Super Gene - Chapter 993 - Stealing the Source

Chapter 993 - Stealing the Source

Chapter 993: Stealing the Source


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

A light, manifesting in the shape of a dragon, shot out towards Han Sen’s forehead.

The light was wickedly fast, and Han Sen was not quick enough to avoid it.

“Dragon King has returned.” A voice rang across the expanse of Han Sen’s mind. It was firm and menacing to hear, but there was a glimmer of genuine surprise and relief as an undercurrent to the tone.

Han Sen looked around and suddenly realized his environment had changed; he was inside his own consciousness. Ahead of him was a red lotus, and in its fold, something was trying to wiggle its way out.

“Evil Lotus Queen, you belong to her. And she has marked you?” Dragon King’s voice roared with sudden anger, and he went on to say, “If she is here, I would do best to avoid her. But you are merely a marked subordinate; there is nothing you can do to prevent my rebirth.”

“Dragon King, I think it would be best if you did not leave the lotus. You should go back to your ring.” Han Sen was not afraid of Dragon King.

The Dragon King that sought to invade his mind was not the emperor he once had been. Now, he was only a king spirit. If his body was there, then perhaps Han Sen would have been unable to beat it.

But with only his mind there, playing an away game, he was nothing compared to Han Sen.

After all, Han Sen was a super king spirit that also possessed a super king body. Dragon King was only a king spirit, and had no body at all.

“What a fool! Do you think me feeble, without a body? I will make a good vessel out of you!” The encased dragon raged against the lotus folds and did its best to escape entrapment.

Cracks began to run the length of the petals, and it looked as if it would soon break.

Suddenly, the lotus began to s.h.i.+ne. And then, fresh petals began to grow to replace the near-broken ones and keep the dragon contained even tighter.

“I am a dragon… break!” The dragon roared, and then, the red lotus burst into flames.

Seeing the red lotus get destroyed, Han Sen was delightfully happy. He had never lifted the mark that had been stamped on him, in fear of triggering the lotus.

Now that Dragon King had removed the lotus stamp on his behalf, he was actually grateful.

Far away, in a palace, Lotus Queen frowned and said, “Dragon King was not killed for good, and furthermore, he has touched my man. Even the Demon Emperor has returned. Oh, I’m going to make that Dragon King suffer.”

Dragon King, breaking free from the constraint of the lotus, exclaimed to Han Sen, “Now, I can use you as a vessel. And when I return to the world outside this pitiful mind…”

Before Dragon King was able to finish his dialogue, the shadow of a holy white light beamed in front of him. Against that, even his draconic powers were no longer intimidating.

“How… how can your mind be so strong?!” In front of that shadow, his dragon-body was stripped of all its fierceness. It looked weak and frightened, by comparison.

“I told you to return; you brought this upon yourself.” Han Sen’s super king spirit mind prepared to attack the blood dragon.

Dragon King roared and attempted to flee.

The figure of a super king spirit leapt forward and palmed Dragon King, making it wheeze blood.

Of course, it wasn’t physical blood. It was Dragon King’s actual lifeforce, and as it seeped out, Han Sen was able to consume and absorb every last morsel of it.

“Super King Spirit Self Gene +1.”

When Han Sen heard this, he was delighted. He squeezed the frail dragon repeatedly, to gain more and more self geno points.

Dragon King was in utter shock. He was so powerful, but against the spirit that now pounded him, he was helpless.

The blood dragon was like a dying lizard, unable to withstand the hits. Escape was impossible for it.

“I am a true dragon!” Dragon King knew he’d be broken for good soon, and he’d never return. He had to do whatever he could to ensure his survival. But Han Sen wouldn’t let him, and in response to Dragon King’s proclamation, he made the spirit’s draconic body explode with a bright white light.

Amidst all the brilliant light, the dragon tried to slip away.

“You can’t just come and go whenever you please.” Han Sen reached out his hand and grabbed the dragon-blood lifeforce.

“Argh!” Dragon King shouted, as the tiny sliver of lifeforce was taken by Han Sen’s hand. Dragon King was being dominated, and Han Sen would not show mercy to someone who had sought to usurp his body.

Absorbing every glint of light he could, Han Sen’s super king spirit self geno points count continued to increase.

Reaching down to the flailing dragon, Han Sen squeezed it tight.

“Super King Spirit Self Gene +1.”

More of the dragon’s lifeforce was absorbed, and with it, Han Sen’s geno points increased again.

After squeezing some more, the dragon was beaten. It only had the strength to let out a pitiful scream.

“Don’t kill me! I can give you something wonderful in return for your mercy. Please, just let me live and it is yours!” Dragon King begged and pleaded for his life.

“Okay, then tell me what I can have. This better be good. And if I don’t like what I hear, you’re dead meat!” Han Sen coldly said.

Dragon King quickly responded, telling him, “I am one of Demon Emperor’s generals. When he went to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, he left me his armor. I can give it to you. Please, just don’t kill me.”