The Bloodline System - Chapter 160 - It Has Begun

Chapter 160 - It Has Begun

Chapter 160 - It Has Begun

Gustav remained focused and stared at the building ahead while activating God's eyes.

[God Eyes has been activated]

Gustav's eyes zoomed in on the building.

'So many energy points for a single building... Even God eyes are having a hard time calculating it,'

In Gustav's line of sight, the base of the building had had a stable yellowish with green energy flow but the energy points kept increasing in number.


This was the highest energy count Gustav had seen while making use of God's eyes, yet it still kept increasing.

Gustav's sight started traveling upwards from the base of the MBO tower.

Even though God eyes had improved over the past weeks it was still impossible for him to see the top of a building that was more than ten thousand meters in height.

Gustav was intrigued even more.

Just as he started retracting his vision, he noticed something along the road that led to the base of the tower about a hundred feet away from their current position.

'Hmm? What's going on?' Gustav wondered with a curious look.

He was currently walking in the middle of the crowd so he wanted to move further ahead to check on what he noticed however before he could, something happened.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground was suddenly blasted open, toward the east, west, and north.


The participants were caught unawares and about thirteen of them started falling into the wide holes.

The cracks continued to widen across the ground and more of them kept falling into the holes.

Mixed bloods with fast reaction time, quickly activated their bloodlines and leaped out of the coverage area of the crumbling ground.

Gustav leaped about thirty feet forward while Angy dashed forward with speed along with several other mixed-bloods.

Ruckus! Ruckus! Ruckus!

When everyone had escaped the range of the crumbling grounds they started looking around in confusion while voicing out their suspicions and concerns.

Behind them was a three hundred feet wide hole created from the combination of three holes. They were so deep that the bottom couldn't be seen. This frightened everyone.

About twenty of the participants had fallen into this hole.

-"What's happening?"

-"Why is such an incident happening in the MBO yet no official is trying to help us?"

Everyone looked around and noticed that the tanks and other vehicles moving around in the vicinity didn't even bother with them.

The crumbling of the ground was loud enough since it sounded like an explosion which meant the officials in the vicinity must have heard it. Everyone was wondering why the officials ignored it.

Krachum! Krachum! Krachum!

Just as the participants were still voicing out their confusion, the wide hole suddenly started mending itself.

Broken pieces of the ground started joining together and creating more.

In a few seconds, the ground had gone back to its initial look.


Everyone was surprised to see this happening and wondered what was going on.

"Angy let's keep moving," Gustav said to Angy who was also gobsmacked by the current development.

"Eh?" Angy exclaimed but Gustav didn't mention anything else before moving forward.

Angy quickly followed him from behind.

"Hey, you still want to keep going after seeing what just happened? What if the ground collapses again?" A boy with a silver-colored forehead called out to them with a worried look.

"You want to stay here?" Gustav asked without turning around.

His question brought everyone back to reality. They couldn't get to the tower without walking. Since the officials in the vicinity kept ignoring them, they could either decide to keep moving forward or backward.

Either way, they couldn't escape walking on the ground.

Gustav and Angy were at the forefront now and everyone else followed behind them.

"Angy, this way," Whenever Gustav moved to the side, he would call out to Angy to also follow his footsteps.

Sometimes he would move seven steps to the left, other times he would move several steps to the right also.

The mixed-bloods behind guessed that he was probably doing that because he didn't want to trigger the ground crumbling so they decided to follow in his and Angy's footsteps.

This continued for some time and some of the people behind grew tired of Gustav moving about like a drunk

-"Why do we have to follow this guy and do what he does?"

-"I think it's because he knows the parts of the ground that is dangerous,"

-"Don't be ridiculous, how could he know when we're all clueless about it?"

-"I'm tired of moving about like a monkey,"

They voiced their displeasure.

Gustav who was at the forefront moving from side to side with Angy heard their voices and said, "I didn't ask for anyone to follow me, if you're free to walk however you wish to,"

The three who spoke from behind stared at Gustav's back and gritted their teeth before straying from the lineup of the others following Gustav.

"Ah you see, I knew this monkey was just leading us around," One of them spoke while walking on the right side of the road several feet behind Gustav.

"Angy, we need to cross seventy feet in the next three seconds... Go!" Gustav voiced out and dashed forward.

[Dash has been activated]


Angy heard that and reacted instantaneously by dashing out after him.

The mixed-bloods behind them wondered why they suddenly sped up but once Gustav and Angy traveled more than seventy feet forward loud explosions rocked the grounds again.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Booom!

Six different parts of the ground blasted open this time.

The smile on the face of the mixed-blood who spoke earlier froze as his body started falling into the first hole when the ground beneath his legs disappeared.

The other three that agreed with him also started falling into the same hole.

As the holes on the ground kept expanding more and more mixed-bloods fell into them but others that were a bit farther from those three were able to react in time and activate their bloodlines before distancing themselves from the grounds that were caving in.

Gustav and Angy had already crossed the area of effect so they weren't affected.

Gustav turned around with Angy and they both stared at the holes that kept expanding with a contemplative look.

'Miss Aimee mentioned that the MBO had unorthodox methods of doing things... This means the test has already begun,' Gustav said internally with a smile on his face.