The Bloodline System - Chapter 1148 Success!

Chapter 1148 Success!

Chapter 1148 Success!

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


Unlike the previous times where they went in, this time they didn't which ended up making Gustav feel a little suspicious.

He soon arrived at the seating area of the s.p.a.cecraft and walked along one of the Isle. Only a few subst.i.tutes and candidates were at the sitting area. Most of them were in the gaming room.

Gustav's presence drew their attention as a lot of them had barely seen him since the s.p.a.cecraft began journeying through s.p.a.ce five days back.

"Is there a reason why we didn't use that gateway?" Gustav questioned as he arrived at the area where Grand Commander s.h.i.+on was seated.

Grand Commander s.h.i.+on who had his eyes closed, replied to Gustav, "The pilots are responsible for our travel. If you wanna find out you should ask them,"

Grand Commander s.h.i.+on didn't seem bothered in anyway as he remained in place with his eyes closed.

"Alright then... I might as well just ask them," Gustav replied before turning and starting to walk ahead.

Soon he arrived at the corridor that led to the s.p.a.cecraft c.o.c.kpit area and knocked twice as he reached what looked like a dead end.


"Huh? Why is he here?" The pilot questione while staring at the left where one if thw holographic screens were displayed.

"We don't know..." One of the navigators replied while staring at the display of the dirty blonde haired young man standing in front of what looked like a metallic shutter.

"Should we let him in?" The other navigator questioned.

"Hmm... I guess there is no harm in that. I will kick him out if he causes distraction," The pilot stated firmly.

One of the navigators clicked a control b.u.t.ton and the shutter slid upwards, giving Gustav access into the s.p.a.cecraft control room.

He walked in with a calm look as usual and slightly inspected the vicinity. The gla.s.s walls in front of the pilots was a giant display of s.p.a.ce and how fast they were moving.

"Why are you here?" One of the navigators inquired.

"Why did we skip the last gateway?" Gustav threw a question back.

"Oh that, the gateway had a little dysfunctionality so it looked unsafe," The first navigator answered.

"Dysfunctionality? How?" Gustav asked once more.

"Chaotic dimensional energy... it could have damaged the engines of the s.p.a.cecraft. We were not willing to risk it," The other navigator explained.

"I see... but wouldn't this make us slower?" Gustav questioned.

"It only sets us back by twelve hours so long as we get to the second Orion gateway and make use of it," The co pilot spoke up this time.

"Interesting..." Gustav took his seat behind and watched as they navigated the way through s.p.a.ce.

Different holographic screens with different displays were spotted. Some showed estimated routes they were supposed to take and some showed areas to avoid in s.p.a.ce. One also displayed how much time was left till they arrived at Galaxy Flalencia.

"Erm why are you still here kid?" The co pilot questioned.

"Don't mind me just carry on like I'm not here," Gustav answered while staring at the transparent walls up ahead.

"Uhhhh...." The pilots and navigators didn't really know what to say after this.

They didn't want to get any more distracted than this so they decided not to argue with Gustav over leaving or not leaving.

Since he was the only one here out of all the partic.i.p.ants, they felt it was still okay.


In another part of s.p.a.ce, a dark and green colored s.p.a.cecraft hovered several thousand kilometers from a ma.s.sive wormhole.

Within the crew members could be seen activating some weird s.p.a.cesuit that covered their entire being.

"It has to be activated the moment they alarm goes off. Any second later could lead to the mission being a bust," A crew member said to another one through the comms as they stood atop the hovering s.p.a.cecraft.

"Understood," The other crew member nodded.

He squatted with a wheel like device planted to the top of the s.p.a.cecraft and began to operate this device to a desired frequency.


A weird bubble suddenly encapsulated the entire s.p.a.cecraft in the next instant, also covering the two crew members standing atop the s.p.a.cecraft.

"Captain Brask has activated the fonsil... they must be close! Be ready to to activate the Wheel!" The crew member voiced to his subordinate who nodded in response.

Tiingh~ Tiinngh~ Tiinnghh~

The wheel like device planted to the top of the s.p.a.cecraft beamed up and both crew members waited with keen eyes while staring at a direction in this unknown part of s.p.a.ce.

Within the control room of the s.p.a.cecraft a male with dark tentacles sprouting from his back voiced out, "It is almost twelve hours, I hope you are right Rick,"

"My calculations are always precise... they will appear at anytime from now," The man with a scarf covering the right side of his face replied.

The captain was about to speak out again when...

Weeeiii~ Weeeiii~ Weeeiii~ Weeeiii~

Blaring alarms suddenly began to go off.

"Activate it now!" The captain yelled through the comms.

The two crew members atop the s.p.a.cecraft heard the command and the one squatting quickly raised his finger to tap on the b.u.t.ton in the middle.

At the same instant his finger was descending towards the b.u.t.ton, a piercing starlight far ahead the ma.s.sive wormhole had appeared.

This starlight looked like it was moving but with so much speed that even though it was thousands of light years away, it arrived before the wormhole in a couple of moments.


The instant the finger of the crew member, made contact with the b.u.t.ton, the starlight also arrived before the wormhole. In that split second, it could be seen that the starlight was actually a large s.p.a.cecraft movint at incredible speed.

The wormhole suddenly made a fluttering sound as it changed color then instant this s.p.a.cecraft flew into it.


It turned completely violet.



Within the s.p.a.cecraft that had been laying in wait since, all of the crew members rejoiced with loud voices.

"You did it Ray! I knew i could count on you!" The captain voiced with a joyful tone.

"We can't celebrate yet until we confirm he is dead," Ray replied with a normal tone.

"He will be. They can't escape there without us so they will all meet their end without our intervention anyways," The captain replied.

Ray slightly raised his left eyebrow after hearing that.

"Yes I haven't forgotten our agreement Ray. We're only killing the boy but we won't harm the others," The captain voiced with a cheerful tone while tapping Ray's shoulder repeatedly.

"Lighten up," He added.

"Hmph, this job really put a lot on me. Let's finish it properly," Ray voiced in response.

"Let's finish it," A smile appeared on the captain's face as a vortex appeared in front of them which their s.p.a.cecraft got sucked into.


Upon their disappearance, the gaint wormhole returned to normal.


of the portal that would lead to the conventional centre floating about fifty feet above were still trying to get in.

At this point, hundreds of MBO officers were headed towards the area to clear them off the premises.

It had been over thirty minutes since Gustav started trying to create the projection and so far, he hadn't been successful yet.

The MBO could no longer take any chances so the next move was to get everyone within the vicinity, out of the premises.

This time they didn't care about the Genxodus figuring out that they were aware of the nanites planted. The aim was to save as many as possible and there were still millions in the premises that will be affected if the nanites go off.

-"What is going on?"

-"Why are there MBO officers here?"

Some of the fans within the vicinity who were initially dancing and vibing to Yusha's performance, stopped as they noticed the MBO officers arriving in droves.

The instant the MBO officers arrived, they commenced the operation.

Spreading out, each of them placed a circular and metallic looking device on the ground within the mult.i.tude of fans.

The fans were clueless as to what was going on but no MBO member gave any form of explanation.

-"Dove C planted,"

-"Dove E planted,"

-"Dove H planted,"

-"Dove V planted,"

The MBO officers reported through the comms one after the other and in a couple of seconds, a command was heard.

"All doves successfully planted, all officers should activate their s.h.i.+elding armors now,"

The officers in the vicinity did as told and in the next instant...


The circular and metallic devices planted on the ground gave off a very bright fluorescent glow.

Afterwards, every single fan within the AOC of this glow, vanished.


The fans that were left in the vicinity and had witnessed the disappearance of the others became wary.

Some of them tried to run and escape the area but of course, the MBO officers were well skilled and more powerful than ordinary mixedbloods so they easily handled the situation.

With every planting of the doves and activation, up to fifty thousand fans would be teleported in an instance.