The Bloodline System - Chapter 105 - Visiting The Arcade Again

Chapter 105 - Visiting The Arcade Again

Chapter 105 - Visiting The Arcade Again

Although Gustav had said he wasn't going to make use of the bloodline except in cases of emergencies, there were still times that the bloodline would activate by itself.

An example was when he almost absorbed the border during their travels.

He suspected earlier that a part of the energy would be absorbed into his body if the gravitational field was filled up but the system had shown that it would absorb the rest of the energy if the gravitational field was filled up.

Gustav would go to the forest area every day to try and train his control of this bloodline but even with that he still couldn't grasp control of it properly.

He had calculated that the amount of force generated when he made use of discharge after absorbing two blocks of light was equivalent to a small nuclear electromagnetic force with wild electric currents within.

It packed a lot of compounded destructive force and he could tell that a Zulu-ranked mixed-blood would be instantly blasted apart if he decided to unleased it before them.

Right now his gravitational field was filled up again. The energy always surrounded him and couldn't be sensed by anyone else besides him.

In other words, Gustav was like a walking bomb right now.

'I just need to keep things under the wraps, for now, I've been attracting a lot of attention to myself recently,' Gustav said internally.

But after recalling every event that happened to date, he realized that there were a lot of things that he couldn't have done low-key.

Although he could've carried out some of his actions better, he wouldn't have been able to pull some things off if he wasn't under the spotlight.

Now that he had a C-grade bloodline, he had fulfilled all the requirements for joining the MBO.

The only issue was coming up with a good explanation as to why he was C-grade instead of being below F-grade.

Gustav started coming with other plans and drafts in his mind for possible future occurrences.

It was already seven pm at this time.

Gustav remembered that he was supposed to meet Angy on the two-hundredth and thirty-eight floor to play some games.

He stood up and walked out of the room.

It took him about five minutes before he arrived on the floor where a lot of students visited to play arcade games.

On entering what greeted Gustav's sight were glittering lights and a crowd of people moving to and fro.

The place was as large as an entire outdoor park. Different kinds of gadgets could be seen at different spots.

There were spots for playing shooting games, parkour games, virtual reality, casino bets, e.t.c.

This floor was always busy because of this.

"Gustav," A feminine voice called out to him from ahead.

It was a girl in a white and green gown with an athletic figure. She had a beautiful and warm face; with silver and pink shoulder-length hair. Two small horns protruded from her forehead and light makeup was applied on her face making her look particularly dazzling.

"You came," Angy said as she arrived before Gustav.

"Yes, why wouldn't I?" Gustav asked with a confused look while checking her out.

'Why is she all dressed up?' Gustav wondered.

He was astonished by the way Angy looked so gorgeous with her get up.

He was only wearing some plain trousers and a blue jacket so he didn't stick out in any way among the crowd of people unlike her.

"Hihi, I thought you would ditch me..." Angy said with a smile on her tender face.

"Why would I ditch you, Angy?" Gustav asked with a look of confusion as they walked together

"Well... You always avoid me since I'm such a bother and you never take that look off your face," Angy said with a look of embarrassment.

"What look?" Gustav with a confused expression.

"Ah, don't mind me, what games are we playing tonight?" She quickly changed the topic.

"Hmm," Gustav stared at her from the side with a suspicious look before replying, "Let's go to the spacecraft simulator first,"

"Ah, I knew you were going to pick that one,* Angy said with a smile, "My friends are waiting for us there," She added.

"Friends?" Gustav said with a surprised look.

"Yes, they wanted to meet you," Angy replied with a gleeful expression.

Gustav still felt uncomfortable when the word, friend, was mentioned but since it was Angy he didn't think much of it.

They kept walking until they arrived somewhere around the middle of the floor.

Around here there were different screens placed above that showed spacecrafts battling in space.

There were several battle rings where people with a helmet over their heads sat onto a chair.

They weren't moving but their brains were working at the moment.

This part of the arcade was where VR games were played.

"Arianna, Elle," Angy called out to two girls who were currently occupying one circle.

"Angy," Both girls called out at the same time and walked to meet up with Angy ahead.

Arianna was brunette with cherry red lips while Elle has green short hair and matured looking face.

Both of them were good-looking.

"Is Lim still at it with that guy?" Angy asked when she arrived in front of them.

"Yes, he's proving a bit difficult to defeat," The girls turn around to look at the circle behind and the screen above.

The two other people within the circle currently seated on a pilot-like chair with helmets on their heads.

One was a female while the other was a male.

They were currently inside the game going against each other with their spacecraft.

On the screen above, two large war spacecrafts wheezed across space shooting laser beams at one another intensely.

It was hard for one to hit the other due to the way they moved fluidly.

One was pinkish and red while the other was full black.

The former was being piloted by their friend while the latter was being piloted by the guy.