The Bloodline System - Chapter 258 - End Of A Nightmarish Existence

Chapter 258 - End Of A Nightmarish Existence

Chapter 258 - End Of A Nightmarish Existence

Gustav retracted his fist quickly before the flames could die out, and black blood started pouring out of the fist-sized hole.

The silhouette stared at the hole in its chest with a confused expression before falling face flat to the ground.

'So, this is how it ends?'

The silhouette had thought the situation would end with it tasting Gustav's flesh, but to its disappointment, it tried biting off more than it could chew.

Gustav raised his foot and brought it down on the head of the silhouette.


Its head burst apart with black liquid flying in all directions.

The insatiable silhouette ended up dying with a mind full of confusion. It died without understanding Gustav's existence.

Gustav had made use of the coat of flames that poisoned the surroundings with an airborne poison.

This helped in weakening the silhouette. Not only had the brightness of the flames helped in restricting the silhouette abilities, but it also helped in poisoning it.

Without Coat of Flames, Gustav would have spent way longer time fighting it, and he wouldn't have been able to escape without grievous injuries if he managed to defeat it.

The silhouette was stronger than he was at the moment and was also an alien.

The system notified him of it the moment he arrived on the scene.


"Huh?" Gustav noticed the silhouette's corpse was disintegrating into smoke after its death.

Gustav quickly squatted and placed his hand on the corpse, trying to see if he could acquire its power. Instead, his hand got burnt due to the high temperature of the corpse.

He quickly retracted his hand, but when he noticed no system notification, he placed his hand on the corpse again.

Gustav bore the pain and started stabbing his claws into different parts of the silhouette's body, hoping a system notification would pop up, but that didn't happen.

In a few more seconds, the body had almost disintegrated into black smoke completely.

Gustav retracted his hand and sighed.

'What a waste,' He said internally before turning around after the body disappeared completely.

"Hmm?" Gustav felt something and turned around.

He stared at the spot where the silhouette's body had disintegrated.

A small round stone could be seen in the middle of the ash body outline on the ground.

Gustav squatted and picked it up.


[You Have Acquired An Ulovonturian gem]

(The core of an Ulovonturia. An alien species said to evolve by feeding on other beings with power)

[Evolution Stage: Five]


Gustav stared at the system notification with an expression of understanding.

'So, this is why... If its core kept evolving, would it have acquired enough power to escape from the ruins?' Gustav wondered.

'Definitely not... I'm sure the MBO already knows this too. They wouldn't let it run amok if they didn't know how to catch it if it managed to acquire enough power,' Gustav answered his question himself.

'Anyways, I'm taking this,' Gustav put the core in his storage device and turned around.

Glade was nowhere to be found.


'As expected, he made use of the moment I was distracted to leave,' Gustav already knew this would happen.

In fact, he had hoped this would happen because he already had a plan in mind.

[God Eyes has been activated]

Gustav's irises turned green and scarlet as he activated God Eyes.

[Life sign tracking has been activated]

Gustav's eyes instantly changed color, becoming bright gold. It was glowing so much that it looked like two small fireflies flying side by side in the distance.

Gustav picture a life sign in his mind that looked like, '*+*' and what appeared in his line of sight was a different environment from the one he was currently in.

Earlier, when Gustav was watching Glade and the Silhouette battle using God Eyes, he saved Glade's life sign.

Now he was currently connecting to her life sign and seeing from her point of view.

Glade was obviously in motion due to the constant up and down movement as well as the stalactites being dodged and passing by the sides.

Glade was currently moving very fast in an area that had lots of greenish-looking stalactites and stalagmites.

Gustav kept watching through her line of sight, wanting to see where she was headed to.

Glade felt weird as she moved but looking around, she didn't notice anything, so she decided not to bother.

She kept running, and after leaving the area, she went through another passageway.

Even though his energy was being depleted, Gustav had to keep watching so he would discover the location of the person he was dealing with.

If he had decided to surrender and follow Maltida, he would have discovered the place. Still, he wouldn't know what to expect, so that would have been a truly foolish decision.

This way, he could gather more information without being noticed.

After another twenty minutes went by, Glade arrived in a particular massive passageway.

This one was the biggest so far that Gustav had seen, and it also looked familiar to him.

Glade moved forward more and turned towards the left when she got to a particular place.

A large wall could be seen when she passed through the exit point of the passageway.

It was literally a dead end.

However, Gustav could see about two more participants walking out with purplish glowing eyes like Maltida and Glade.

This was also when he noticed the huge hole in the wall where a square-shaped rock was positioned.


Two eyes suddenly opened up on the rock, and they also glowed purple like the others.

Glade knelt on the ground the moment those eyes were opened.

'So, that is it? So much different from what I envisioned,' Gustav stared at the rock. He immediately understood that it was the reason for the current situation.

What he wanted to know at the moment was the plan of this rock being.


The same voice that was heard from the mouths of Maltida and Glade could be heard coming from the rock.