The Bloodline System - Chapter 176 - Leaving Everyone In Disbelief

Chapter 176 - Leaving Everyone In Disbelief

Chapter 176 - Leaving Everyone In Disbelief

He was currently moving underground.


The walls of rock behind him were blasted apart and two large humanoid-looking AI's could be seen chasing after him from behind.

The AIs were looking ferocious due to the multiple cannons extending from their bodies.

They bolted forward with speed and started closing in the gap between them and the boy while shooting out multiple beams.

He quickly turned around and stretched out both his hands to touch the walls on his right and left.


The walls rumbled with intensity before crumbling to pieces causing rocks to fall behind and create another wall.

While multiple spikes also shot out of the walls behind, stabbing towards both AIs

They immediately crumbled to pieces the instant contact was made with the body of the AIs.

Boom! Boom!

The walls he created to defend himself were also blasted into smithereens as the AIs shot out energy beams from their cannons.


The force knocked him backward.

His body traveled for several hundred feet before...


He slammed into a part of the wall ahead that he wasn't able to manipulate to open up for him.

This part of the wall underground happened to be different from the ones he had been easily controlling earlier.

While his body was being catapulted forward earlier due to the blast, he made use of his bloodline ability and tried to manipulate the walls ahead to open up for him but it was to no avail and he ended up slamming into it.

The huge AIs were still headed towards him as he kept trying to control the walls ahead to move aside but he was still unable to.

"Screw this! Looks like I have to go about this the normal way!" He screamed out with a tone of annoyance after standing up.


He stomped his feet on the ground and was immediately catapulted upwards by the ground underneath.

His body ascended into the air and when he got to the wall up, it opened up a kind of tunnel for him that led to the surface.

In a few seconds, he was out in the open.

He landed on the ground and quickly closed up the manhole he created beneath him.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

He stomped on the ground three times and the openings he created underground started crumbling and closing up.

"Damn it!" The boy spat out.

"Looks like I'll have to continue forward on foot!" He voiced out with a repressed look while staring at the landscape in front which was filled with bedrocks of different colors.


Several hours later some participants were able to successfully passed through the previous regions started arriving at the last region one after the other.

Angy was also among these participants. She was still as energetic as ever even though she had faced quite a lot of difficulties like the rest before getting here.

This was mostly attributed to the fact that she also brought food with her.

At this moment more than a thousand participants had been eliminated during this phase.

Only about five hundred were left wandering through the region of rock beds.


-MBO tower (Floor 602)

This hall was where mixed-bloods that passed the special test watched the second phase of the MBO entrance test.

The second phase of the entrance test wasn't displayed to the public so they practically got the special privilege to watch since they were considered the best among their peers.

Around fifty people were here and the students from Echelon Academy took up 35% of the population.

The rest had graduated from other schools within the city and were considered a prodigy among their peers but only three people among all the students that passed the special test were chosen to be a special class.

The special class just as their name implied were the ones the MBO considered to be special and they had special privileges that the MBO planned on revealing at the end of the test.

Endric was among the three special classes that were picked in Plankton City.

There was also one of Gustav's classmates that was picked while the third person was from a different school.

Today was the second day and also the end of the second phase yet none of the special classes bothered to show their faces here.

Everyone currently within the hall were only mixed-bloods that managed to pass the special test.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The hall was currently noisy due to the footage being displayed on a part of the screen.

"How...? How is he first?" One of them shouted out with a look of disbelief.

-"I also don't understand..."

-"This must be a dream right?"

-"How is he powerful enough to even perform these feats?"

-"Unbelievable! I refuse to accept this!"

The side of the hall where past students from Echelon Academy gathered together was the noisiest.

"G...ustav... He is way more powerful now compared to the time he defeated me," A very beautiful girl with long black hair muttered while staring at the screen ahead.

'Here I was thinking I had surpassed him,' She added internally with a wry smile on her face.

This girl happened to be the most beautiful in the room now. She had slanted eyes along with a doll-like face and beautiful long black hair. The white uniform on her made her look very angelic but in reality, she was far from being that.

"What was that Yuhiko? What do you mean by, he defeated you?" A girl asked from the side.

"Eh? Did I say that?" Yuhiko asked with a confused look.

"I'm pretty sure I heard you say that," The girl beside her said.

"You must have heard wrong," Yuhiko denied once again.

"Hmm, alright..." The girl voiced out with a suspicious look before adding, "but do you believe that the person being displayed up there is actually Gustav?" The girl asked while pointing at the top left corner of the screen ahead.


Yuhiko didn't know how to reply and kept staring forward with a look of bewilderment.

"I don't believe it's him, it must be another person that looks like him... Let's wait till their names are listed after this test," The girl beside her voiced out.

'There's no way in hell that this elegant, charming, and powerful guy is Gustav,' Most of the girls from Echelon Academy had this thought.

On the screen, Gustav could be seen lifting a large boulder that was as big as a large truck while walking forward.