The Bloodline System - Chapter 1098 Completing Tasks In The Dark Hold

Chapter 1098 Completing Tasks In The Dark Hold

Chapter 1098 Completing Tasks In The Dark Hold

[Daily Task (2/3) Successfully completed: Use flight ability in the vicinity of the stronghold ]

[+700,000 EXP]

Gustav floated in mid air within his dark vicinity bearing endless gloomy clouds as he stared at the notification panel.

"I would have failed this daily task if I arrived here later than today..." Gustav's face darkened as he voiced out.

"To think you were telling me to travel to s.p.a.ce with the limited time and you still had such a task in store for me tsk," Gustav sounded like he bore a grudge.

("Your actions were calculated hehe can't blame me,") The system cackled while responding.

"This place truly socks energy... I guess that's why they were weaker than normal," Gustav could feel his energy draining at a rapid pace while he flew.

Such drainage would make him incapable of activating Hover more than a couple of times if he hadn't leveled up recently.

'How was such a place designed?' Gustav questioned internally as he looked down.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His irises emitted a mixture of golden, green and crimson glows as he stared down into.what looked like a bottomless abyss.

"Streams of energy are connected like thread and leading down there..." Gustav muttered.


Gustav's sight phased through multiple layers of darkness beneath traveling across thousands of feet in an instant.

The darkness only increased the lower his sight traveled yet he could still see as clear as day due to the ability of G.o.d Eyes as well as the glowing strings of energy that were visible to the naked eyes.

Fwwhooooommm~ vwwwoohooomm~

His sight would pa.s.s through multiple brewing colors of flames causing his face to show expressions of understanding.

'So that's how they're formed...' Despite the flames still getting created thousands of feet beneath his eyes could feel a subtle burn.

This made him uncomfortable but Gustav carried on with his gaze into the bottomless abyss.

"Hmm, it's really deep but not bottomless..." Gustav was able to tell after his sight reached a particular distance.

He wasn't able to get to the bottom due to G.o.d Eyes reaching its limit but he was sure there was a bottom and he was curious as to what was down there.

"Something that drains the energy of everyone in its territory and coverts it to... I have to get down there," Gustav finally gave in to his curiosity.

[Hover Has Been Deactivated]

The instant he deactivated Hover a violet colored vortex appeared about two hundred feet towards his north.


E.E, Angy, Aildris and the others appeared from within the vortex and landed on a floating telekinesis platform Endric had created.

"Someone's falling over there!" Elevora suddenly called their attention to the direction she pointed at.

"It has to be Gustav! Take us there E.E!" Angy yelled out with a look of worry.

"I can't see, how far away is it?" E.E questioned while channeling his energy once more.

"No time I'm going after him!"


Angy's figure had disappeared the instant she said this so the gang only heard echoes of her words lingering in the air.

"Don't..." None of them were able to stop her as she had already disappeared before they even heard the complete statement.

She had sped towards the ledge of the telekinetic platform and leapt in Gustav's direction.

"Everyone hold on," Aildris quickly voiced out before anyone else could make rash decisions.

"Gustav is not stupid, if he got into such a situation by himself, he definitely knows how to get out of it," Aildris stated.

Everyone's faces lit up with looks of clarification and understanding as they heard this.

They were worried due to the fact that they knew just how dangerous this region was so they had rushed here without a second thought just in case Gustav was in danger.

Elevora announcement of a falling figure upon their arrival made things even worse but now that Aildris had said this they all came to a realisation, 'Its Gustav,'

"What about Angy? She might be in trouble since she went after him," Matilda stated.

"Let's get closer to the falling point," Aildris suggested.

E.E nodded and opened another vortex to transport them to the exact place Gustav fell from.



Gustav's clothes flapped due to wind as he free fell into the depths of the dark hole.

He felt multiple presences after deactivating Hover and beginning his fall but he decided not to pay it any heed.

He made some motions with his arms to further increase the speed at which he fell into this abyss.

Gustav had deactivated G.o.d Eyes but he could still see and sense his vicinity properly.

The lower he fell, the more he could sense the darkness getting thicker almost like it was turning solid.

However, he would occasionally pa.s.s through areas where flames were forming due to concentration of absorbed energy within this abyss.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

Gustav's entire frame became coated with milky colored energy as he spotted gigantic greenish flames forming up ahead.

There was no way to go around it so he decided to go through it.


His body phased right through and continued on within the flames for another seventy feet before he escaped the flames and arrived in total darkness once more.

Although the flames that had been concentrating above was pretty ma.s.sive, they were unable to cause any damage to Gustav as the atomic disintegration made him phase through easily.

The illumination only managed to cover a short distance so darkness was upon him once more as he descended.

Thicker darkness...

"Hmm?" Gustav mumbled as he sensed something.

"Someone's falling?" He turned his head to stare upwards while still descending.

[G.o.d Eyes Have Been Activated]

Gustav's sight traveled past the flames he had just phased through and went further upwards.

His eyes widened as he spotted the silver haired figure falling.

"The flames... she's headed straight for the flames..." Wings sprouted out of Gustav's back at this point as his body paused it's decent.

[Double Speed Has Been Activated]

A ferocious glint could be seen at the corner of Gustav's eyes as he suddenly blasted upwards with immense speed.


He tore a hole right through the condensing flames up ahead and arrived right before Angy who was currently coated in a silver glow.

Her arms were moving rapidly generating winds that made her descend at a faster pace.

However, the moment Gustav arrived before her, he grabbed hold of her waist and flew upwards.


Cracking sounds rang out as Gustav and Angy's figure ascending with immense speed. It seemed like they were breaking through solid darkness as they ascended.

While he was flying at extreme speed, to angy it looked like time had frozen.

She had been taken by surprise initially but currently she tilted her face and her horns came into contact with Gustav's forehead as they flew upwards.

Gustav was about to say something when she placed her lips on his mid flight.


"Yeah we should probably try to go down there," Falco stated as the gang stood on another telekinetic platform.

"Not a good idea... our bloodline energy is..." While Teemee was responding Elevora spoke.

"Something's coming,"

The instant she voiced out, a sound like booming thunder ripping through the air reverberated across the vicinity.


In the next momemt two figures blasted forth from the next layer of darkness beneath them.



The gang yelled out as they spotted both of them.

"Looks like they're fine," Elevora stated.

"They look more than fine..." Matilda coughed lightly as she stated.

"My boy is at it again," E.E chuckled.

"I guess he has more energy in other aspects as well," He added.

"Get a room you two," Teemee yelled out.

They seperated at this point and Gustav proceeded to descend upon the telekinetic platform.

Angy's face had turned beet red at this point as she realised they had witnessed both of them exchanging saliva.

"Why are you guys here?" Gustav questioned.

"We came because of you,"

"We thought you'd be in trouble,"

"This region is dangerous,"

They answered.

"I know... I was checking something," Gustav stated.

[Daily Task (3/3) Completed successfully: Travel across fifty thousand feet within the dark hold without activating Lightning Blitz]


'Daily tasks successful...' Gustav noted internally as he spotted the notifications.

'Now I can make use of it,'

"We can see you're okay now, I guess there was no need for us to worry," Aildris nodded.

"Are you gonna brief us on the mission?" Teemee inquired.

"Sure, when I get back," Gustav's leaped forward immediately after saying this.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]

Before anyone could even respond to that, he turned into a streak and streaked downwards into the bottomless looking abyss.

"Why does he always embrace danger," Falco shook his head.


Gustav found himself within deep darkness in the next instant after arriving close to two hundred miles beneath.

It felt like his body was in a puddle as he struggled to move.