The Bloodline System - Chapter 165 - Throwback

Chapter 165 - Throwback

Chapter 165 - Throwback

After Gustav disappeared, Angy sat and waited for her turn.

'I hope I get teleported somewhere close to him,' She said internally.

After a few minutes more of waiting, it was her turn, and she proceeded to walk towards the front.


Gustav walked around after arriving at the new place.

Unlike the former space, this one had no walls. The entire space was white and bright except for the ground, which had patches of green grass on it.

The space was vast, and it was impossible to see the beginning of the end since it extended as far as the eyes could see.

In the air, a large holographic image of numbers counting down could be seen high above.


Gustav could tell that the next phase was probably going to begin after the holographic timer's countdown was complete.

Gustav was sure that he wasn't the only participant in the space and that the others were probably too far apart for him to sense their presence.

'Hopefully, they'll give us a heads up on what the next phase is about,' Gustav said Internally and proceeded to sit on the ground.

The past weeks' events drifted into his mind as he sat.


After Boss Danzo left six weeks back, Gustav was enraged, and he promised to deal with the teachers in the disciplinary committee.

He hatched plans and plotted some things secretly. Gustav didn't just want to do something that they could recover from easily. He wanted to get proof that will show that they had a hand in the incident. Gustav wanted solid evidence that will put the teachers in a precarious situation without him feeling any form of repression.

Gustav impersonated a school cleaner and infiltrated all their offices one after the other to search for clues.

There were about four teachers on the disciplinary committee: three men and one woman.

Mr. Lon was the person who personally demanded that Gustav's workload should be increased. The rest were Mr. Butch, Mr. Sun, and Mrs. Grace.

Gustav went into their offices one after the other to search for clues.

After searching about four of their offices, Gustav couldn't find anything that linked to the incident.

He entered Mr. Lon's office last to search for clues. However, like the others, he couldn't find anything.

He even hacked their schedule tablet, but nothing critical came up.

Gustav was about to leave when he noticed something on Mr. Lon's schedule tablet.

The schedule tablet was a circular device where Mr. Lon's daily schedules were placed.

Gustav had checked the schedule tablets of other teachers from the disciplinary committee. Still, he couldn't find a lead of any sort. By contrast, something on Mr. Lon's tablet caught his attention.

"Delta Labs?" Gustav voiced out what he saw on the schedule tablet.

On the tablet, it was displayed that Mr. Lon had some kind of appointment in a certain lab the next day.

This particular lab caught his attention because this was one of the labs that Gustav sold corpses of mixed-breeds to. The location wasn't far from his neighborhood, and it happened to be a lower-rated lab compared to the other labs in the city. Gustav began to wonder why Mr. Lon would want to visit such a lab that wasn't befitting of his standard.

Gustav was also supposed to visit the lab the next day to sell some mixed-breed corpses.

It was the perfect opportunity for him to see what Mr. Lon was up to.



Gustav opened his eyes after hearing a beeping sound within the space.


He looked up and noticed that the time left was less than four minutes already.

The holographic projection of the timer displayed had turned red, and the beeping sound increased the tension in the hearts of the participants.

"Welcome once again, everyone!" A loud voice boomed across the space.

Every participant in different parts of the space could hear the voice.

"This is Gradier Xanatus speaking,"

"The second phase of the entrance test shall begin in a few minutes," He added with a vibrant tone.

"This phase is based on a single skill..." Gradier Xanatus paused for a few seconds causing the tension in the air to rise.

"ENDURANCE!" He said with a loud voice.

'Oh,' Gustav said. He expected this phase to be more complex, but it turned out to be an endurance test.

"Now, I will brief you on this phase," Gradier Xanatus said before proceeding to explain what was required to pass the test.

"You only need to do one thing during the duration of the test. Follow the light,"

'Follow the light?'

Everyone was dumbfounded at his statement.

They only needed to follow a light to pass the test? No matter how they tried seeing it, it seemed very simple to them.

'This is definitely not going to be as simple as he says,' Gustav said internally upon hearing Gradier Xanatus's words.

Gustav wasn't the only participant who had this thought. Some of them remembered the ordeal they went through while trying to get to the tower. This made them raise their guards up because they felt that the test might not be as simple as it was being made out to be.

Gradier Xanatus explained some other things for a few more minutes.


When only thirty seconds were left on the holographic timer, Gradier Xanatus ended his briefing and wished all the participants good luck before his voice disappeared.

After his voice disappeared, a massive ball of green light appeared in the distance.

It looked so far away, but everyone could see it clearly.

Nobody needed to be reminded that the light was what they needed to follow because, according to Gradier Xanatus's words, they had to keep moving until they got to the light.

Also, Gradier Xanatus mentioned a hidden scoreboard where participants would receive points based on their performances during each test phase.

This hidden scoreboard would not be revealed until the end of the MBO entrance test.