The Bloodline System - Chapter 177 - I Will Be First

Chapter 177 - I Will Be First

Chapter 177 - I Will Be First

On the screen, Gustav could be seen lifting a huge boulder that was as big as a large truck while walking forward.

The entire hall was in a state of disbelief because they didn't think someone would be strong enough to do this.

They started wondering if Gustav Bloodline's ability was related to strength.

'What a spectacular way to overcome the change in gravitational force,' Gradier Xanatus thought with an astonished look on his face while staring at the screen in front.

At this point in time, Gustav was traversing through the region of bedrocks.

Immediately he entered the region, he noticed the change in gravitational force.

At first, it was a very light change that couldn't be easily noticed. However, since Gustav had a bloodline related to gravity, he was able to sense it immediately.

As he moved forward, he noticed that the gravitational pull kept reducing and reducing.

His body was starting to feel lighter, and went he stepped on the ground, barely noticeable dust would float upwards without coming back down.

Gustav paused his movement some minutes after entering the region and smiled.

He turned around and went back to the beginning of the region.

Gustav approached the rock he landed on when he arrived and scrutinized it from top to bottom.

It measured up to ninety feet in height. Gustav's hand was coated in a white glow as he punched the rock on specific parts causing debris to scatter all over the place.

He jumped towards the back of the rock after doing that and thrust out both palms.


Immediately his palms made contact with the rock, a big part of it rolled out from the front.

A massive hole was formed within the rock as the boulder rolled down towards the region of bedrocks.

Gustav passed through the hole he created and came out on the other side.

He arrived in front of the enormous boulder and grabbed onto both sides before lifting it.

Slight cracks appeared on the parts that he grabbed onto as he lifted it and placed it upon his shoulders.

"Hmm, this should be heavy enough to get me all the way across it," Gustav muttered slightly as he took a step forward.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Every step he took caused a thudding sound similar to that of a titan walking across the place.

This same event led to what everyone saw on the screen.

Gustav had picked up the boulder to increase his weight because he noticed the gravitational changes when he was walking across the region of bedrocks.

The farther a person traveled, the more their body weight decreased. Gustav could tell that it would reach a point when a person wouldn't be able to walk on the ground anymore, and everyone would start floating.

He was right with his speculation because, at this point, the bedrocks were all in the air, and the only thing that could be seen ahead was a plain landscape.

The skies were filled with stones floating upwards, and every step that Gustav took at this point felt light even with the boulder on his shoulder.

Gustav could counter the gravitational force because he still had a gravitational energy container. However, he didn't want to reveal that.

He had decided that he would be revealing some of his abilities during the entrance test, not all.

He would still keep some hidden and reveal some at the right time.

At this moment, Gustav could already see the ball of green light up ahead. He reckoned that he would only need to travel for about one to two hours before arriving there.

Contrary to before, his steps were now lighter and hardly making any sound. However, he was still heavy enough to resist the change in gravitational pull.

As Gustav progressed, so did a lot of participants that arrived in the region. Unlike him, most of them didn't notice the change in gravitational force until they had moved quite a distance forward.

Some of them that noticed it earlier activated their bloodline while moving forward.

They didn't think the gravitational pull would keep weakening as they traveled further.

The closest participants to the green ball of light after Gustav were the same three that Gradier Xanatus felt had potential.

The boy with aqua-colored air and short stature decelerated the flow of gravitational force. Decelerating gravity allowed him to travel normally across the path between bedrocks that led to the green ball of light up ahead.

A red glow of light covered him as he walked forward.

Using this bloodline ability sapped a lot of his energy, so contrary to his expectations, he could only walk along the path instead of running to preserve energy. Especially when he noticed that the change in gravitational force increased more and more as he traveled forward.

The boy with spiky orange hair couldn't control the ground below like he used to in other regions.

He found it really hard to manipulate the ground, so he could only let his leg sink two feet into the ground as he kept moving forward.

The ground covered his leg as he moved forward one step at a time. Due to this factor, he was protected from the change in gravitational force.

His body wouldn't float upwards as he traveled further, but he couldn't move as fast as he wanted to.

The green-skinned girl surprisingly wasn't really affected by the change in gravitational force. A red aura of light covered her body as she moved forward with ease.

It was like she wasn't affected at all.

As the three of them traveled on different routes towards the ball of green light, they had a similar thought in mind.

'I will be the first to arrive at the ball of light,'

Other participants that weren't equipped with a bloodline that could assist them in pulling through this region started floating. Since they did not have the power to fly, they lost their balance.