The Bloodline System - Chapter 1051 The Contact Challenge

Chapter 1051 The Contact Challenge

Chapter 1051 The Contact Challenge

Authors Note: Unedited Chapters

Everyone had looks of confusion on their faces as they heard that but Matildas eyes widened with as her face displayed a look of astonishment.

You remembered? She voiced out with a tone of disbelief.

Of course I did, Gustav responded with a slight nod.

A smile appeared on Matidas face as her eyes turned teary.

But there will still be a few processes Ill have to go through to make that happen which would also involve asking for practically an army since its a war but if the MBO doesnt give permission well have to do this on ourt own, Gustav explained.

What exactly are we talking about here? E.E inquired.

Ill brief you all in the future since its quite the long story or maybe Matilda will do the honors, Gustav responded.

Ill be going on a lot of intergalactic travels after IYSOP so this will be killing two birds with one stone, He added.

Everyone felt the coming days will be a whole lot interesting with Gustav in the picture. He was always running into crazy situations or crazy situations were coming to find him.

Endric will be joining the platoon so you all will be the first members of my platoon as well as its leaders, Gustav announced.



Thats cool,

Everyone was surprised Gustav was finally letting Endric in but they were all in support of this. Endric would be a great addition to the team since he wasnt in anyway weak.

The kid still had the highest potential amongst all of the MBO cadets while Gustav was seen as the best Mixedblood of this generation.

They felt both brothers would undoubtedly shake the universe in the future.

Anyways Ill get the form required to recruit you all into my platoon so you all make sure to put in the required details so we can get this whole process over with as soon as possible, Gustav voiced out.

The days went by very quickly and during this time Gustav had managed to get everyone of them to officially join his platoon.

No one was below the Lance rank in their group so it was easy to deal with the process of adding them to his platoon.

During this time they had checked out different missions they could undertake either as a group or in singles. There were still three weeks left before the IYSOP training began so Gustav reckoned they could complete low starred missions in that duration and improve their chances of increasing their ranks.

While doing this they were also having daily training with Gustav.

It was the job of the leader of a platoon to watch out for the officers under them and make sure they kept growing and increasing in strength. It was Gustavs job to train them now since they were already out of the MBO and made sure they remained ever ready for missions.

Another week had gone by at this point and today was another day they were training together within one of the training structures in the second base.

Gustav stood in the middle of a plain grounded area with everyone surrounding him.

Anyone that can land a hit on me can skip training for the next week.

Thats a dangerous offer Gus, E.E voiced out with a light chuckle.

Even if youre stronger than all of us, at least one person is guaranteed to successfully land a hit, Teemee voiced out next.

And who says that one person is gonna be you, Gustav responded with a daring look and a smirk.

Ouuu, that was sharp, Ria stated with a burst of laughter.

Challenge accepted, Teemee said with a decisive tone.

Thats good none of you, including you Elevora will be able to touch me, Gustav voiced out next.

I will make you eat your words Gustav, Elevora said with a serious look.

Im counting on it, Gustav still maintained the smirk on his face as he voiced out.

You have no idea how fast i have become do you? Angy voiced out as she felt neglected.

Your speed means nothing Angy, you are weak, Gustav stated in response.


A third horn grew out of Angys forehand as her energy expanded intensely.

I will touch you before you even get the chance to blink, Angy voiced with a triggered tone.

That was phrased a bit too suspiciously, E.E said from the corner.

You all can put in your best efforts, use your best ability and practically anything at your disposal but you have five minutes to try and make contact with me, Gustav explained while setting up a timer.

Everyone took battle stances at this point as they prepared for Gustav to give the go ahead.

After five minutes I will attack if no one has managed to make contact with me, Gustav announced.

They all fanned out, giving Gustav s.p.a.ce but still surrounding him.

Your time starts now,

Gustavs mouth was still open from saying now which proved he just finished the sentence yet Angy had already arrived in front of him.


She shot her fist forward with a smirk on her face as everything around her had turned slow.

This is gonna hurt but you deserve it my love, She said internally without a shred of remorse.

However in the next instant Gustavs mouth that were still wide opened closed up as his eyeb.a.l.l.s which were initially still focused up ahead, moved downwards.

The instant his eyes locked on Angy he moved to the side.


Angys figure blasted past him with intense speed generating winds across the place.

Everyone else had wide eyes as they spotted Angy far behind Gustav, meanwhile they were still in the same position as before because Gustav just started the timer. They already knew what happened and charged forward to attack Gustav as well.

A vortex appeared behind Gustav just as Angy was speeding backwards which ended up making her appear in a different place while E.Es hand phased out of it.