The Bloodline System - Chapter 290 - Side Story (1/2)

Chapter 290 - Side Story (1/2)

Chapter 290 - Side Story (1/2)

"I heard about the upcoming entrance test phase. I'm sure you're working towards it..."

Boss Danzo and Gustav continued on the call for about twenty minutes, catching up on different things before they ended the call.

Boss Danzo reminded Gustav to keep watch of his granddaughter once he got into the MBO training camp before the call ended.

Gustav laid on his bed with a smile on his face. Although boss Danzo wouldn't be returning yet, he was glad that he had solved the situation.

'Maltida really let me do that for the sake of being my partner in the MBO... I need to give her the benefit of the doubt because no other girl would be willing to do that,' Gustav thought as he stood up and proceeded to go complete his tasks for the day.

In her household, Matilda sat close to the window side and stared out through the window.

'I hope he acknowledges my sacrifice for him,' She said internally while placing her hand on her left chest area with a look on her face.

'I've pulled some strings behind the scenes to make sure those four get more punishment,'


The next day, after performing his daily tasks, Gustav tuned into the news.

Another breaking news was being displayed.

After the disciplinary teachers and Ebun were given a sentence, they were to be transported to a maximum-security prison on various charges.

While on the way, the vehicles carrying them were hijacked by unknown assailants, and they were all abducted.

These unknown assailants laid waste to the squad transporting them and smoothly completed the abduction operation.

Everyone already suspected that this must be the doing of one of the big families who didn't want them to get off with just imprisonment.

Surprisingly, Maltida's family threatened the police to make sure they found those assailants.

This made people question if they were truly the ones that abducted them or not.

Gustav already concluded that they had to be the ones. He felt the threat was just a way to cover up their tracks and reduce the suspicion people would feel towards them.

'Now they will suffer a fate worse than death,' Gustav smiled as he thought.

He knew just how brutal these big families were when it comes to handling situations that affected their image or any one of their members.

He knew that he would have found himself in this same situation had it been proven that he was the cause for Hung Jo's current predicament.

Gustav sighed in relief as he moved to his reading chair to check some things on his holographic computer.

'It's time I started making plans on how to handle the situation of the neighbourhood after my departure.' Gustav said internally as he started checking things on the internet.


Side Story (2)

A week went by in a flash, and during this time, the whole incident had died down. The disciplinary committee members were nowhere to be found even after the police force had searched far and wide.

Echelon Academy later reopened after giving a formal apology to everyone involved, especially boss Danzo and Maltida.

All the staffs of Echelon Academy were to undergo reevaluation according to the government to be sure that the others were in their right minds. Of course, Miss Aimee excluded herself, and no one was able to do anything about that.

From that day onwards, the teachers minded the way they interacted with the students, and cameras were now placed in the offices to monitor their activities.

The mixedbloods that used to be discriminated against due to low bloodlines were no longer on the receiving end of bullying like before. Even when it happened, the teachers will interfere since they were being monitored 24/7. They wanted to make sure they looked responsible at all times for fear of losing their jobs.

At this time, only three weeks were left before the start of the much anticipated MBO entrance exams.

Gustav had already thought of a way to handle the problem of his absence. He decided to make a kind of nightguard agency that will specialize in keeping the neighborhood safe while he was away.

The money would be generated from the people living in the neighbourhood, and from there, he would pay his workers.

At this point in time, he was searching for mixedblood recruits that had reached the serial rank to work for him.

Gustav knew it was impossible to find youngsters at this level, so he knew only fully grown mixedbloods that could no longer increase their ranks would be interested.

Gustav used the internet to place ads on different sites and waited for feedback.

While this was ongoing, Gustav didn't neglect his training with Miss Aimee, neither did he stop infiltrating the border.

On this particular day, Gustav had successfully gotten all his stats beyond fifty points.

He got an exponential increase in strength overall the moment he got to this point.

Gustav infiltrated the border again and decided to visit one of the places he hadn't checked out yet.

After traversing through some parts of the dense forest area, he came across a sloppy area that extended upward with small stones packed together in a bunch, placed on different parts.

These small stones had green bushes surrounding them. Gustav found it a little weird because not only were these stones packed together in a bunch all around the place but there was also no vegetation beside the green bushes surrounding the stones for the next two miles.

This area was void of trees and plain grass, and it kept extending upwards.

Gustav walked in the midst of these stones and even activated God Eyes to check them out. Still, he noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

Gustav kept walking through their midst for several minutes, checking some of them out while skipping the rest.

'So, there's nothing here,' Gustav said internally as he arrived at the top of the slope and could still see nothing besides these bunch of stones scattered all across the place.

Gustav was about to go back and head towards another place in the border when he thought of something, 'I haven't seen a single mixedbreed around here, neither could I find one around the route that led here on my way to this place,'

As he came to this realization, he thought, 'That means this is the territory of a powerful one… how does the map not have a red dot here?'

He had discovered this a bit too late because just as he wanted to leave, the ground started to vibrate.