The Bloodline System - Chapter 1022 We're Close

Chapter 1022 We're Close

Chapter 1022 We're Close

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


She felt she heard a very low voice but not audible enough to make out the words so she was sure she just hallucinated for a bit.

If Gustav could hear what she was saying he would understand that his thoughts just travelled across Galaxies into Miss Aimee's mind even though it was barely audible. He would have tried better to make it work but atlas, he had no idea Miss Aimee heard a little bit of what he said.

"Must be because I expended too much energy today... But I'm breaking through so it wasn't a useless endeavour," She voiced out what she thought was the reason for her hallucination while looking around.

Gustav could sense her loneliness despite Miss Aimee being the kind of person that stayed away from people.

At this point Gustav had to deactivate Life Signs Tracking due to expending a lot of energy. The farther the location of the person's Life Signs that he was currently tracking, the more energy would be expended.

With how much energy was being expended currently he was sure Miss Aimee was very far away. He still wished he could find a way to tell her to come back to earth since there was already a cure.

However there was still no clue as to where exactly she was in the vast and endless s.p.a.ce. It was even more confusing with what Gustav had seen this night.

Another thing that baffled Gustav was the fact that she had been gone for months yet she doesn't seem to have spiralled out of control like the other infected.

Her mind was still sane and she didn't feel the need to go on any rampage. Gustav had even spotted her hands and part of her wrists multiple times when he checked on her and from what he noticed, her skin wasn't ashy.

She still seemed a bit pale and it was hard to give a 100% accurate a.n.a.lysis of her skin looks due to the dim lighting in her vicinity but Gustav could still tell that her skin was not as ashy as the other infecfed.

'Doesn't she have any plans of fixing things abd coming back?' Gustav was quite worried that he might never be able to set eyes on Miss Aimee in the flesh.

There was no way to know how exactly she was faring but all he knew was the fact that she was currently alright.

If Gustav had left Life Signs Tracking active for a few more seconds he would have noticed something that would have helped since Miss Aimee looked around after he deactivated the ability.

'They're never gonna find her if she doesn't want to be found... I guess I can only hope and keep looking for ways to actually contact her,' Gustav thought.

He went back to channeling his bloodline afterwards which he focused on for the entire night.

In a flash three more days had gone by and on this day, Gustav planned to visit a particular research centre.

'Cartinsbul City... I'll be in and out before anyone realises it,' Gustav thought as he stood to his feet to prepare.

He got into the bathroom, took his shower and was out in a couple of minutes. Gustav wore a suit and a tie along with plain black pants that made him look a bit nerdy.

To add the ultimate touch of nerdiness, he got a gla.s.s with clinical lens from his storage device and put on.

Gustav moved to stand right in front of the Mirror as his facial features and body size changed. Gustav reached a height of seven feet as his body turned thinner and his skin a little paler.

His hair became yellow in color as he adopted a very different but handsome young nerdy look. Gustav smiled with a tone of gratification after scrutinizing his current looks.

'Time to go,' He said Internally as he activated his dimensional bracelet.

Gustav was currently heading to the secret research centre where Amira's mother from the Bureau was making research on Scientist Zil's Dimensional Displacement Theory.

Despite knowing the location since over a month ago, Gustav didn't head there all this time. He didn't have much hope for this visitation but he wanted to make sure he checked a couple of things out related to Scientist Zil's research completely before embarking on this journey.

He was sure this wouldn't take long anyways since he would be visiting with the ident.i.ty of a scientist from the bureau.

It was a fake ident.i.ty but Gustav had planted it in the database so even if this person did not truly exist, he would have no problem using the ident.i.ty.



On a planet with with red sands and a grayish looking sky filled with green stars, a group of seven silently made their way across a silent pathway.

This pathway seemed to be situated between what seemed like two ma.s.sive pipe like structures.

It was impossible to tell that the two structures by the side were like pipelines if one was walking on this path due to their ma.s.sive sizes. However if one was staring from above, far high in the sky, one would be able to tell that these looked like ma.s.sive steel pipes.

"The GPS says we'll have to turn right after crossing another hundred feet," One of the members of this group who was also clad in dark skintight suit voiced out.

They were all clad in this suit and had a dark helmet with red on as well. This helped them in breathing within this foreign planet.

"Davidson, how far away are we from the designated point right now?" The person who seemed to be the leader of the group inquired.

"Twelve thousand paces away," Davidson responded while staring at the holographic image the device in his hand was shooting out.

"We're close... at this pace it should only take us about an hour to get there," Aildris voiced out.

"We've been travelling for almost twelve hours, at least we're close now,," Glade said with a tone of relief and excitement.

"Guys but how is it that we've not encountered any form of disturbance since we dropped onto this planet?" E.E stated with a disturbed tone.