The Bloodline System - Chapter 1099 Endric's Current State

Chapter 1099 Endric's Current State

Chapter 1099 Endrics Current State

He waved his hand and realised he was at least five times slower than normal.

[G.o.d Eyes Have Been Activated]

He peered downwards once more.

'Still a bit distant from the bottom but I can see it now... I will almost be completely hindered by the time I arrive down there,' Gustav realised this.

If he tried to get to the bottom through conventional means there was a probability he wouldn't be able to move anymore after reaching a particular point because he could run out of energy during the struggle.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated Lightning Blitz once more and instantly arrived at the bottom of this abyss.

As expected, upon landing atop solid ground, Gustav found it extremely tasking to take a step.

Despite the difficulty, he managed to look downwards and reactivate G.o.d Eyes.

'Hmm... the entire ground floor is the cause...' Gustav said internally as he took note of the intricate patterns within the solid bottom.

The entire ground floor had weird glowing marks that spread across the place and Gustav could feel a cyclonic mixture of energy and anti energy coming from it.

It turned out the bottom of the abyss was the cause for the turn out of this entire realm. The intricate mixture of energy and anti energy caused energy to be siphoned from living creatures especially mixedbloods and even blocked their connection to the energy within them.

It trans.m.u.ted the siphoned energy into what this realm was turned to and was also the cause for the intense pillar of flames that would occasionally rise into the sky.

"Hmm... This could be really useful..." As Gustav studied the unfamiliar ground floor he proceeded to squat.

It was almost like he was unbothered that this was the most dangerous part of this dark hole.

"There's something else here..." Gustav's hair stood on end as he suddenly sense something.


Within an unknown region, hail like stones could be seen falling from the sky as a ragged and cloaked figure was spotted traversing an icy land.

He dragged some chains along with him as he took one step after the other. These chains were ma.s.sive. A link was twice the size of human head and this figure seemed to be pulling it along with him as he took steps forward.

Following the links of the chain, a gigantic beast like creature was connected to the chains.

It seemed like it was lifeless, as the human like figure dragged it along without any defiance from the creature.

The icicles that had formed on the icy ground were being smashed into splinters by the body of this ma.s.sive creature as it got dragged across the ground.

The hail like stones that fell from the sky were sometimes as large as a building however, when any of them fell in the direction of the human figures and ma.s.sive beast, they would smash into an unknown and invisible force before they could make contact.

The human figure continued forward undisturbed by the unfavourable condition of the environment.

After some time a medieval looking city could be spotted up ahead with a ma.s.sive looking kingdom like gate and walls hundreds of feet tall.

The gates were shut but multiple guards could be spotted standing on different corners of the walls.

"He's here," One of the guards stated as he spotted the figure in the distance.

The other guards also became on the alert the instant they spotted the figure arriving with the ma.s.sive creature.

In a few, the human figure arrived at the ma.s.sive kingdom like gate with the creature behind him.

He slowly let go of the ma.s.sive chains and raised his head.

"I brought it back alive like the Tarmac instructed," The human figure voiced out with a light masculine tone.

"Sir Luchas, what do we do?" One of the guards on the walls standing beside a decorated guard with dark cape questioned.

Sir Luchas had a look of disbelief along with the other guards positioned on the wall.

"Send word to the Tarmac now about the ongoing situation," He commanded.

One of the guards nodded and proceeded to climb down the wall and disappeared into the medieval like city.

"We might have no choice but to let him in now. The Tarmac never thought he would be able to complete this task," Sir Luchan muttered with his face still retaining the expression of disbelief.

"He was gone for many months we thought he might be dead already," Another guard stated.

"I cannot believe he managed to accomplish the task," Others couldn't hide their confusion as well.

"What's taking so long?" The human figure standing in front of the ma.s.sive gate questioned.

"Pardon our inpudence but the Tarmac must confirm that the task has been accomplished himself so i implore your patience, Lord Eric," Sir Luchas voiced apologetically.

"Its Endric not Eric," The human figure pulled the cloak off his head while replying.

"My apologies Lord Eric," Sir Luchas stated once more.

Veins appeared on Endric's forehead for an instant before he heaved a sigh and responded, "Just forget it,"

"The Tarmac has arrived," A loud voiced announced after a few seconds.

Endric looked up once more and spotted a seven foot muscular frame in golden and silver armor standing right beside Sir Luchas.

Sir Luchas bowed in respect upon this muscular female appearance.

"I brought what you asked," Endric voiced while gesturing at the ma.s.sive building sized creature right behind him.

The Tarmac who was a beautiful and muscular looking lady with a scar ripping from her left check to chin, stood in place with a scowl on her face.

"Deactivate the barrier," The Tarmac instructed.

"DEACTIVATE THE BARRIER!" Sir Luchas yelled out the command.

In the next instant a vibrating sound rang out like something powering down...


A dome that surrounded this part of the city turned visible for an instant before disappearing.

Thooom~ Bang!

The Tarmac leapt and landed right in front of Endric.

Endric who was less than six feet tall was at least three heads shorter than the Tarmac.

"I shall inspect it now," She voiced out before moving past him.

"Be quick before it reawakens," Endric advised.

The ma.s.sive creature which was dark brownish in color with a mixture of furs and scales on different areas of its body, was wrapped by these ma.s.sive chains.

The Tarmac touched a part of its body and nodded her head.??e????n???.co?

"Open the gates," She said before turning around.

"Follow me," She instructed Endric while proceeding to walk forward.

Endric picked up the end of the chain and began dragging the creature forward once more.

"Finally," He heaved a sigh of relief as he followed the Tarmac into the city.


"We're leaving now, see you guys later," Aildris said to the other teammates as they all stood in front of the house they had been staying in all this time.

"Alright then you guys go ahead. I guess the rest of us will be given seperate missions," Asbestos bid them farewell as well as some other teammates.

Gustav and the gang were all clad in their MBO uniforms at this point, ready to leave.

"We might be back in two weeks. Good thing only one more training course is left," Falco voiced out.

A portal opened up for them in the next instant and the ten proceeded to walk in.

Gustav didn't bother biding any of them farewell as he wasn't accustomed to them like the other despite having spent a day here already.


They arrived above what looked like an unending Iceland region.

"Finally back in the real world," Angy said with a smile.

"I thought I'd lose my mind," Glade voiced out.

"I think I lost mine," Falco said with a low tone.

"What was that, Falco? Didn't hear you," Aildris questioned.

"Nothing," A smile appeared on Falco's face.

"I'm glad we finally have a mission to take care of he added," He added.

Gustav who was standing just a few feet away glanced at Falco suspiciously before looking forward.

"Our ride is here," Gustav voiced out as an aircraft approached their direction from up ahead.


"So what is this mission about?" Aildris questioned as they flew back to the MBO tower in Plankton City.

"Genxodus..." This was the first word Gustav uttered.

Everyone's faces turned serious the instant they heard this.

"The upcoming mission is an extermination raid with the purpose of dealing immense damage to the terrorist group... if successful, this might potentially put an end to them," Gustav revealed.

"Oh? Looks like it's going to be a major mission," E.E stated with a look of interest.

"It is... the Genxodus have been silent for a while. They haven't made a move in months,' Gustav voiced out.

("Besides sending to murder you of course,") The system chipped in within Gustav's head.

"Isn't that a good thing?" Angy questioned with a slightly confused look after Gustav's statement..

"No it isn't... a group as hyperactive as theirs going silent for months is giant red flag," Gustav replied.