The Bloodline System - Chapter 1066 Conflict Is Unavoidable

Chapter 1066 Conflict Is Unavoidable

Author's Note: All repeat chapters have been fixed.


The MBO officer grabbed hold of the ribbon after it got released from the victim's grasp.

"I got on..." As he was about yelling in victory, a attack hit him from behind.


The green Canon like energy projectile that exploded upon contact, sent intense ripples of destruction across the place, causing a lot of them to take cover.

The officer who got it was sent flying over the ledge.

However before he could fall into the sea of flames, he teleported.


He reappeared within the ranks of his fellow officers, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The attack was unexpected and was surprisingly powerful as well but even with that the MBO officer still managed to get what he wanted.

The blue ribbon was in his grasp while the other officer who he attacked had fallen into the sea of flames and gotten disqualified.

The person who had just successfully landed the hit got surrounded by multiple MBO officers and attacked.

The group of ten had already been reduced to nine but even if they were not missing one person, they were already outnumbered from the start.

The MBO officers were also well trained and pretty powerful as well so it turned into a one sided battle in a manner of seconds.

"Run Murife!" The person who happened to be closest to the red strip heard his other teammates yell out from behind.

They were all getting jumped but they managed to clear a path for him.


He leaped off the platform where the battle was happening at the same time some officers were about to grab him.

The officers jumped after him as well the instead he leapt forward.

He still had his ribbon in his hand as his body travelled in an arc format towards the red strip platform


In the next second he landed on it and the other two who had jumped after him were close to reaching the platform when they got repelled by a force surrounding the red strip.

Bang! Bang!

The unknown energy from the invisible forcefield surrounding the platform blasted them away.



They both yelled out as they fell into the sea of flames below.

The other officer who was about to leap off the platform with them initially stood in place.

"Looks like only a person with a blue ribbon can get in..." He muttered.

They had no idea that a protective field was surrounding the red strip and would repel anyone without a blue ribbon.

This made them realise that without their ribbons, they wouldn't be able to access their designated strips so they had to make sure their ribbons were not taken from them.

Out of the group of ten that arrived, only one managed to get onto the platform while the other nine were robbed of their ribbons and disqualified.

They were just finding out now how important the ribbon was to a partic.i.p.ant.

Realising that there was no much time left, the officers turned around and began to move very quickly.

Those who did not manage to get a blue ribbon followed after those who did so they wouldn't miss the opportunity to get to the blue strip.

At the same time the officers were leaving this area, other partic.i.p.ants were arriving as well.

Some of them had blue ribbons and some had red. A battle started out once more as the entire area before the strip became chaotic.


"I saw this coming,"

Within an unknown and isolated area, a lady voiced out.

"Conflict is unavoidable," The man in white stated.

"Well... there was no rule stating that ribbons couldn't be stolen so they haven't necessarily made a wrong choice," The lady voiced out.

"They haven't necessarily made a right choice as well... this will lead to some kind of enmity of some of the partic.i.p.ants who had clashed with each other initially end up becoming a part of the main or subst.i.tute team," The man in white said with a a.n.a.lysing tone.

"That's a bad foundation for a team..." The lady understood what he was driving at.

"...Let's see how things go," The man in white kept his eyes on the screen as he stated.

On the ma.s.sive holographic screen that displayed up to a hundred different areas under the icy platforms, multiple battles were playing out.

As some of the partic.i.p.ants began to realise they had made the wrong choice and figured there were ribbons that could accurately point them in the right direction, they were prepared to do anything to get the ribbons.

It didn't matter to them that the other partic.i.p.ant would get disqualified, they would rather another person failed than them.

As the saying went, smarter isn't necessarily equal to strength which was the main problem in this situation. Only a few partic.i.p.ants were smart enough to figure out that they needed to head in the opposite direction of the glow.

However upon arriving at the right location, the less smarter ones who failed to figure it out were waiting in ambush.

The situation had gone bad for a lot of the smart ones because not only were they facing an ambush after arriving at the right location, a lot of them were weaker than the opposition.

It was quite unfortunate but nothing could be done about it.

While the clock was ticking, the instant anyone managed to gain a ribbon that could help them get to the right location they began moving quickly.

It was a lot easier to get to their designated strip after stealing a ribbon even though only a few minutes was left. This was mostly because they would spend longer time trying to find it without stealing one.

Even when there was only four minutes left a lot of the partic.i.p.ants who failed to arrive at the right location still ambushed those who did just.

At this point they knew they couldn't get to the designated strip before time would run out but they wanted to make sure the others that were just arriving got disqualified as well.