The Bloodline System - Chapter 1021: Checking Up On Miss Aimee

Chapter 1021: Checking Up On Miss Aimee

Chapter 1021: Checking Up On Miss Aimee

Upon entering, a large holographic screen could be seen on display. This holographic screen showed a part in s.p.a.ce.

It was the same area at the edge of the Milky way where white lines resembling cracks were spotted.

"It has spread," Gradier Xanatus voiced out while hinting at the holographic footage.

"I can see that..." Gustav responded while moving closer to the screen.

It could be seen on the screen that these white lines were not only longer but had now appeared in multiple spots as well.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he questioned, "Have the researchers figured anything out yet?"

"Nothing at all... even after all the readings, they still believe this isn't a rift," Gradied Xanatus responded.

"Can I get the data of the energy readings?" Gustav questioned as he kept staring at the footage with a suspicious expression.

"It will take a while but I can get it to you," Gradier Xanatus replied.

"How long?" Gustav inquired.

"A few days,"


Gustav went back to his room after a few more minutes of discussing with Gradier Xanatus.

Just like he had mentioned before, it would be dumb for him to just make a.s.sumptions without properly looking at different clues to investigate the situation.

Gustav couldn't put his thumb on why he felt a sense of familiarity from this recent happening but even with that he still had no idea what could be causing this.

His gut was never wrong so he was sure that whatever discovery that was made in the future would be related to something he somehow knew.

Gradier Xanatus had mentioned that whatever it was, the MBO had placed him and a few others in charge to make sure it was taken care of before it became an issue in the future.

The MBO was all for prevention before cure. They didn't want to wait till it became an actual problem before tackling it which was why they were already taking some steps to neutralize the cracks.

Gradier Xanatus just had to inform Gustav because he wanted to remain posted about this situation and it would help if Gustav knew anything about this.

Now Gustav just had to wait till the data of the energy readings was gathered for him.

After arriving back at his room, Gustav proceeded to sit on his bed cross-legged and began to channel his bloodline.

'Almost at the third step... I should be able to achieve it in the next two to three days,' Gustav said internally as channeled his bloodline.

He close to reaching the third step of Echo rank at this point.

Gustav still had one more bloodline rank boost pill. If he used this, advancing to the next step would have been instantaneous.

It had been months already but Gustav wanted to advance to the next step naturally even though it was slower.

He decided he would only use another pill in case of an emergency.

'I also have to check on Miss Aimee today...' Gustav decided he would check on Miss Aimee by nightfall.

It had been a week since he last checked up on her to be sure she was okay.

Night arrived very quickly and Gustav stopped channeling his bloodline at this point.

Upon opening his eyes, he activated G.o.d Eyes.

[Life Sign Tracking Has Been Activated]

He proceeded to use this ability and instantly picked Miss Aimee's lifesign in his mind.



His mind drifted into another dimension as his sight displayed a different place.

Gustav could sight some flaky looking dust in the vicinity and a dark ground.

'Oh the fog is lifting...' Gustav said internally as he noticed this.

The other times he had been checking on Miss Aimee, the fog in the area always made visibility so bad he had no idea where Miss Aimee could be because of this.

Unlike the last time as well, there was also a little bit of brightness in the sky.

He could see through Miss Aimee's forehead so view was limited unless she moved about. Gustav could only see in a particular direction and couldn't even see the sky properly due to this. Miss Aimee suddenly tilted her head a little to the side turning Gustav's vision slanted.

This made Gustav see into the sky better and his eyes squinted a bit as he spotted some strange things.

'There's are no stars, moons or even a sun... so where is this dim lighting coming from?' He wondered.

Gustav couldn't find a way to answer this questions since he couldn't look around more than he wanted to. He could tell that Miss Aimee was currently seated somewhere on this dark ground just staring forward.

He was unable to answer the questions plaguing his mind as Miss Aimee lowered her head and stared down at something she just pulled out of thin air.

Gustav eyes widened as an holographic image popped up in Miss Aimee's line of sight.

It was an image of both of them. Gustav had his mouth wide open like he was yelling in pain while Miss Aimee was seating on his back with a domineering loom.

Gustav recalled this was taken during a training session where Miss Aimee had totally dominated him. He gave up and was tapping out but Miss Aimee refused to free him and kept seating on his back.

A smile appeared on Miss Aimee's face as she reached out to touch Gustav's face but her hand phased through the holographic screen.


It disappeared after a few more seconds and Miss Aimee went back to staring into thin air

Gustav wished he had a way to pa.s.s a message to her. He wanted to tell her of all his endeavours and how he had gotten rid of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d that put her in this situation.

'*sigh* Miss Aimee...' Just as Gustav said this internally Miss Aimee turned her head left and right repeatedly.

"Did I just... I must be getting delusional now," She muttered while facepalming.

She felt she heard a very low voice but not audible enough to make out the words so she was sure she just hallucinated for a bit.