The Bloodline System - Chapter 104 - Bloodlines

Chapter 104 - Bloodlines

Chapter 104 - Bloodlines

"You survived the attack of the spacecraft in site#47, you left my side without me noticing during our tour in the market and your personality took a complete one hundred and eighty degrees turn... Gustav, it's alright if you want to hide the fact you're now different but please stop treating me like a fool... I've already told you what I want... If we work together we could really gain a lot of advantages from being each other's companion... consider my request," Matilda's explanation left Gustav with a contemplative expression.

Now that she had revealed her intentions Gustav's suspicion towards her had reduced. If she didn't come clean Gustav would never give her any chances.

"So you want us to make use of one another? You scratch my back and I scratch yours, mutual gains, is that it? Gustav said.

Matilda nodded slightly, "That's why I want to make a deal with you so you can see just how sincere I am about this," Maltida explained.

"Let's go talk somewhere," Gustav turned around and headed for a secluded place within the hotel with Maltida.


An hour later Gustav was in his room seating on his bed.

Only two of his roommates were in at this moment so the room was quiet.

'A lot has happened today but I still got a lot of rewards from them,' Gustav reminisced about today's event.

The other time, when he decided not to represent Echelon Academy, he unknowingly completed a hidden quest.


[Hidden Quest Completed]

[Disagree to the requests of your principal]


<+10,000 EXP>

<+5 extra attributes points>


At first, when Gustav saw it, he nearly laughed out loud wondering why the system would give him such a quest.

But just as he was leaving the gathering of the principal and the other teachers he received another quest.

[New Quest has been issued]

[Showcase your knowledge in the school event]

Gustav sighed internally when he saw this quest.

'Isn't the system contradicting itself now?' This was the thought that came to Guatav's mind when he first saw the quest.

After the exchange of knowledge, he got another system notification that the quest had been completed.

Gustav had been wanting to check out the rewards since but he didn't get the chance until now.


[Quest Completed]

[Showcase your knowledge in the school event]


<+10,000 EXP>

<+1 all stats>

<All skills and abilities level up>

<Genetic Transformation Bloodline level up>


He nodded in satisfaction after seeing this and called for the system interface to open up.

[Host Attributes] [Skills and Abilities] [Bloodlines] [Quests] [Shop]

He immediately opened host attributes after the interface appeared in his line of sight.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav

-Level: 8

-Class: ?

-Exp: 102,500/150,000

-Hp: 1250/1250

-Energy: 9892800/1000


»Strength: 41

»Perception: 41

»Mental Fortitude: 41

»Agility: 41

»Speed: 58

»Bravery: 41

»Intelligence: 41

»Charm: 41

»Defence: 41

{Attributes points: 40}


Gustav noted the increase in his stats and exp.

He decided to add some points to the attributes except for speed.

'Add two points to strength,'

[+2 points has been added to Strength]

'Add two points to perception,'

[+2 points has been added to Perception]

'Add two points to mental fortitude,'

[+2 points has been added to Mental Fortitude]

'Add two points to agility,'

[+2 points has been added to Agility]

'Add two points to bravery,'

[+2 points has been added to Bravery]

'Add two points to intelligence,'

[+2 points has been added to Intelligence]

'Add two points to charm,'

[+2 points has been added to Charm]

'Add two points to defense,'

[+2 points has been added to Defense]

Gustav was still getting his daily tasks done even inside the hotel.

There were workout facilities within the hotel which made it easy for him to complete his daily task.

After Gustav finished distributing the points.

He closed host attributes and opened bloodlines.

He wanted to check on his bloodline upgrade.



{Genetic Transformation Bloodline}

Grade: C

Abilities tied to bloodline:


<Joint movement>

<size manipulation>


{Beast Transformation Bloodline}

Grade: D

Abilities tied to bloodline:

<Partial mutated bull transformation>

<Bloodwolf Transformation>

<Savarinia Serpent Transformation>


{Atomic manipulation Bloodline}

Grade: D

Abilities tied to bloodline:

<Disintegtation of atomic structures>


{Gravitational Energy Container}

Grade: B

Abilities tied to Bloodline

<Energy Installment>

<Energy discharge>

<Gravitational Imbalance>

<Gravitational field Charge>


Gustav scrutinized the bloodline panel with a smile.

'One B grade bloodline, One C grade bloodline, and two D grade bloodline,' Gustav felt satisfied with his rate of improvement.

Even though he hadn't stolen as many bloodlines as he would have wanted to, he was still okay with this amount and he knew laying low now would be the best line of action so he had decided to put off trying to steal bloodlines from his classmates for now.

He was also satisfied with the bloodline he got from combining those two bloodlines even though he wasn't able to control it fully.

The power was truly as dangerous as the system told him.

After using energy installment for the first time two weeks ago he ended up absorbing the electrical energy of seven blocks around him.

The streets were out of electricity for the next two days due to that.

When he was experimenting with it he noticed that the energy wasn't absorbed into his body, instead, it was absorbed into a gravitational force that surrounded him.

The gravity would collapse the space around him and store the energy there. It would be up to him to decide how and what he wanted to use it for.

Gustav continued the experiment in the sparse forest region behind the neighborhood.

He decided to try out one of the abilities and he chose 'energy discharge.'

When he activated it a system notification popped up in his line of sight.

[How much energy does host wish to discharge]

But before he could reply another notification popped up.

[All energy accumulated into gravity field will now be discharged]


A vast wave of reddish energy laced with electric snakes blasted out of Gustav's body.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Trees within the vicinity were blasted apart as the energy wave incinerated a radius of three hundred feet around him.

Even the ground was scorched.

Gustav couldn't imagine what would have happened if people were moving around here.

From then he had decided that he would only use the ability of this bloodline in cases of emergencies.