The Bloodline System - Chapter 1050 Recruiting Everyone

Chapter 1050 Recruiting Everyone

Chapter 1050 Recruiting Everyone

She reached out to grab it with her right hand and began rubbing it with a look of ecstasy plastered across her face.

After they spent a few more minutes on foreplay, Gustav finally took Angys panties off and spread her legs as he pointed his member straight at her nether region.

Im going in Angy, He muttered as he reached down and pushed forward.

Squelching sounds rang out as Angys face squeezed up and she let out a loud moan.


The night went by in a flash and the group awoke the next morning. It was already noisy in the living room as they walked down the stairs one after the other.

How was the night? E.E kept asking everyone as they walked down and chatted with them a little.

I dont need to ask you how the night was, E.E said to Gustav as he winked.

Dont make it awkward, Aildris tapped E.Es head from behind.

How do you guys always know? Gustavs eyebrows furrowed as he questioned.

That you and Angy were training hard in the midnight? E.E voiced with a sarcastic tone.

That was them training? Falco voiced from the side as he pushed himself into the circle.

Yes Falco they were training hehehe, E.E responded.

Cool, make sure you two call me to join next time, Falco said to Gustav with a fired up expression.

He didnt just fall for that, did he? Teemee voiced from the side with a look of disbelief.

Fall for what? I also wanna get stronger, Falco said with a look of innocence.




Hahahaha no this is too funny,

They bursted out laughing in the next instant causing Falco to look around with an expression of confusion.

Make sure you call him to join you next time Gus, threesomes isnt necessarily a bad thing, E.E kept laughing hysterically as he voiced out.

Shut up, Gustav chuckled a little feeling bad for Falco.

He was just like Falco before so he could relate to not being very knowledgeable about s.e.x.

The girls by the sides stared at the boys and some of them facepalmed when they caught on to what was happening.

Those idiots, Matida felt the urge to punch E.E in the spleen.

While E.E was the most fun person in their group, Matilda felt he made too many jokes.

Minutes later everyone was seated in place as they listened to Gustav speak.

Yes I am currently at the Major rank and everyone of you here is still below the Lieutenant rank so youll be placed in squads or platoons.

Squad or Platoons are led by Captains and Majors so.

A squad can have up to thirty officers and be led by a captain while a platoon can have up to a hundred officers and is led by a Major so I can have up to a hundred officers under me.

I havent chose any officer yet because I only want people I trust under me, Gustav paused a bit as he got to this point.

I have issues trusting others and to be honest I still do but I can say to an extent, I trust every single person seated underneath this roof, Gustav voiced out.

The only exception from this list was Glade of course but then she had been turn into Gustavs personal sleep agent so this wasnt really a problem.

I wish for you all to be members of my platoon and help in choosing others with potential later in the future but I am not enforcing it If you do not wish to be a part of my platoon you are free to say so, Gustav stated as he paused once more.

He turned to stare at everyone one after the other.

Nah Im good I want us to stick together, brothers forever, E.E voiced out when Gustav stared in his direction.

I want to be with you, Vera voiced out.

Theres no way Im leaving, Aildris shook his head.

I like the team and the connection weve built so no I wont be leaving either, Elevora voiced out as she smiled.

Her response was surprising to Gustav but he nodded afterwards

Elevora seemed like someone who liked to do things on her own similar to Gustav. They were both pretty much a one man army on their own so Gustav felt it would make more sense for her to climb the ranks on her own.

Maybe in the future when she attains this rank shell create her own platoon, Gustav thought but for now it didnt matter.

You dont even have to ask me, you know my answer, Angy said with a smile when Gustav fixed his gaze on her.

Everyone had agreed to join his platoon so he decided they would be the very first and amongst the leaders in his platoon if he decided to add more people in the future.

Since everyone has decided to be a part of my platoon I will state a few of my future plans, Gustav began voicing out.

First off Im partic.i.p.ating in IYSOP so we will win this year Before IYSOP Id want us to partic.i.p.ate in a mission to help you all raise your ranks, Gustav stated.

But IYSOP training is about three weeks away. Its mandatory we cant miss it, Falco voiced out.

The entire six months cant be without field or practical experiments when its time for such situations well have our mission, Gustav answered.

They all nodded in understanding seeing how that made sense.

But I still wont be attending IYSOP training with you guys, He added to clarify things.

They would have doubted Gustav could pull that off but they knew him well enough to know he could especially since the MBO had been eager for him to join all this time.

After IYSOP Id want us to go on a mission to help princess Darhia and her planet out, Gustav stated.