The Bloodline System - Chapter 161 - Confusing Decision

Chapter 161 - Confusing Decision

Chapter 161 - Confusing Decision

"This means the test has already begun," Gustav said before turning around.

"Let's go, Angy," Gustav said and started walking forward again.

Angy quickly caught up to him since she didn't want to be left behind.

The rest of the participants realized that Gustav and Angy must have dashed forward because of the incident.

They quickly followed in Gustav and Angy's footsteps.

At that moment, over thirty of the participants had fallen in. About thirty-three of them were left.

In a few seconds, the ground behind mended itself and closed up again.

Gustav and Angy practically led the crowd behind them. Sometimes, moving in a zig-zag-like pattern.

The talkative mixedbloods had already shut their mouths. They were now feeling tensed as they struggled to follow Gustav and Angy's every step.


-Floor 617 (Watch room)

Inside a vast room filled with screens and computer-like technology devices, about fifty people were in sitting positions tapping onto holographic keyboards.

The holographic screens in the room were split into smaller screens that showed different places.

The places displayed on the holographic screens were the different angles of the Facility.

Footages of different places around the tower were being displayed on the screens, and young people could be seen walking on every road that led to the tower.

A young-looking man dressed in an Orange military-like jacket with black stripes stood behind the large screens with his hands locked behind his back. He had long flowing yellow hair that reached his lower back.

"How many batches have come in so far?" He asked with an authoritative look.

"About six of them, sire... Each batch originally had about forty to sixty mixedbloods, bringing the total number of mixedbloods to around three hundred. However, only around sixty of the participants managed to make it to the base of the tower," One of the people tapping on the holographic keys spoke from behind him.

"Good..." The man replied while his sight moved to observe the different spots displayed on the screens.

"Hmm?" He noticed something and paused his sight on the top right corner of the screen.

"This batch seems to have the highest remaining number of participants," He muttered with an intrigued look.

On this particular screen, the participants were about thirty in number, moving speedily towards the base of the tower.

On other screens, the number of the participants ranged from twelve to fifteen, which was why he was intrigued about the number of participants retained in this batch.

"They seem to be following that boy over there," His sight closed in on a boy with dirty blonde hair, leading the crew.

Even though there was a girl with two horns following him by the side, it was apparent that the person leading was the boy.

The yellow head man stared at how the boy avoided different spots on the ground while travelling towards the tower.

"Interesting... Looks like he can see the traps," The man muttered while analyzing the boy's looks.

'Another promising candidate might have shown up, but it's too early to judge,' He said internally.


Gustav and the rest were already about seven hundred feet away from the base of the tower.

The other participants following Gustav and Angy for more than fifteen minutes now noticed that they had not faced the problematic situations they did in the past. The ground didn't blast open while they followed in his footsteps.

They were intrigued about how Gustav was able to pull this off, but they were more concerned with getting to the tower, which was the primary goal.

After a few more seconds, they crossed another hundred feet, but immediately they did, Gustav paused his footsteps.

The rest behind also paused and stared at Gustav from behind with a look of confusion.

Gustav stood there for quite a while with his irises glowing scarlet and green.

"Hey, what's going on? Why did he stop?" The participants behind were starting to get impatient after seeing that Gustav hadn't moved for about thirty seconds.

"Is something the matter?" Angy asked from his side after noticing Gustav's intense staring.

"Hmm, yes, something is up, but I need to confirm my suspicions first," Gustav said and proceeded to sit on the ground.


-"What's going on?"

-"Why is he sitting?"

The crowd behind couldn't understand Guatav's actions.

Angy also didn't understand it, but she didn't question him. Instead, she proceeded to join him in sitting on the ground.

This continued for more than two minutes. Gustav just sat down there and kept looking forward.

Due to his strange actions, everyone was scared of moving forward. Some of them even approached him and Angy to ask if anything was the matter. Gustav only smiled at them and replied, "I feel like taking a rest. You guys can move along,"

Even after hearing Gustav's statement, no one still moved.

Some of them were good at sensing vibrations due to their bloodline. However, their unique senses still failed them when the ground was caving in because they only sensed it at the last second.

"What madness is this? We can't just sit around and do nothing," A chubby boy with a bald black head walked towards Gustav and Angy while speaking.

He was already tired of standing around, so he decided to do something.

"Hey, keep leading us," He threatened after arriving behind Gustav.

"Hmm? Isn't it a little too early for me to be meeting nuisances?" Gustav sighed after hearing the chubby boy speak from behind.

"Hey, did you hear me? Either you keep leading us, or I'll..." Before he could complete his sentence, Gustav interrupted.

"Is it wise for you to cause trouble here? You know where we are, right?" Gustav said without turning around.

"Ek," The boy flinched back after hearing that.

He remembered his father warning him not to cause any problems within the MBO branch.

He moved back with a wary expression.

"Ak screw it, I'm gonna keep moving forward," One of them voiced out and activated her bloodline.

The chubby one stared at the person moving, who happened to be a girl with green skin and a brown tail.

Immediately she activated her bloodline, red aura-like energy covered her entire body, and she started moving forward.