The Bloodline System - Chapter 150 - Investigation Underway

Chapter 150 - Investigation Underway

Chapter 150 - Investigation Underway

Gustav looked down as his mind was plagued with inexplicable feelings.

From the start of their conversation till the end she didn't look up even once.

'It's fine I guess, I and miss Aimee are just going through a kind of partnership after all... I'll have to give something back to her in return for what she did for me, in the future,' Gustav turned around as he thought of this and started walking towards the entrance.

"I'm leaving miss Aimee," Gustav voiced out as he walked out of her office.

Few seconds after Gustav was gone, miss Aimee lowered her arm and placed the book she was reading on her lap.


She turned to face the door while sighing.

'He can't keep relying on me for everything or he'll never grow beyond having the capacity to handle only kids,' Miss Aimee said internally.

'I know he's not going to let go of this until he finds an answer... Still, it will be a good development for him to handle such a thing himself,'

Her initial emotionless face now shone worry.

She couldn't help but feel bad about the way she turned him down even though she had her reasons for doing so.

Gustav walked out of the building and headed for the kitchen area.

He arrived there in a few minutes and stood in front of the two storey building.

It had undergone reconstruction in the past three days and was now back to its initial state before the fire. Even though it had been rebuilt, it was currently empty.

The school board hadn't given the go-ahead for the former chefs to resume work yet.

Gustav remembered all the good and lively times he had spent within the kitchen, with boss Danzo and the others. He couldn't come to terms with the fact that it had ended.

He knew it would still end when he graduated and it was time for the MBO test to begin but that was supposed to happen almost two months from now. Even if it did end, he didn't want it to end this way.

He remembered when he met boss Danzo during break. Boss Danzo had explained to him that the school board decided to fire him after the kitchen incident was brought to light.

Echelon Academy was a well-known school in the city so there was no way the incident could be kept under the wraps.

Media outlets found out about it after news of it spread due to the students and the families of the victims.

It was even shown on the news channel of one of the biggest media outlets in the city causing it to spread even more.

Due to all these, the school decided to pin the blame on boss Danzo and fired only him.

The entire incident was pinned on him. If Gustav was someone who paid attention to the news he would have seen this already.

Boss Danzo's career as a chef was practically over at this point.

As the chief cook, such a thing happened in the place he was responsible for and now that it had spread, no restaurant or agency that dealt with cooking would want to hire him since it would be a stain on their reputation.

'I need to find a way to solve this... Some foul play is definitely involved,' Gustav said internally as he brought out a device from his storage button.

It was a triangular device with a crystalline color.

"Map," Gustav called out.

Rays of light shot out from the device and a map of the city was displayed in a holographic format before him.

Lots of different places were shown on the map with red blue and black dots.

"Pinpoint falcon's block," Gustav said once again.

The large map suddenly narrowed down on a particular location causing it to expand.

'I'll visit Mr. Fadril first then,' Gustav decided and started walking towards the school gate.


Three hours later Gustav had arrived back in his apartment.

He sat on his bed with a look of contemplation.

He had been trying to retrace the steps of the chefs. He wanted to see if he could get a hold of the list for monthly necessities so he could check if that mineral happened to be among the items listed.

If he could get it he would try to figure out where the list originated from but if the mineral happened to not be among the listed items then he would immediately conclude that the market they bought it from was to blame.

Solving the problem this way was easier said than done. Gustav had visited almost all the staff and none of them happened to go with the lady responsible for getting the items needed for the month.

It was a seemingly fruitless means of finding out the person responsible so Gustav was trying to think of another method of finding out who was responsible.

Gustav remembered a part of his conversation with Boss Danzo.


"Does someone hold a grudge against you boss Danzo?"

-"Grudge? My boy, so long as you live in this world, no matter how good of a character you have people will always hold grudges against you... I don't focus on people holding grudges against me so I can't tell if one or two people have ominous intentions,"

"That's..." Gustav was speechless for a few moments before he spoke again.

"Boss Danzo I understand what you mean but right now you have to think... Has there been anyone who showed a visible dislike or some kind of sign that they're not in support of an action you took?"

-"Erm... I'm not sure," Boss Danzo had a contemplative expression as he thought hard.

After a few seconds, his face shone an expression of realization.

-"I don't know if this is valid but..." Boss Danzo paused for a few seconds while still contemplating.

"But what boss Danzo?" Gustav asked with a look of curiosity.

"The disciplinary committee that was responsible for giving you the punishment of working in the kitchen were not satisfied with the way I treated you when you first started working here," Boss Danzo voiced out.