The Bloodline System - Chapter 111 - Most Supporting Teammate

Chapter 111 - Most Supporting Teammate

Chapter 111 - Most Supporting Teammate

"Good job Angy," He said with a slight smile.

Angy happened to be one of the participants representing Black rock schools.

Not only did she participate she was also one of the participants that supported the most during this duel.

Her speed outstripped that of every other participant and her combat power was not lacking either.

Although it still fell far short of Gustav's prowess it was nothing to scoff at.

Especially in this battle where everyone was slower than she was.

Gustav also noticed that her speed had increased since the last time they raced.

She was able to use a new ability with her bloodline that was also related to speed.

Gustav figured that it was similar to him using sprint however there was a difference.

Angy's speed was multiplied by four times when she making use of this ability and although she couldn't maintain it for long before running out of energy, being able to use it for ten seconds was more than enough to cause havoc on the battleground because it was more than two times of Gustav's speed when he activated sprint.

Angy used her speed to take out two participants from the opposing side.

She was seen as the most valued player since the rest of her teammates were able to focus on the strongest participant due to her help.

This led to their win since the battle power of the strongest participant on the opposing side was more powerful than their strongest participant.

The first round came to an end and the schools that won were announced.

Echelon Academy, Atrihea city high school, Salvation Academy, Black rock schools, Brair Bullet High, and Reflection Academy.

Now that the other schools had been disqualified, the next round was only going to involve the participants from these six schools.

The principal of Atrihea city high had announced the commencement of the second round after all the participants who lost earlier left the training ground.

"Echelon Academy Vs Briar Bullet high! Participants should move to Ring-A!"

"Atrihea city high Vs Salvation Academy! Participants should move to Ring-C"

"Reflection Academy Vs Black rock schools! Participants should move to Ring-E!"

Principal Durk announced in successions and left the rest to the referees.

The participants were back inside the ring facing different opponents this time.

In the second round, another rule was implemented.

Every school now had three substitution slots which they could use in exchanging a player so even if a participant was disqualified, it was possible to send in another participant from the same school to fill in the slot.

This could only be done three times an