The Bloodline System - Chapter 157 - Shameless Beyond Compare

Chapter 157 - Shameless Beyond Compare

Chapter 157 - Shameless Beyond Compare

From his position at the entrance, Gustav's sight followed where the man's finger pointed to inside the apartment. He saw a black cube floating above the shelf on the other side of the living room.

"Oh, thank you," Gustav said and walked in while the man moved towards the side.

Gustav walked into his former abode and looked around the place.

He noticed that neither his brother nor his mother was in the living room which gave him a sense of relief. He really didn't mind meeting them but he would rather not spend an extra second than he was supposed to in here.

"If the cube is yours, it should react to your presence," The man spoke from behind while staring at Gustav's back.

Gustav arrived in front of the shelf and just as he said, the cube flew towards him and landed on his palm.

"I will now take my leave," Gustav turned around to head out but he was blocked by the man.

"My son is also participating in the MBO entrance test, I want him to have allies with high graded bloodlines such as yourself," The man voiced out with a pleading look while staring at Gustav.

Gustav stared back at him with an expressionless look, "I'm sorry mister, I can't be allied with your son," he said while moving towards the left and passing by the man's side.

"But why? I just showed you kindness by letting you into my home and you want to repay me with this ungrateful attitude!" He voiced out loudly.

Gustav paused before he got to the door and slightly turned his head towards the side.

"I can't help your son since I only have an F-grade bloodline," Gustav voiced out with a smile.

"What? You're an F-grade mixed-blood?" The man voiced out with a look of disbelief.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded in response.

"I allowed such filth into my home! Ptoi!" The man shouted with a look of repulse and spat towards the side.

"Get out!" He shouted out once again.

"I was already..." Before Gustav could complete his sentence, a woman rushed out from the passageway behind, with a look of urgency.

She looked to be in her early forties, sporting long brown hair.

She bore an uncanny facial resemblance to Gustav. Even though Gustav looked a lot different from how he used to be, they still had similar facial looks which was noticeable if one looked closely enough.

"What's wrong honey?" She said immediately she arrived before the man and held onto his shoulder.

"Look at this F-grade filth that walked into our home!" The man shouted while pointing at Gustav.

"What? An F..." The woman who was obviously Gustav's mother was speaking when she noticed the face of Gustav which was slightly turned towards their direction.

"You..." She said with widened eyes.

"What's wrong?" The man beside her who happened to be her husband as well as Gustav's birth father asked when he noticed the weird look on his wife's face.

"Gustav...?" She voiced out with a look of disbelief.

"Eh?" The father exclaimed with shock before turning to stare at Gustav.

His eyes widened as he finally noticed the resemblance between the boy and his wife.

He stared at Gustav from head to toe and from toe to head several times. The look of disbelief was so obvious on his face.

'What's with that confident look and expression,'

"What... How... Did he change so much?" Gustav's father couldn't help but ask with his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.

The last time his father visited the house was around eight months ago so he couldn't understand how such a tremendous change could occur in less than a year. It made no sense to him no matter how much he thought about it.

"But you said he was dead!" The father said while pushing his wife's arms away from his shoulders.

"Erm honey I.. I.. I.." She stuttered repeatedly while trying to reply.

Gustav snorted and turned around to leave.

"Erm, Gustav, hold on... This isn't what you think you're our precious son too, you have to look after your brother in the MBO," The mother said frantically.

The father was once again dumbfounded by her statement and wondered where this was coming from.

Gustav paused his steps again and turned around to stare at her.

"I'm just an F-grade though, how can I be your precious son or watch over your truly beloved son?" Gustav asked.

"Come on son, don't be like that... I know that with your teacher entering into the MBO should be an easy task, won't you watch over your little brother, Endric," She said with a loving gaze while staring in Gustav's direction.

'What a shameless woman,' Gustav said internally before turning around.

"She's no longer my teacher and I have to pass the test before getting in," Gustav stated just as he got to the door.

"Oh, is that so," The look on his mother's face suddenly changed into that of disgust, "I knew you would never be able to keep such a high-class person as your teacher... Useless will always be useless," She voiced out with a repressed look.

The father stared at them from the side in silence since he was unable to keep up with the conversation.

"Don't think you're better than my lovely son, he will defeat you in the camp! Yes, he has already left home for the tower as a special candidate he won't be joining the likes of you for the test!" She added with a crazed look.

Gustav opened the door. His face was still as expressionless as ever. He couldn't even be bothered to banter with her.

"I have been lenient twice... The next time your son crosses path with me, bearing foolish intentions... I will destroy him," Gustav said with such a cold tone that even his parents shivered after hearing his words.


Before they could regain their composure, Gustav had already left the apartment.

"What was that? I sensed the energy of a serial ranked from him... What is going on?"