The Bloodline System - Chapter 1147 Is Everything Okay?

Chapter 1147 Is Everything Okay?

Chapter 1147 Is Everything Okay?

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


Ki! KI! ki!

It was like the blade made contact with the hardest metal in the universe as the atomic blade failed to cut through the creatures.


Thwiwhii~ Thwiwhii~ Thwiwhii~

More than twenty of them were still sent hurling through the air upon contact due to Gustav's high physical prowess.

The creatures who looked like giant bees with golden and silver platted armors covering their entire body up to their head, smashed into each other one after the other as the wind and force Generated from Gustav swing crashed into them.

Gustav wasted no time in flying upwards even more as he swung out repeatedly, sending hundreds of them spiralling across the air and cras.h.i.+ng into one another.

Twwhiii~ Twwhii~

These ma.s.sive bee like creatures shot out a red like web from the tip of their rear towards Gustav.

Thousands of these red like web shot towards him with intensity which he wasted no time in parrying one after the other.

Tah! Tah! Tah! Tah!

it sounded like the clanking of metals once more as Gustav slashed out repeatedly at the web like projectiles.

In a single second he had slashed out more than a thousand times sending these webs back to the creatures.

Some of the creatures that made contact with the red like web after Gustav's counter were instantly shredded to pieces despite their st.u.r.dy armor covering.

Gustav had dropped thousands of them since the battle began and continued to show forth his prowess until a pure golden bee like creature appeared.

Upon its appearance, this creature instantly shot out a web like projectile that was more than a thousand times larger than the ones it's surbodinates had been shooting out.

Gustav stretched his atomic blade forward at first before making a weird expression.


The atomic blade disappeared and a milky glow instantly coated Gustav's hands as he watched the oncoming ma.s.sive violet glowing web.

This web had bloated the entire sky and was even several times larger than the mountain below.


Gustav's wings flapped intensely and his body bolted across the air at incredible speed, approaching the oncoming projectile.

He instantly arrived before it and grabbed some of the webstrings with his fingers which were coated in a milky glow.


His figure was getting pushed back upon contact but in a bit he managed to stabilised himself in the air before raising the ma.s.sive glowing web.


Turning around to spin repeatedly, Gustav flung the ma.s.sive web back in the direction it came.

Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii! Zhiiii!

These creatures body parts that had been ripped into pieces began to fall from the sky. Gustav didn't stop there and instantly charged forward once more.

He grabbed the ma.s.sive web again and began swinging it about like a weapon.

The full golden bee like creature that had just appeared was unable to counter before it was ripped into pieces as well.


The ma.s.sive web disappeared after its creator was killed and all the creatures in the vicinity had been ripped apart at this point.

The milky glow coating Gustav's hand slowly dimmed and disappeared completely, revealing two bloodied palms.

'Looks like whatever that was is stronger than Atomic Disintegration...' Gustav wasn't surprised with this result.

He would have lost his fingers and even his entire body would have been ripped to shreds if Atomic Disintegration didn't manage to hold up for a bit. Coupled with the st.u.r.diness of his body, he only suffered a light casualty compared to what he should have suffered.

[Level 52 Cleared]

[Does Gustav Crimson Wish To Progress To Next Training Level?]


Just as Gustav was about to give his answer, a voice called out to them.

"Guys! Let's try the gaming room,"

Gustav recognised this voice to be that of Teemee's.

'Hmm?' He had a slighty contemplative look on his face before he made his decision.


[Logging out Gustav Crimson]

A spectrum of light blinded his vision for a bit before everywhere turned completely whitish.

Gustav pulled the transparent helmet from his head and turned around to see that the others in the circle had taken theirs off as well.

"What is this about a game?" Angy questioned.

"There is a gaming room right next to this one," Teemee replied.

Gustav already knew about this since he scanned the entire s.p.a.cecraft from the first day they left earth.

"You guys have been using the training room since the first day we left earth. It wouldn't be bad to play games for a bit," Glade stated.

"Well technically the training rooms are similar to the gaming room since they are all simulations, no much different in training and gaming," Gustav disclosed.

"Lighten up a bit man, training won't be as fun as playing games," E.E tapped Gustav on the back with a persuasive look.

"We've been training for months too so maybe a little slacking off won't be bad," Matilda nodded.

"Alright guys," Gustav finally gave in.

They proceeded to leave the training room right after.


-In Another Part Of s.p.a.ce

A s.p.a.cecraft as ma.s.sive as a football pitch with a pentagon shape and four pillar like extensions at the edges could be seen floating in this part of s.p.a.ce.

Just a couple hundred kilometers to the north west of this s.p.a.cecraft was a giant wormhole. This wormhole like any other wormhole twisted the s.p.a.ce within which was like a tunnel. It obviously led somewhere but it was unknown why this s.p.a.cecraft remained stationary not too distant from the wormhole.

Within the s.p.a.cecraft the crew seemed to be in positioned at different corners of the s.p.a.cecraft. They had taken some unknown formation and had serious looks on their faces.

In the c.o.c.kpit area, two male figures seem to be discussing.

-"Is everything ready now?"

-"All crew members are in position and ready to take action at the appointed time,"

-"That is good. Estimated arrival time?"

-"Twelve to thirteen hours..."

-"Let's do this,"


Within the IYSOP candidates s.p.a.cecraft the pilots of the s.p.a.cecraft, stared at some readings from the navigations with a slightly troubled look.

"The Orion gate seems dysfunctional," The main pilot voiced out.

"The readings state that the dimensional energy within is a bit chaotic," One of the navigators informed.

"We can make a diversion and head for Orion gate 2," The second navigator suggested.

"That will set us back twelve hours," The second pilot had a slightly concerned look as he stated.

"It will but it definitely is safer," The second navigator replied.

Both pilots glanced at each other for a bit before nodding. They already made their decision without even exchanging a word.

The s.p.a.cecraft made a little turn but continued ahead unhindered.

In a couple of minutes, they phased past a gigantic wormhole and continued heading deeper into s.p.a.ce.

Meanwhile in one of the s.p.a.cecraft rooms...






Chants of E.Es name reverberated across the gaming room as a group of more than twenty watched an holographic display up ahead.

In the display, E.E was spotted riding an hover car that was escaping the raining of flaming projectiles in the vicinity.

The projectiles rained down uncontrollably as E.E's vehicle sped forward while swerving from side to side.

"E.E is pretty good at this thing," Falco couldn't help but voice out while Gustav smiled and nodded.

He was glad E.E was having fun. It looked like he had finally returned to his usual cheerful self.

"He is reaching the highscore!" A girl yelled in excitement.

Everyone fixed their eyes on the projection with even more intensity at this time while Gustav's face suddenly displayed a weird expression.

"Hmm?" He turned to the side while his face scrunched up.

Angy seemed to have noticed this and moved close to him.

"Is everything okay?" She questioned with a concerning tone.

"I hope so," Gusatv replied before turning around to walk away.

"What? What do you mea..." Angy face displayed a look of confusion but before she could voice out her question completely, Gustav was already gone.

("Are you going to ask them about it?") The system questioned while Gustav walked through a brighly lit corridor.

"They are the pilots so I'm sure they know what they are doing but I'm curious as to why we skipped a gateway... wouldn't that make our journey slower?" Gustav muttered while walking along the corridor.

What Gustav had just sensed a while ago was a ma.s.sive cl.u.s.ter of dimensional energy. He had sensed this up to five times since they started this journey but this was the very first time Gustav sensed they moved past it.

Gustav knew that these were spatial gateways constructed all across different parts of galaxies to make s.p.a.ce journey easier.

Unlike the previous times where they went in, this time they didn't which ended up making Gustav feel a little suspicious.