The Bloodline System - Chapter 151 - Suspects

Chapter 151 - Suspects

Chapter 151 - Suspects

"The disciplinary committee responsible for giving you the punishment of working in the kitchen were not satisfied with the way I treated you when you first started working here," Boss Danzo voiced out.

"Uh?" Gustav was a bit surprised to hear this.

Even though they showed disgust towards him due to his bloodline that shouldn't be a reason for them to go this far, right?

People died and Gustav felt it made no sense for them to this far for something that minor.

"Boss Danzo, what made you feel this way?" Gustav asked after hearing that.

-"Well, I discussed with one of the four teachers from the disciplinary committee, Mr. Lon... They wanted me to increase the workload you were receiving in the kitchen and when I disregarded Mr. Lon's demands, he didn't look very pleased," Boss Danzo explained.

'Of course, they wouldn't be pleased, they went as far as spreading rumors about me using bloodline enhancement drugs when I beat Hung Jo and his gang up... This is definitely their doing,'

At that moment Gustav was feeling incensed.

-"Also they were unhappy when I officially employed you to work part-time in the kitchen,"

Boss Danzo added.


As Gustav recalled this conversation, his face squeezed up even more.

'Those bastards... Five people are dead because of you all,'

Since the initial investigations brought him no answers he decided to use another means of approach but he had to wait till tomorrow to do that.

Gustav stood up from his bed and walked towards the second room in his apartment.

He opened the door and walked in.


White gas flowed out of the room Immediately the door was opened.

The entire room felt cool. A rectangular board was placed in the middle of the room and four cylindrical glass containers that contained frozen bodies of mixed-breeds could be seen placed at different corners.

Scientific tools and pieces of equipment were placed in a standing rack on the right side of the room.

"Should I extract this ancient boptic panda bloodline, it seemed pretty good," Gustav stood in front of the third cylindrical container while speaking.

Inside this container was the body of a panda with a hard shell-like covering on its back, arms, and chest.

It took Gustav quite some time to deal with this one since its defense along with its bloodline was very good but he was hesitating on whether he should take its bloodline or sell it intact to the lab he would be visiting two days from now.

"If I sell the item I got from the school as well as the body of these mixed-breeds that should bring my balance to around eight million... It's won't be best to extract too many beast bloodlines since they might end up becoming useless and I also still have to get Atomic Disintegration to Zulu ranked before the test begins," Gustav said with a look of contemplation.

"It would be best to sell them all," Gustav concluded with this.

Gustav put this room together about two months back. Inside this room, he had been preserving the body of mixed-breeds and also experimenting on the ones he didn't sell.

What Gustav had been experimenting on was how mixed-breeds had a much more saturated bloodline than mixed-bloods but he hadn't been able to solve that.

He believed that if he was able to solve this, bloodline channeling would become easier and mixed-bloods might even be able to use their bloodline to its full potential just like the mixed-breeds who don't need their bloodlines to be graded.

He only had some research materials and tools but not enough knowledge to do everything he wanted.

Although he hadn't progressed in this research, he learned a lot of things about the anatomy of mixed-breeds.

About thirty minutes later Gustav left his apartment to go patrol with Angy once again.

Gustav had to put off infiltrating the border today due to the investigation of the kitchen incident.

During their night patrol, Angy noticed that Gustav wasn't quite there and his mind seemed to be preoccupied with something.

After they were done for the night and headed back into the apartment Angy finally decided to ask Gustav what was bothering him.

Gustav replied to her that everything was fine whereas she could tell that everything wasn't okay.

Angy knew Gustav was very tight-lipped and probably wouldn't say anything even if she kept disturbing him about it so she decided to take a step back while assuring him that he could talk to her about anything.

While they were walking through the corridor Angy remembered something she saw in the news channel and decided to talk to Gustav about it.

"Gustav, I heard that your school kitchen was burnt down due to the recklessness of the chief cook," Angy said with a curious look.

Gustav suddenly paused his footsteps after hearing that.

"Hmm? What's wrong?" Angy also paused her steps and turned around to stare at Gustav when she noticed he wasn't moving.

She stared at the noticeable look of annoyance on his face and wondered if she said something wrong.

Gustav's face turned dark and he stared at Angy, "Don't believe everything you see on the news," He voiced out before he continued walking forward.

Angy had a look of confusion as she stared at him walk past her. The serious change in expression on Gustav's face dumbfounded her.

Her mind went back to the news and she remembered something else.

Angy quickly walked forward and arrived beside Gustav.

"By any chance did you know anyone who worked in that kitchen? Is that why you're acting like this?" Angy asked while grabbing hold of Gustav's left arm.

Gustav had to pause his footsteps again. He didn't reply to Angy neither did he turn to stare at her but from the expression on his face, Angy was able to piece things together.

That was how she understood that his sour mood was connected to this matter.

"Oh my God, are you okay?" Angy suddenly dragged Gustav into her embrace.

She placed Gustav's head on her chest and held him tightly with a look of concern.

Gustav was held like a baby by Angy but he didn't turn her affection down. He felt the warmth her body exuded which gave him a feeling of calmness and comfort.

After a while, they separated and Angy asked Gustav to explain how he was connected to the kitchen staff.

Gustav decided to tell her a bit about how things started close to five months back.

He mentioned how he worked in the kitchen due to a school punishment and ended up being taught how to cook which led to him being hired later on.