The Bloodline System - Chapter 1065 Arriving At The Wrong Location

Chapter 1065 Arriving At The Wrong Location

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters



They appeared right above another platform after going through the Vortex.


The others that had been following them, voiced out in astonishment after arriving here.

It was no simple feat to be able to project his vortex across the precise amount of distance required.

E.E was obviously good at using his bloodline ability.

"From here we can keep heading forward," Aildris voiced out as he looked up ahead.

Everyone stared forward as well and noticed that there were platforms up ahead so they could keep leaping from one to the next.

They proceeded to keep moving forward at this point. Only around fifteen minutes were left before they ran out of time at this point.


"I found something," Gustav voiced through the communication channel.

-"What is it? Where are you?" Gradier Xanatus questioned.

"Underground... I'm standing right in front of a live level 95 Dornoise Mixedbreed," Gustav responded as he looked forward.

Right before him was a dark looking creature more than three storeys large in size. This creature was shaped like a tortoise and had four legs as well but instead of a sh.e.l.l, it was replaced by a large thick looking tissue.

The creature had dark scales all over and its gigantic mouth was wide open.

-"What? Are you okay?" Gradier Xanatus inquired with a worried tone.

"I'm fine..." Gustav replied.

-"What is a Level 95 Dornoise doing underground? I'm coming to you now," Gradier Xanatus voiced through the comms.

"Don't come, just stay there. I'll ask you to come when I need you," Gustav quickly shot Gradier Xanatus down.

He was still in invisible mode and his presence concealed so he wouldn't want Gradier Xanatus to come here until he knew exactly what he was dealing with.

-"Hmm... are you sure?" Gradier Xanatus questioned.

"Yes... I am just communicating to give you a feedback of the current status. I will have to cut it now so I dont end up giving away my presence due to the waves from communication," Gustav stated.

-"What exactly is going on?" Gradier Xanatus questioned once more.

"I'm not too sure but I think I'm about to find out," Gustav replied as he took steps forward.

"It's mouth is wide open but its eyes are closed. Almost like its unconscious but I can sense some weird energies within its mouth," He disclosed.

-"That's weird... Dornoises never sleep for their entire hundred years lifespan and why would its mouth be wide open?" Gradier Xanatus was confused about the present situation.

"Either ways I'm going in," Gustav concluded.

-"Give me a timer," Gradier Xanatus demanded.

"A timer for what?" Gustav asked.

"For how long before I come find you if you're still not out of there or fail to give me feedback on comms," Gradier Xanatus responded.

"Thirty minutes," Gustav stated before ending the communication.

Gradier Xanatus could already pinpoint Gustav's exactly position underground due to the communication so if anything happened, he could easily swoop in.

Gustav proceeded to walk into the dark large mouth of the ma.s.sive mixedbreed.

It was at this same period that the selection began in the other location.


-The ice lands (Selection Location)

"I see it,"

Within a group of over fifty people in MBO outfits moving together, an officer voiced out.

-"Wait... that's not..."

-"That's the red strip..."

Voices began to murmur from the background.

The officers held out a red glowing ribbons with looks of confusion on their faces.

This location had a red glowing circular platform with the words 'Red Strip' carved into the glacier like wall behind the platform.

"We were supposed to locate the blue..." One of them stated.

"We're at the wrong place... the ribbon glow leads to..." At this point everyone began to realise they had misunderstood the glow.

"s.h.i.+t! s.h.i.+t! s.h.i.+t! s.h.i.+t!" Another of the officers began to cuss crazily as the realisation hit.

"We only have around ten minutes left to find the blue strip or we lose," Another officer stated causing panic to ring out.

Some of them began to turn around at this point to head back. They didn't care that only ten minutes were left, they wanted to make sure they found the blue strip as soon as possible.

At this same momemt a group of ten in purple outfit arrived at this location.

"We found it," One of them yelled out with a look of excitement.

"Oh look at these fools they don't know they just..." One of the MBO officers was voicing out in pity when he spotted the new arrivals.

His voice trailed off before he could complete the sentence as he noticed something.

"Hey... they're holding blue ribbons," As the officer voiced this out, everyone turned to stare at this group of ten that had just arrived here.

Everyone eyes widened in realisation as this group began to feel uncomfortable from the p.r.i.c.kling stares full of intent.

They could see that the blue ribbons this group held were not glowing in the slightest, while theirs had bright glows.

"Doesn't this mean..."

"With their ribbons..."

"We can find the blue strip..."

As these voices completed each other's sentences in the background a huge uproar was caused.

Bloodline energies were instantly activated as the group of MBO officers charged at these ten that had just arrived here.

"Defend yourself," One of them in the group yelled out as he also activated his bloodline energy.

"Get to the strip," Another one voiced out while activating her bloodline energy as well.


Destructive ripples were sent forth across the entire vicinity due to all these powerful mixedbloods activating their bloodlines at the same time.

"Get them!" An MBO officer yelled out.

One of the MBO officers teleported and arrived right in front of one of them.

He reached out instantly, throwing a fist at the gut of the person he appeared in front of.


The person who was taken by surprise with the sudden appearance, got blasted across the air and was sent flying over the ledge due to the intense force behind the attack.