The Bloodline System - Chapter 166 - Follow The Light

Chapter 166 - Follow The Light

Chapter 166 - Follow The Light

This hidden scoreboard would not be revealed until the end of the MBO entrance test.


Everyone looked ready from their various positions. They stared at the green ball of light ahead with a look of determination.

[God Eyes has been activated]

Gustav stared at the ball of light from his position but couldn't find any energy points on them, which surprised him a little.

Even when he tried zooming in on sighting the ball of light, it was still extremely far away from his current position.

'The distance must be the reason why I can't see its energy points... From the previous rumors I heard, the MBO entrance test takes longer than a day to be finished... If the rumors are true, it might take more than a day to get to the light... Is this why this is an endurance test?'

Gustav wondered as he stared at the countdown.






Immediately the countdown was up, everyone started racing towards the green ball of light.

Some conserved their energy and moved at a fair pace because they remembered Gradier Xanatus mentioning that the test was related to endurance. They had no idea of the situations they would be facing. To be on the safe side, they decided to conserve their energy for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

Some felt that getting to the light first would be good because of the hidden scoreboard that was mentioned by Gradier Xanatus.

They were sure that being the first to get to the light would give them a good number of points.

Gustav stood in the same position after the countdown had started and looked around.

'I still can't use my full abilities because there are invisible cameras everywhere... They must be watching from a secret room or something... It's not the time to reveal any of my abilities even though they probably know my grade by now,' Gustav said and proceeded to squat slightly.


He dashed forward with speed, crossing over two hundred feet in a single body movement.

Gustav was currently moving at his average speed. However, his speed was still much faster than many mixedbloods taking part in the test.

His hair blew backward as his body traveled with speed across the patch of grass.


-Floor 617 (Watchroom)

Inside the room filled with screens that displayed different participants within the white space, Gradier Xanatus stood in front as usual. They watched as the participants moved towards the light.

'There are some really promising candidates with unique bloodlines this year,' His eyes moved from place to place across the screens.

One of the participants with electric green scales on his face zapped across the place in a particular screen, moving at a fair pace.

His movement was like teleportation. Electricity would appear several feet in front of him, and he would transform into it.

This kept happening throughout.

'He can move faster, but he seems to be one of those conserving their energy,' Gradier Xanatus thought.

"Bring up the information on this participant," Gradier Xanatus Voiced out while pointing at that part of the screen.

One of the officials behind nodded and tapped on the holographic keyboards several times.


A new holographic screen appeared out of thin air in front of Gradier Xanatus.

He stared at the information and nodded, 'B-grade, not bad,' He said internally and proceeded to wave his hand.

The holographic screens disappeared, and he stared at the other screens.

On another screen, he noticed a short girl with black ram horns and the lower part of a Serpent squirming across the ground with speed.

As she was moving across the ground, the green patches of grass were turning into a trail of ashes with the outline of her body displayed on it.

'Her bloodline ability doesn't make her very mobile, but there's a chance that she might surprise us when the real challenges come,'

Inside the room, a large number of screens that were over a thousand showed all the participants' movement. Despite the number of screens, Gradier Xanatus was able to watch every single one of them at the same time and notice the promising participants.

'These three are really good too...' Gradier Xanatus commented and had three enlarged holographic screens appear in front of him.

The first one was a five-foot tall boy with aqua-colored shoulder-length hair and two red lines extending from his forehead to his left eyebrow. He was moving across the patch of grass with Intense speed, causing a red streak to blaze across the place. Although his bloodline had not been revealed yet, Gradier Xanatus felt he was promising enough from what he had seen.

The second was a green-skinned girl with a brown whip-like tail that had red aura-like energy cover her entire body.

She was currently on a red four feet sickle made out of energy. The sickle flew above the patch of grasses giving her enough mobility to move as she pleased.

The third person on the screen was a tall boy with spiky orange hair. Surprisingly, this boy wasn't walking or running above the plain fields like everyone else. Instead, he was moving underground.

How he arrived underneath the ground was unknown, but he stood in one spot and folded his arms with a wide grin on his face.

The ground was moving him forward without him having to do anything.

'This three should be the most promising candidates here except for that boy that led the other batch here... His information shows that his bloodline has something to do with transformation. Still, he hasn't made use of that,' Gradier Xanatus said while staring forward with a look of contemplation.

'I guess we shall soon see how they perform when they meet the first challenges,' He said internally while waving his hand.


The participants kept moving towards the green ball of light for the next three hours.

Some of them noticed that the ball wasn't getting any closer even after increasing their speed.

They had been expecting some kind of challenge, but even after moving for another hour, nothing happened.

Some of them were already running out of stamina after six hours passed by.

The green ball of light was still very far away.

Some of them decided to rest while others kept moving forward.


'Looks like some of them have let down their guards now,' Gradier Xanatus said internally while watching the participants on the screens.

"RELEASE THE MOBICLES!" He commanded with a loud voice.