The Bloodline System - Chapter 257 - The Power Of The Coat Of Flames

Chapter 257 - The Power Of The Coat Of Flames

Chapter 257 - The Power Of The Coat Of Flames

It was still suspended in mid-air, but with the amount of force at which both palms clasped together, all his bones would have been broken and probably turned into mincemeat.

"Hehehe, he's mine now. Even if you want him, you can't get him because every part of his body will belong to me," The silhouette laughed while speaking.

"You idiot! I could have become powerful enough to grant you freedom and give you the opportunity to leave this hole!" Glade voiced out with a tone of anguish while staring at the silhouette.

"Hehe, you better mind how you speak to me. He is in my hands n..." The silhouette paused as it sensed something.

Rays of bright yellow light started to shoot out of the palms.

Holes appeared in different spots on the dark palms, and more rays of light shot out of them.


The arms were suddenly blasted apart as Gustav's figure floated in mid-air while being surrounded by flames for a few seconds before landing on the ground.


His glowing figure drove the darkness in the vicinity away.

His upper body was covered in a long coat of burning yellow flames. In contrast, his lower half was covered in silver-coloured energy.

Gustav smiled as he stared at the silhouette, who was slowly taking steps backwards.

"Let's see you try to touch me now," He voiced out with a confident look.

Gustav activated his new bloodline, Coat of Flames, while also using Atomic disintegration to cover parts of his body that were still exposed.

This was the reason why he had to build energy because he was using the technique he got from the system two months back.

Energy distribution!

If he wanted to use atomic disintegration to cover his entire body, it would take up so much energy, and he would be drained in a matter of seconds. This was why he decided to use a coat of flames since that one was a more natural ability from the bloodline.

It wouldn't take up much energy compared to using Atomic Disintegration.

"Now that I can finally touch you, how about we go again?"


Gustav hadn't finished speaking before his figure disappeared from that spot and appeared in front of the silhouette.

"Hehe, don't get cocky just because you became a glowing stick slurp!" The silhouette voiced out and slashed at him.

Gustav's claws were also traveling towards him.

Gustav swerved and dodged the claws while his attack kept travelling forward.


The silhouette accurately grabbed hold of his arm and turned around to swing Gustav away.

Gustav's body travelled across the air, with his back facing the pillar-like wall up ahead.

Just when he was inches away, he suddenly spun in mid-air and landed both feet on the pillar-like rock.


He pushed out both legs, using the rock to push himself forward.


Gustav somersaulted in mid-air and brought down his extended right leg on the head of the silhouette.

The silhouette was unable to phase into the shadows due to Gustav's coat of flames that drove all the shadows away.


It was able to grab onto Gustav's leg before it slammed into his head.


The ground underneath cracked due to the intense force, and the silhouette growled slightly in pain.


Out of nowhere, a sickle came slicing through the air.


It slammed into the shoulder of the silhouette, causing it to shriek in pain as it nearly tore off its entire left arm.

As the silhouette was sent crashing forward, Gustav landed on his feet and activated combination.

[Sprint + Dash]


Gustav was finally able to use the speed that was a little bit faster than his original using sprint.

His body travelled forward with speed while his left arm swung forward towards the left shoulder area of the silhouette.

Slash! Prriuuikkhh!

The silhouette's left arm was finally severed from its shoulder, and black blood started flowing out of it.


The silhouette growled in pain as it slammed into the wall on the other side due to Gustav's added force.

Gustav quickly deactivated combination so as not to use up more energy than he already had.

The instant the silhouette slammed into the wall, it sank into the shadows again.

Gustav didn't move too close to it, so that place had some shadows.

Gustav only stood in position and smiled, "You can't get away... Haven't you sensed it already?"

The instant those words were uttered, a figure fell from the top of the ceiling area on the west side.


It was the silhouette.

"Cough! Cough!"

It coughed out droplets of yellow liquid from its mouth repeatedly.

When the yellowish liquid made contact with the ground, a sizzling sound was heard.

"What is this? What's happening? Cough! Cough!" It kept coughing out the yellow liquid as it spoke.

It could feel its body getting weaker, and glowing yellowish scalds began to appear on different parts of its figure.

"I poisoned you... I didn't really know how this poison works since this is the first time for me, but hey... you turned out to be a good specimen. I can't seem to hear those slurping sounds anymore..." Gustav laughed lightly as he approached the silhouette.

The silhouette forcefully pushed itself up and tried to escape by moving closer to areas with shadow. However, Gustav closed in on him, making that impossible.


Gustav dashed forward and slashed at the silhouette, who quickly turned around and parried with its right arm.


Gustav's claws smoothly cut through it, causing the silhouette to become limbless.

It growled out in pain again as it lost its second arm.

'I can heal back if only I reach the darkness,' The silhouette thought as it turned around to run. Still, the moment it did that, Gustav threw out his right fist coated in flames and silver colored energy.

Bam! Pluusshhh!

Gustav's fist penetrated through the back of the silhouette and came out through the front of its chest.

It was still blazing with flames burning through the chest of the silhouette.