The Bloodline System - Chapter 289 - Side Story

Chapter 289 - Side Story

Chapter 289 - Side Story

-Six weeks ago

Breaking News!

-"We have received degrading footage concerning the disciplinary staff of the biggest school in Plankton city, Echelon Academy.

-"From an anonymous source, this footage happens to display the students being sexually assaulted along with other forms of assault and verbal abuse. Viewers' discretion advised.

-"Another footage includes the confession to a conspiracy involving these same disciplinary staff. According to the information we received, the school's kitchen that caused the death of five was orchestrated by them.

-"The Kwoiune family have threatened to destroy the school after seeing their beloved third daughter being assaulted on the footage.

-"The Echelon Academy is currently undergoing intense investigation. The four high school disciplinary teachers have been carted away by the police. Other forces are oppressing the police force to relinquish these four to them.

Gustav, who was currently on his way back home, stared at the news displayed on different city screens.

Several news stations were currently reporting the current incidents, and Echelon Academy happened to be the hottest topic on the news at the moment.

Gustav smiled as he watched the four disciplinary teachers being dragged away like criminals.

Due to the current situation, the school had been shut down in the meantime, so the students were urged to return back home. The school's shutdown was why Gustav was heading back home at the moment, even though it was still morning.

He had successfully framed each and every one of the four disciplinary committee members and sent footages to the media concerning this.

Miss Aimee assisted him in this aspect. She gave him the contact of a media personality and helped them meet.

Not only were they framed for these crimes in school, but he also added the confession of Ebunoluwa to it.

He wanted to put them in a sticky situation first before adding the issue of the kitchen fire, so their reputation would have already taken a blow. Then when the kitchen fire situation is added, their credibility when they try to defend themselves would be at an all-time low.

Again, an expected scenario was where Maltida's family threatened to shut down the entire school because she was involved.

Other big families also came out to say they were going to withdraw their kids from Echelon Academy after seeing proof of what went down.

Of course, the four had tried denying all the accusations, but then the footage had been inspected properly, and no signs of unoriginality were found.

In other words, these four were already doomed.

The police force brought in Ebun as well for questioning and had him make the confession again.

The disciplinary teachers tried to deny never meeting him, but then, phone calls were retrieved. The police had technology that could also retrieve months-old conversations on the phone between parties.

They made use of this, and everything was uncovered.

The whole situation turned messy as the four were unable to deny any of the crimes they were confronted with anymore, even the one they were framed with.

Gustav arrived home later and waited for the verdict of these four along with Ebun.

He finally got a holographic tv to watch the news.

The next morning he had a smile on his face as he watched the five of them being carted away in prisoner's outfits.

'I bet this isn't how it's gonna end,' Gustav said internally as he saw them being taken away in convoys.

Afterwards, the media called out Echelon Academy for firing and smearing the reputation of boss Danzo.

This had proven that he was innocent and framed. The media had tried to find out the disciplinary committee's reason for doing this. Still, they were only informed that boss Danzo refused one of their requests, and it ended up that way.

This way, boss Danzo had regained his reputation.

Gustav quickly made use of the contact boss Danzo had given him to call.

In a few seconds, the call was picked.

"Hey, son," Boss Danzo's merry voice was heard from the other end.

Gustav hadn't heard boss Danzo's voice for roughly a month, so he felt relieved now that he had finally solved the issue.

He wanted to make sure the situation was resolved before contacting him.

"Boss Danzo, have you seen the latest news in Plankton city?" Gustav proceeded to ask.

"Hmm? What's happening?" Boss Danzo asked with an intrigued tone.

He was no longer in Plankton city, so he had no idea about things that went down there.

"Check for news on Plankton city," Gustav stated.

Boss Danzo would have to tune into a worldwide news station to figure out what was happening.

"Oh my... My name has been cleared?" Boss Danzo voiced out from the other end with a tone of disbelief.

Gustav smiled as he heard boss Danzo speak.

"How did this... Don't tell me you did something?" Boss Danzo asked.

"Doesn't matter... What matters is now you can come back," Gustav replied with a wider smile.

"Hmm, I'm very glad about this. It's good, really good news and much appreciated, my boy," Boss Danzo didn't ask how he did it because he knew Gustav was tight-lipped.

"But I hope you didn't suffer any troubles while trying to clear my name? Also, are you fine?" Boss Danzo asked if with a worried tone.

"No, no, I'm perfectly okay," Gustav voiced out as he recalled the beating he dished out to Ebunoluwa.

'He should worry more about those involved,' Gustav said internally.

He knew boss Danzo wasn't the violent type, so he tried solving this in the most non-violent way possible.

Ebunoluwa's torture session was absolutely necessary.

However, if something happened afterwards, he wouldn't be involved anymore.

"So, when are you coming back?" Gustav proceeded to ask.

"About that... I will not be coming back anytime soon, my boy," Boss Danzo replied with a slightly saddened tone.

"Oh... Why?" Gustav asked with a low tone as his excitement slowly died down.

"I'm currently dealing with something over here. It will take some time before I am done but don't worry, one of these days we'll see each other again," Boss Danzo voiced out heartily.

Gustav felt a little down hearing that, but he responded with 'okay.'