The Bloodline System - Chapter 112 - Dating Assumptions

Chapter 112 - Dating Assumptions

Chapter 112 - Dating Assumptions

She had been battling softly since the beginning by only pushing them out of the ring with her speed but she hadn't truly hit anyone hard and this was kind of affecting her efficiency but she didn't notice.

Reflection Academy had stronger participants but now that two of their teammates had been thrown out of the battle ring, it was only a matter of time before they lost.

On Echelon Academy side they were doing pretty well too.

Unlike the first school they faced that had a strong Captain, this one only had an average one.

It took them no longer than ten minutes to end the battle and became the first to win the second round again.

"Echelon Academy wins!"

When this announcement was made for the second time, the students spectating had no doubts about Echelon Academy's prowess being one of the highest if not the highest here.

Those that knew the history of Echelon Academy weren't surprised since it was said to be where some powerful and well-known MBO officers graduated from.

The principals of other schools were among the spectators that weren't surprised by their prowess.

Atrihea city's principal created the exchange of knowledge event just so Atrihea city could win at least one of the two events that took place but now it was looking like he would be disappointed.

Some minutes after Echelon Academy won Atrihea City high school also won their duel.

Everyone's power level on their team was pretty much balanced.

Their bloodlines complimented each other and were able to cover up the weakness of their teammates.

The other team from Salvation Academy had a bloodline user with a pretty insane power level. He had an A-grade bloodline.

He could transform into a mutated bear that had the ability to restructure the distribution of force.

A lot of the participants from Atrihea city high team couldn't harm him with their abilities at first.

No matter how they hit, it just wouldn't be powerful enough to make him flinch. This was because he was controlling the energy of the force around him hence making their attacks weaker before they could touch him.

He could also amplify the force behind his attack.

The captain of the team, Zim, studied him to discover his flaw when he noticed that they wouldn't be able to defeat him easily.

What he figured out was the speed of the creature the opponent transformed into was lacking so he devised a plan and worked in accordance to it with his teammates.

They avoided him and focused on dealing with the other teammates first.

After that was done all of them attacked him at the same time. Of course, it would be impossible for him to reduce the force of every single attack coming from up to seven people around him.

Eventually, he was beaten up and thrown out of the ring.

The last school to win was Blackrock school and it took them quite some time even after Angy had assisted in defeating the two weakest teammates from the opposing team earlier.

Angy was still hailed as the most supportive teammate and everyone had to admit that she was the reason the team was still able to hold on.

Now that three more teams had been defeated only three were left.

Echelon Academy, Atrihea city high, and Blackrock school.

The principal announced that there would be a few minutes break for the participants to rest before the commencement of the third round.

"Let's go see Angy," Lim grabbed Gustav's right arm while standing up, pulling him along with her.

"Alright," Gustav said while standing up.

Elle and Arianna exchanged glances before also standing up and following behind the both of them.

They walked towards where the participants were positioned which was beneath the spectators seats.

They could already spot Angy in the distance and she just happened to spot them too.

She was clad in all black, same with the rest of the participants from Blackrock schools.

Angy started waving excitedly at them but when she noticed Lim holding onto Gustav's hand as they approached, she pouted her lips and walked towards them.

When she arrived in front of them she immediately jumped into Gustav's embrace causing his hand to be released from Lim's grip.


The crowd surrounding them we're surprised at the sudden intimacy.

'Gustav and Angy are dating?' This was the thought circulating in their minds at the moment after Angy did that.

Even Gustav was surprised by the sudden hug.

Although this wasn't the first time, he was still surprised since his life wasn't in any form of danger this time.

"Did I do well?" She asked Gustav with a sweet smile after disengaging from him.

"Hnm, you did well," Gustav replied with a smile too.

The moment looked magical since Gustav wasn't the type to smile all the time except he was up to something mischievous.

"This is all thanks to you," Angy stated.

"Hmm? Me?" Gustav asked with a look of confusion.

"Hnm," Angy nodded in reply, "Have you forgotten those nights?" She asked.


Another loud gasp was heard from the crowd surrounding them.

'They spend nights together?' Hearing that gave the crowd a lot to think of especially those from Blackrock school who didn't know about Gustav being her neighbor.

Angy happened to be popular among her peers in Blackrock school so this came as a surprise to most of them who saw her as an angel that would never fall for any guy.

The male students who were secretly admirers cursed themselves for not having the guts to approach her all this time.

"Oh," Gustav muttered with a smile. He remembered those nights he spent observing the neighborhood with her were mostly mixed-breed free due to his calculations so instead of lazying around, he decided to give Angy speed tasks to help her improve the usage of her ability.

Gustav hadn't thought anything of it but Angy was really grateful and believed her current improvement was due to that.

"It's all you... You don't need to thank me," Gustav said with a dismissive look while Angy smile broadened even more.

Due to the eyes surrounding them, they decided to move their conversations somewhere else.

They found a place within the training ground to speak.

After an hour had gone by the announcement was made for the continuation of the duel.

Gustav advised Angy not to push herself too much. He didn't bother trying to tell her to be ruthless when attacking her opponents because he knew a person's nature wasn't so easily changed.

Angy's nature just happened to be the soft kind.

After the spectating students took their seats the third round commenced.

Echelon Academy would be going against Atrihea city high while Blackrock school would be sitting this one out.

The principal explained that the loser gets to battle Blackrock school and if the participants from Blackrock school were to win, they'd get the chance to battle for the first place.

After everything was explained, the principal gave the go-ahead for the duel to begin.

"Echelon Academy Vs Atrihea city high!"

It was practically red versus blue.

On the left side, Echelon Academy participants were laced in full red bodysuits while Atrihea city high participants were laced in Blue.