - My Only Requirement

"Arranged marriage is a normal thing in big families... They are most likely to pair powerful mixedbloods from their families together to create even more powerful offspring," Glade decided to explain to Gustav, E.E, and Angy.

"But that's awful... She looks like she doesn't want it," Angy said with a disturbed look.

"She doesn't have a choice," Gustav responded.

'This might have something to do with why she wanted my help since the beginning,' Gustav thought.

The whole charade continued on for about twenty minutes till the Odaly family present finally stood to their feet.

The five of them walked towards the front, Deitrick included.

Everyone's eyes focused on them, and even the people in front asking for Matilda's hand had to give way.

-"Don't tell me the Odaly family is also interested?"

-"Damn, if they ask for her hand, I don't see anyone else getting her besides Deitrick,"

-"Deitrick is in the top five... The rest can't even stand in his shadows... The only people comparable to him here is those seating on Gustav's table,"

The guests spoke amongst themselves as they noticed the Odaly family's actions.

"Young Miss Matilda, as you know, our young blood here is among the top five MBO test participants worldwide... Our family is among the most prestigious on the planet. What more could you need that can't be found in a young man such as Deitrick?" Deitrick's uncle stated while making gestures.

Carts and carts of different things were brought into the place.

Unlike the other families who brought gifts, the Odaly family gifts were way too Plentiful and massive.

"Some of the gifts can fit into your living room, so we have placed them outside," The other kid spoke.

It was practically like the Odaly family came over to flex.

"You both are going to be in the MBO camp, which means you will have more time to get to know each other and do great things together," The uncle started speaking again.

"This is a great opportunity for both families' collaboration and creation of even more powerful offspring for the future generation... Don't you think so, Elder Mue?" The uncle turned to stare at the middle-aged-looking man on Matilda's right after voicing out his question.

"And you, sir Bill, your daughter will be in great hands... Who else would you have as your son-in-law?" He turned to face the man on Matilda's left before voicing out.

It turned out the man on Matilda's left was actually her father.

The Elder leaned slightly and whispered in Matilda's ear, "You know who to pick... Do not disappoint me and go for Deitrick now,"

Matilda's face at the moment didn't have a smile anymore. She hid her current emotions under a poker expression.

Matilda's father leaned slightly and whispered, "It's all up to you, darling... It doesn't have to be Deitrick, but you know you have to pick someone here, or the elders will not let me off... Just go for someone that you feel you might like later on,"

Matilda's eyes squinted as she heard that. She stared at Deitrick, who was currently scrutinizing her from head to toe, with a smile.

The other male youngsters in the vicinity already had lost hope of having Matilda the moment the Odaly family became involved, but they still stood there and waited for Matilda's decision.

Matilda turned her face to the side to stare in Gustav's direction. She and Gustav made eye contact, and Gustav instantly understood that she was about to make a decision that would include him.

'I guess I just have to go with it,' Gustav sighed internally.

Matilda stood to her feet and moved two steps forward.

She turned left and right to stare at all the kids like she was observing them.

The atmosphere turned tense as everyone waited for her decision.

After a few more seconds, she spoke, "Just like you said, Elder Garit, it would be wonderful to bear powerful offsprings that we can be proud of in the future, which is why for that I want a very powerful partner,"

"Which is exactly why my Nephew is perfect for you... No one here can match his strength," Deitrick's uncle replied.

"That is not quite true," Matilda replied.

"What? Check out these losers, which one of them can be compared to Deitrick haha, none of them even managed to make top fifty worldwide," Deitrick's uncle said with a burst of light laughter while pointing at the rest of the youngsters currently standing in front.

-"Hey, just because they come from a big family doesn't mean they should bully others,"

-"Tch, that old man is so cocky just because they're from the Ogaly family,"

Most of them in the vicinity were not happy with what they heard. No one would like to be called a loser even though they were inferior.

These youngsters felt wronged, but they had forgotten that they were also quite cocky, and if they were in Deitrick's shoes, they'd also look down on others weaker than themselves.

"Not them, but yes, there is one that your nephew isn't as powerful as," Matilda voiced out.

'Just who is she talking about?' the youngsters stared at themselves, wondering who that person was.

"Gustav Crimson," Matilda said with a loud voice that echoed in the vicinity.

Everyone's eyes slightly widened as they heard that. This was no doubt triggering since it was very true.

Deitrick might be top five, but Gustav was currently known as the undisputed first position, which was said to rival special class candidates before he even became one.

The Odaly family had an expression of dissatisfaction as they heard that.

They would have loved to dispute the claim, but they couldn't.

"I don't see him among the young men asking for your hand, so what do you mean, young miss," Deitrick's uncle asked.

This was also the question on everyone's mind since they wanted to know where Matilda was going with this.

Gustav also squinted his eyes as he stared in her direction.

"Of course I know that... What I am trying to say is..." Matilda paused for a bit before deciding to continue.

"My standards for a partner are high because of Gustav's level of strength, so right now, I have only one requirement," Matilda added.

"Which is?" Deitrick's uncle asked.

"I will only agree to take a partner that can defeat Gustav," Matilda voiced out.

"This is my only requirement... Defeat Gustav, and you can have my hand,"