The Bloodline System - Chapter 158 - Travelling To The MBO Tower

Chapter 158 - Travelling To The MBO Tower

Chapter 158 - Travelling To The MBO Tower

"What was that? I sensed the energy of a serial ranked from him... What is going on?" The father asked with a confused look while staring at his wife.

"Serial ranked? You must be mistaken," She responded with a look of disbelief. She couldn't even begin to imagine Gustav's strength being up to that level.

"Endric is only a step four Zulu ranked now, there's no way that an F-grade would already be serial ranked,"


Minutes later Gustav arrived back at his apartment.

He already had a feeling that some kind of drama would have happened once he went back there so he wasn't too surprised.

He decided to tone down his replies so he wouldn't have to spend more time than he wanted to in that sickening household.

One thing he was happy about was the fact that his parents hadn't changed and he guessed that Endric hadn't changed either.

He hadn't forgotten about what he went through in that household but he was still feeling grateful that he at least had a roof to stay under during those years which was why he never thought of really dealing with them.

Now, he felt they had made use of the leniency points they had left with him so he decided that the next time anyone from that household tried anything foolish, he would do to them as he had done to the others in the past.

"Since I was able to cause so many problems for the biggest school in the city, dealing with a small family is nothing," Gustav chuckled lightly and took off his red jacket before sitting on his reading chair.

He brought out the black cube from his storage device.


Immediately after he grabbed the cube rays of light suddenly erupted from it.





Gustav stared at the information that appeared within the flash of bright light.

In about three seconds the light dimmed and the cube dissolved into Gustav's palm.

"Huh?" Gustav was surprised by the sudden development, miss Aimee didn't tell him that this was gonna happen.


His palm glowed up and a number appeared on it.

"00126, hmm, a lot of mixed-bloods will probably be trying their luck this year," Gustav muttered after seeing the number that appeared on his palm.

No one needed to tell him before he knew that the number couldn't be washed off by any cleaning agent or taking a bath.

It was obvious that it would be there till the end of the test or something.

"I'll be saying goodbye to this apartment soon," Gustav stood up and started walking around the place.

"It brought a lot of benefits..." He muttered as he looked around.

"I won't need to hide my strength from now on... If my cover-up plan works out well, I won't even need to hide my usage of different bloodline abilities," Gustav said with a look of relief.

"But it will also be stupid to reveal everything... Who knows the number of enemies I will make in the future... Best leave some surprises for them when they come to challenge me," Gustav said with a contemplative look.

Kom! Kom!

Gustav heard a knock on the door and went to open it.

"Gustav... You're back," A sweet feminine voice drifted into his ears.


The next morning Gustav woke up around six am.

His daily tasks had undergone a change when the system finished its upgrade almost two months back but Gustav still only needed thirty minutes to complete them.


»Daily tasks:

<Execute a 60 feet vertical jump>

(Status: Completed)

<Run around your neighborhood seventy times in a span of thirty minutes>

(Status: Completed)

<Do 900 push ups>

(Status: Completed)

»Difficulty level: C


<+200 EXP>

<+1 Vitality>

<+1 Endurance>


Gustav stared at the rewards after completing today's task and nodded with a look of gratification before heading back to his apartment.

The daily tasks were not only different from before but also changed to different tasks each day.

The rewards every day was also different based on the difficulty of the daily tasks.

If the difficulty was higher, he would be able to get more rewards.

Although there was not any sweat on his body, Gustav still headed to the shower after getting back home.

In a few more minutes he had dressed up.

Around seven am Angy came to knock on his door and they both headed out of the building after her parents bid them a tearful farewell while wishing both of them good luck.

Angy was dressed in a green sweater and slim blue trousers while Gustav wore a crimson-colored jacket and black pants trousers. Angy looked really athletic today and it was due to the test.

Everyone was dressing up in clothes that would be good for easy movement. Only a stupid person would wear any kind of restricting clothes to the entrance test.

Immediately after they arrived outside their apartment building they noticed a hoverbike in the distance.

On it was a beautiful lady sporting ash-colored hair.

"Hey kids, let's go," She voiced out with a sweet smile.

"Miss Aimee," Angy smiled while voicing out and hastened her steps.

'This is a surprise,' Gustav didn't expect that miss Aimee would be transporting them with her bike.

Angy sat on the bike first and Gustav sat behind her.

"Hold on tight," Miss Aimee warned as she started the engine of her bike.

This warning was for Angy since this was her first time boarding miss Aimee's bike.

Angy nodded and held onto miss Aimee's waist. She shivered when she felt Gustav's fingers lock onto her waist from behind.

Since Gustav was behind, he didn't notice the shade of red that was already forming on her cheeks.


Miss Aimee's hoverbike sped off into the distance while carrying the three of them.

While on the bike Angy now understood why miss Aimee asked her to hold on tight.

Miss Aimee was moving with so much speed that the buildings in the vicinity were blurring right before her eyes as they streaked past them.

Even though her bloodline granted her speed the speed of the bike was way beyond her capacity.

This had her wondering, 'How is miss Aimee able to ride at such speed without causing any accidents?'